How to Apply Eyeshadow

Applying eyeshadow might not be the easiest thing to do. You might think you get it but if you look closer and compare to those Instagram MUAs you are just starting out ‘makeup newbie‘. Don’t stop there! Everyone has been there in their first stage of applying makeup; all it takes is practice and a few trial and error. In no time you will be perfecting your makeup application technique.

apply eyeshadow

Follow these steps to perfect your eyeshadow application

1- By applying a foundation over your face it gives you a good base to work with. A small amount goes a long way, always keep it light and gentle.eyeshadow, eye makeup
2- Apply an eyeshadow primer over your eyelids from the lash to the eyebrow. A primer will help the shadow to last longer and minimize the number of application.
3- Use an eyeshadow to apply the MEDIUM shade from your eyelashes to your eyelid’s outer corner.
4- Use a pencil eyeliner to mark the eye just above your upper lash. Move from the inner corner to the outer corner slowly.
5- Use the brush and go over the area where you applied the eyeliner to diffuse the color just a little bit
6- To make your eyes look deep, apply the dark eyeshadow on the outer corner of the eyelids.
7- On the brow bone apply the lighter color to highlight your eyes and make them shiny and beautiful.
8- Also apply the lighter eyeshadow from your eyelashes to the outer corner of the eye at the center of the eyelids.
9- Blend the color a little bit so that there are no hard lines
10- Apply mascara to your upper and lower eyelashes to finish off the look

eye shapes

When applying eyeshadow you will want to know what is your eye shape and how to apply eyeshadow to your eye shape. Use this chart according to your eye shape to guide you when applying eyeshadow.


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