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    7 Surprising Places to Find Quality Beauty Products

    In the past, when you wanted to find quality beauty products, you didn’t have many options. You were mostly limited to going to high-end department stores and the mall. That environment has changed dramatically. You can find some surprising places that offer superior makeup and beauty items. Below are a few of the spots where you can now discover the top-of-the-line products you want. The best part is that some of them can be delivered right to your door.

    quality beauty products

    Images via Flickr by ldhren

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    Benefits of an Electric Shaver

    Electric shavers have so many functions and benefits, and that is why the popularity of Electric shavers is increasing every day. Here are the benefits of electric shavers that you need to know:

    white shavers, electric shaver

    You Can Shave Faster

    This is one of the best benefits of electric shavers. You can shave faster with these as compared to the traditional razors where you need to get water and get out shaving cream. When you are in hurry doing all this can waste your time a bit. But now with electric shavers, there are no such things to do. All you need is just turn it on and start doing shave and you will be done in a few minutes. Read more

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    The Top 4 Best Hot Rollers 2018

    hot hair rollers

    With the increasing technological advancement throughout the world, with respect to each and every aspect of our society, the fashion industry is surely not an exception to this. Today, all of us want to make use of the new beauty gadgets available within the range in order to look beautiful.

    With this respect, some of you might believe that using hot hair rollers has now become an old-fashioned thing. Well, just to make your facts right, hot hair rollers are still being used in the glamour industry as it incorporates a completely new technological strategy to work. The modernization in the development and functioning of hot hair rollers have led to an increase in its use by the people due to the enhanced convenience as well as the desirable outcome i.e. beautiful curls.

    Let us look at some of the best hot rollers which can help you in getting those wonderful curls for any occasion these are mentioned below: Read more

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    Advice For Those Who Have Lost Faith In Their Looks

    Life isn’t all about looks, but our appearance is something that matters to us. We all secretly want to be glamour models (be honest). You want to be able to look in the mirror and smile at the reflection staring back at you. Of course, self-esteem can be a hard thing to maintain. Even when other people compliment your looks, you might find yourself in doubt. When you can see your own blemishes and flaws in a way that others can’t, it’s hard to believe their compliments. That’s why you need a new perspective. It’s time to adopt a fresh approach when it comes to your appearance. Here’s some advice for those among you who have lost faith in their looks. It all starts with self-care.


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    8 Things You Should Know Before Getting Laser Hair Removal

    Unlike other skin laser treatments, hair removal requires some preparation prior to your laser hair removal treatments.

    First, let’s look at how laser hair removal works. Lasers emit wavelengths that target the pigment located in the root of each hair follicle. By absorbing the light, lasers are able to destroy hair follicles without causing damage to the skin’s surface. Since each individual hair is on its own growth cycle, multiple laser treatments scheduled 8 to 10 weeks apart are required for permanent hair removal.

    There are several other ways to ensure permanent hair removal. Get the best results by taking the time to do these things before your laser hair removal treatments begin.

    laser hair removal

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    Fix Those Flaws & See Your Confidence Soar

    Flaws are something that every woman has, and it’s important to realize that they aren’t anything to stress about. We all have our imperfections, and it is these little flaws in our appearance that make us unique. That being said, while every woman is beautiful, regardless of her flaws, if there is something about yourself that you don’t like, it can really start to get you down.

    You should never change because you feel pressure from society to be ‘perfect’ – what constitutes ‘perfect’ anyway? But if you personally dislike something about yourself, and it is impacting your self-esteem, then it is worth considering your options. After all, you deserve to feel happy and confident in your own skin, don’t you?

