Know How Much You Are Worth And Embrace It

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The topic of self-esteem has been getting quite a bit of traction over recent days, weeks, months and years, and for good reason too. Instagram filters, photoshopping and retouched photographs are all catering to this culture where we try and constantly reach the unrealistic standards of beauty set by magazines, social media, and films. It is part of the reason people of all walks of life are feeling down and out about their self-image, which has a direct influence over our self-esteem and thus our self-worth.

How we see ourselves is the most important perspective in life, which is why it is so important to avoid the social pressures and take back control over your confidence and understand just how much you are worth.

It may seem hard to accept at times, but we all have the power to be confident, it is just a matter of knowing just how to own it, and that is what we are about to help you with.

Shake Up The Meaning

To say that your self-esteem doesn’t stem from your appearance is a lie. It shouldn’t, and it is a shame that it does, but that’s just how things are. So, if you are not happy with a certain something about yourself, then jump up and change it because if it will help boost your self-worth then it has to be worth it. It could be that you really don’t like your nose, in which case there is nothing wrong with getting nose surgery. It could be that you enroll in that eight-week course to lose an inch off your belly. But it doesn’t have to stop at your appearance. It could be you want to enroll in a college course to boost your intelligence, or improve your morals, or learn a skill. After all, self-esteem comes from within, remember that.

Goals Have Power

Knowing that you are making progress is one of the greatest influences your self-esteem can experience. It is that notion that you are achieving something and that you are good enough to succeed. It could be improving at table-tennis, learning how to play an instrument, completing three chin-ups or starting your own business. But don’t just set yourself a long-term goal, settle little milestones along the way. This will help you recognize your progress encouraging a feeling of pride and self-worth. Not only that but, by staying busy and focusing on your energy on successfully meeting a challenge head on, you will also be fending off any negative thoughts and replacing them with more optimistic ones.

Good People Are Worth Gold

A lot of the time, our self-worth stems from the worth other people place on us. So if you are surrounding yourself with people who are motivating thoughts of negativity and self-esteem you need to consider why you are hanging out with them. You need to sit down with yourself and decide whether the people around you are good enough. We all deserve to be around good people; people who complement each other, motivate and push one another to be the very best versions of themselves. Being in a group where everyone empowers one another is a great environment to experience and is something you deserve to be blessed by. You need to know that. So, while it may be hard to escape the current group you are in, please be aware that it is totally worth the pain at the beginning because you are better than that.


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