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    Juvia’s Place: Nubia – The Nubian Highlighter Review

    Juvia's Place Nubian Palette/Highlighter 2

    I have never owned or tried a loose powder highlighter until now. I’m so used to pressed powder highlighters but this highlighter from Juvia’s Place is to die for. They are known for their African inspired artsy palette and popping pigments. This silky gold loose powder highlighter will intensify your skin. Read more

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    Eyelash Extensions 101

    Want to end up with flawless eyelashes in the shortest time possible? Women of all ages can get well-known lash extensions and should wear them for their glamorous events. If you are not too sure if these are for you, what’s their maintenance level, or how much money they cost no worries, we will elaborate all of this down below. Read more

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    A Sure Way To Lipstick You Can Love All Day


    Lipstick is, in many ways, every girl’s best friend. It doesn’t matter what’s going on with the rest of your face; a winning lipstick can change the whole game. Even if you don’t feel like putting anything else on, a bright choice can make you look alive. There’s just one (pretty big) problem. The stuff never seems to stay on. At least, not on your face.

    We’ve all got that one friend who manages to keep their lipstick game strong all day long. They can eat whatever they want and still have color left over, for goodness sake! You, however, only need to sip a cup of coffee to wash all your efforts away. Eating and keeping lipstick on is a pipedream you could never achieve. Or, is it?

    Bear in mind that your friend manages to keep their lipstick on somehow. Though it may seem like magic, it’s actually a simple enough thing to achieve. And, we’ve got some pointers which should see you with lipstick which lasts until it comes time to remove your makeup for bed. Read more

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    Traditional Makeup vs. Airbrush Makeup – Is There a Difference?

    Makeup is used to embellish our natural beauty just as much as it is used to cover up our flaws. Many people search for the “perfect” makeup brand or tool that will give them a flawless canvas, but the truth is all types of makeup have positive and negative attributes. Sometimes it is simply a matter of preference. Still, it does not stop people from comparing brands. For example, one common question many people seem to ask is if airbrush makeup is better than traditional makeup and vice versa.

    traditional makeup

    Read more

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    4 Quick And Easy Beauty Tips For 2019

    Well, this is it. 2019 is the year you’ve decided to get into beauty. Pretty exciting, eh? Well, except for the fact that there are so many techniques and products that you have no clue where to start. Don’t worry because beauty tips are here! Listed below are some beauty tips that will help you so that you can create a successful beauty regimen.

    beauty tips

    Licensed from Deposit Photos. Image credit is for Subbotina

    Read more

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    Introducing Makeup: The Right Timing

    You may have a little daughter whose getting older by the day and you can’t help notice the change and transition in her ways. Obviously as any other parent, you are simply concerned because you want what’s best for your child and the prospect of them growing up, well, does kind of freak you out.

    One thing that most mothers question and wonder on an everyday basis is “when is the right time for my daughter to dress a certain way?” or more often “when should she be wearing makeup?” Whilst there is no definitive answer to this since mothers all around the world have a different take on makeup, with girls as young as two (yes, two) and women as old as twenty-three wearing it. So when is the right time to start experimenting with your look? Can there be a right time?


    Well, the answer to that is actually a yes. Whilst mothers may assume that they know what they want for their child and will know when the time is right, most of the time this prospect just seeps casually into your daughter’s daily routine and builds up over the years. Unless your daughter is obsessed with makeup from a younger age, there really is no need to ponder the question as much as you think. Read more

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    Autumnal Eyeshadow: Looks Perfect For Every Occasion

    On the catwalk this autumn it’s all about the earthy tones, rich textures, and orange hues, which means that makeup tones that are on-trend will be similar. When it comes to makeup, each year the on-trend looks for each season change slightly, depending what the colour of the season is. Of course, that being said, each year it is berry tones that take over when it comes to lipsticks, but that tends to be the only part of autumnal makeup that stays the same. When it comes to eyeshadow looks, trends tend to change each year.

    To help you ensure that you stay on-trend this autumn with your eyeshadow, below are, a few autumnal eyeshadow looks to test out, as well as some tips for which eyeshadows are the best to use.

    The Zulu by Juvia's Place

    The Zulu by Juvia’s Place

    Read more

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    How my Makeup Survived Hurricane Irma Sint Maarten

    It was early Monday morning on the 4th of September when we received the news of an expectant Hurricane Irma coming towards our country Sint Maarten. The government did not yet call a state of emergency and I still had plans of going to class that said day. After contemplating about the weather, I was wondering if I should go to class for that day or just stay home and prepare for the hurricane ahead. Lucky enough I received an email from the school board saying all classes will be canceled and we all should be preparing for the hurricane.