    So bearing that in mind, what’s a girl to do when she hates her imperfections and can’t get past them? Fix them, of course! If you fix the flaws that are getting you down, you should see your confidence soar. Check out this advice for fixing the most commonly hated flaws…

    Get rid of blemishes for good

    Do you dislike your skin? Do you suffer from acne, dryness or other blemishes? The fact is that facial blemishes can really knock your confidence, especially if makeup isn’t very effective at masking them. When it comes to having healthier skin, it’s all about your skin care routine and diet. It’s the combination of these two factors that impact your skin’s health, so it’s vital to get both right. A good skin care routine is made up of cleansing and toning twice a day, applying a day moisturizer in the morning and a night cream at night. Exfoliating twice a week to remove dead and dry skin cells is also important. If your skin is acne prone, avoid using products with oil in, as this can make breakouts and blackheads worse. Is nothing working? How about considering undergoing a chemical peel or microdermabrasion treatment? Both are meant to help reduce blemishes and refresh the skin. As for your diet, eat clean and drink plenty of water, avoid processed foods and sugar – your skin will thank you for it!

    Straighten your teeth

    Are your teeth not perfectly aligned? Does the fact that they are slightly wonky get you down? Don’t worry, because you are not alone. Studies show that of all the factors impacting a woman’s confidence, teeth are one of the highest reasons for a lack of self-esteem. The good news is that if your teeth are getting you down, it’s now easier than ever before to fix that. From simple whitening procedures that give immediate results to Smilelign Invisible braces that make having your teeth straightened easier and less embarrassing, fixing your teeth has never been easier. If having a straighter or whiter smile will give your confidence a boost, then it is worth having your teeth fixed.

    Fill in those fine lines

    Aging starts at such a young age, doesn’t it? From when you reach your early to mid-twenties, the process of aging begins. It’s scary how quickly fine lines can start to form. The good news is, however, that you can turn back time. Well, almost, anyway. If you use the right anti-aging creams and gels, you can mask fine lines and prevent new ones from forming, or at least, slow down the formation of fine lines. Obviously, undergoing Botox is another option, as is a facelift, but if you don’t have to go down those avenues, then it is best to steer clear of them and stick to using effective anti-aging products.

    The fact is that every woman has flaws; things about her appearance that she doesn’t like. While it’s perfectly fine not to be flawless, if a certain aspect of your appearance is getting you down, there is nothing wrong with fixing it. What matters most is that your confidence levels are high, and you are happy with who you are. 

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    Nourish And Protect This Season For Flawless Fall Skin

    Now that you’ve said a fond farewell to the summer season and warm weather; it’s time to embrace fall. The change in season will mean colder, harsher weather conditions, and you’re likely to notice the difference that these elements make to your skin. Therefore, you’ll want to switch up your skincare routine and think about how you can nourish and protect your face and body so that you look and feel your best.

    The transition in seasons and weather means that there’s no better excuse to think about investing in some new products, and changing the habits you were so fond of during summer. The following are some tips and ideas for those who want flawless, healthy skin so that they can look fabulous for the rest of fall, and upcoming winter.

    woman of colour, fall

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    Stemuderm Review: The Complete Anti-Wrinkle Treatment For Healthy Skin

    Every woman has a special beauty regimen that they follow every day to ensure their skin look at its best at any given time. In the morning, they get up, hit the shower and they perform their beauty regimen to ensure they are good to go for the entire day.

    Most women would only remove their makeup just before they go to bed when their beauty regimen often still continues as many women prefer to wear a special cream that is designed to be worn at night.

    Unfortunately, even with all of this effort, age is one factor that cannot be treated or avoided – and the effects that age has on the skin can be quite worrisome for most women, especially when they suddenly notice their skin is aging faster than they thought it would.

    In this post, we will be looking at how Stemuderm can be used in your beauty regimen to help you get rid of symptoms related to aging.

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    How my Makeup Survived Hurricane Irma Sint Maarten

    It was early Monday morning on the 4th of September when we received the news of an expectant Hurricane Irma coming towards our country Sint Maarten. The government did not yet call a state of emergency and I still had plans of going to class that said day. After contemplating about the weather, I was wondering if I should go to class for that day or just stay home and prepare for the hurricane ahead. Lucky enough I received an email from the school board saying all classes will be canceled and we all should be preparing for the hurricane.

    A curfew was also in place for the following day on Tuesday. Everyone was given time to prepare for the natural disaster ahead. Hearing the news, I quickly updated my WhatsApp 24hr status and notified my friends.

    Makeup Junkie Black Opal Blendsmart Bobbie Brown Ambrosia Cosmetics Sephora

    Makeup collection

    Preparing for Hurricane Irma

    In preparation for Hurricane Irma, I went to the grocery store to pick up a few snacks, tin food etc., I returned home to complete my laundry just to ensure that I have all clean clothes and towels. After filling the water tanks and recharging all electronic devices I placed all important documents in a ziplock double seal bags and store them in a dry place. Then I removed all my makeup from my vanity and placed them in my caboodle, airtight containers and huge garbage bags. I also placed my blogging materials in huge garbage bags and store them away in a closet.

    At this moment, I began to get frustrated. This was my very first Hurricane experience. I started to think I was overreacting but as they say, prevention is better than cure.

    During my preparation of Hurricane Irma I had 2 things in mind:

    1. Always prepare for the worse
    2. Hurricane Irma will not pass through and leave me naked (without my belongings). Even though these things are replaceable I rather know that I had tried saving them rather than not doing anything at all.

    Waiting on Hurricane Irma

    Approximately 9 pm on Tuesday night on the 5th of September videos started to circulate throughout Facebook and WhatsApp showing the sea level rising. It was making its way past the Boardwalk unto the main road (keep in mind that the hurricane did not cover our island yet).

    There was an estimated time of Hurricane Irma passing and the curfew was still in place. The environment was feeling warm and inside the house became extremely hot. While waiting up I became drowsy and fell asleep.

    Waking up to the Natural Disaster

    When I woke up it was minutes after 4 I could hear the sound of the wind whistling. I thought I was in a dream. I did not panic but immediately grabbed my phone and checked my WhatsApp messages. With tons of notifications, I was getting updates from my friends near and far wondering how the Hurricane was behaving. I replied to the several messages just before we had a power outage and lost connection to the internet. With shouts of praises, I was giving God thanks that I get to send replies to my friends updating them on the current state of Hurricane Irma since we had lost electricity for 1 week and 3 days. Messages that I received claimed that roofs have flown off houses this is when I became more alert.

    Damage to Cost-U-Less roof due to passing of Hurricane Irma

    Watching Out Our Windows

    During the passing of Hurricane Irma I could hear the loud sound of the wind moving objects at 185 mph. At this present moment, I was walking from door to door checking to see that everything is still intact. At one point, I thought the door was gonna blow in and the house might flood. Hurricane Irma passed during the early morning so I could see clearly what was happening outside. A lot of trees was down, the entire place was a mess and I was terrified. I prayed for it to stop!

    Hurricane Irma St. Maarten Sint Maarten French St. Martin SXM Texaco Gas Station Bush rd
    What was left of Texaco Gas Station after Hurricane Irma

    The After Effect of Hurricane Irma

    Hurricane Irma passed through our beloved country of St. Maarten and left numerous of people homeless. Many with roof and windows destroyed, cars damaged, gas station pumps torn down to pieces, supermarkets and other places destroyed, debris blocked the drainage and streets. My home and my makeup withstand Hurricane Irma. Although I had a bit of mopping to do from water that came in. I felt relief as the storm had stop and my makeup was securely stored in a dry area

    Hurricane Irma St. Maarten Sint Maarten French St. Martin SXM
    Car flipped to the side and pinned to the wall due to Hurricane Irma


    With this natural disaster, we did not experience any flooding in the area that I live. It was pure heavy wind with light-medium showers of rain. The wind was strong! Strong enough to move a 40 ft. container, flip cars to the side and move boats away from the sea.

    In Conclusion

    I am blessed to be alive and I am happy that I live to experience this moment in my adulthood. Even though it is dangerous and considered to be natural; there was nothing that we could have done to prevent Hurricane Irma. I pray for the families that have been affected and that our country Sint Maarten will rebuild better and stronger than it was before.

    How was your experience with Hurricane Irma? How do you prepare for a hurricane?


    Hurricane Irma St. Maarten Sint Maarten French St. Martin SXM

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