    A curfew was also in place for the following day on Tuesday. Everyone was given time to prepare for the natural disaster ahead. Hearing the news, I quickly updated my WhatsApp 24hr status and notified my friends.

    Makeup Junkie Black Opal Blendsmart Bobbie Brown Ambrosia Cosmetics Sephora

    Makeup collection

    Preparing for Hurricane Irma

    In preparation for Hurricane Irma, I went to the grocery store to pick up a few snacks, tin food etc., I returned home to complete my laundry just to ensure that I have all clean clothes and towels. After filling the water tanks and recharging all electronic devices I placed all important documents in a ziplock double seal bags and store them in a dry place. Then I removed all my makeup from my vanity and placed them in my caboodle, airtight containers and huge garbage bags. I also placed my blogging materials in huge garbage bags and store them away in a closet.

    At this moment, I began to get frustrated. This was my very first Hurricane experience. I started to think I was overreacting but as they say, prevention is better than cure.

    During my preparation of Hurricane Irma I had 2 things in mind:

    1. Always prepare for the worse
    2. Hurricane Irma will not pass through and leave me naked (without my belongings). Even though these things are replaceable I rather know that I had tried saving them rather than not doing anything at all.

    Waiting on Hurricane Irma

    Approximately 9 pm on Tuesday night on the 5th of September videos started to circulate throughout Facebook and WhatsApp showing the sea level rising. It was making its way past the Boardwalk unto the main road (keep in mind that the hurricane did not cover our island yet).

    There was an estimated time of Hurricane Irma passing and the curfew was still in place. The environment was feeling warm and inside the house became extremely hot. While waiting up I became drowsy and fell asleep.

    Waking up to the Natural Disaster

    When I woke up it was minutes after 4 I could hear the sound of the wind whistling. I thought I was in a dream. I did not panic but immediately grabbed my phone and checked my WhatsApp messages. With tons of notifications, I was getting updates from my friends near and far wondering how the Hurricane was behaving. I replied to the several messages just before we had a power outage and lost connection to the internet. With shouts of praises, I was giving God thanks that I get to send replies to my friends updating them on the current state of Hurricane Irma since we had lost electricity for 1 week and 3 days. Messages that I received claimed that roofs have flown off houses this is when I became more alert.

    Damage to Cost-U-Less roof due to passing of Hurricane Irma

    Watching Out Our Windows

    During the passing of Hurricane Irma I could hear the loud sound of the wind moving objects at 185 mph. At this present moment, I was walking from door to door checking to see that everything is still intact. At one point, I thought the door was gonna blow in and the house might flood. Hurricane Irma passed during the early morning so I could see clearly what was happening outside. A lot of trees was down, the entire place was a mess and I was terrified. I prayed for it to stop!

    Hurricane Irma St. Maarten Sint Maarten French St. Martin SXM Texaco Gas Station Bush rd
    What was left of Texaco Gas Station after Hurricane Irma

    The After Effect of Hurricane Irma

    Hurricane Irma passed through our beloved country of St. Maarten and left numerous of people homeless. Many with roof and windows destroyed, cars damaged, gas station pumps torn down to pieces, supermarkets and other places destroyed, debris blocked the drainage and streets. My home and my makeup withstand Hurricane Irma. Although I had a bit of mopping to do from water that came in. I felt relief as the storm had stop and my makeup was securely stored in a dry area

    Hurricane Irma St. Maarten Sint Maarten French St. Martin SXM
    Car flipped to the side and pinned to the wall due to Hurricane Irma


    With this natural disaster, we did not experience any flooding in the area that I live. It was pure heavy wind with light-medium showers of rain. The wind was strong! Strong enough to move a 40 ft. container, flip cars to the side and move boats away from the sea.

    In Conclusion

    I am blessed to be alive and I am happy that I live to experience this moment in my adulthood. Even though it is dangerous and considered to be natural; there was nothing that we could have done to prevent Hurricane Irma. I pray for the families that have been affected and that our country Sint Maarten will rebuild better and stronger than it was before.

    How was your experience with Hurricane Irma? How do you prepare for a hurricane?


    Hurricane Irma St. Maarten Sint Maarten French St. Martin SXM

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    Top 7 Drugstore Foundation for Dry Skin

    It seems not easy to figure out which drugstore foundation that is suitable for your skin especially if your skin is dry skin. We understand how hard it can be to hide those blemishes when you are rushing to your special occasion. So here is your chance to figure out which drugstore suits your skin best. In this article, we will introduce 7 out of hundreds of dry skin foundation that you can purchase online and several helpful tips to help you find the best foundation for your skin.

    makeup foundation Read more

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