Eyelash Extensions 101

Want to end up with flawless eyelashes in the shortest time possible? Women of all ages can get well-known lash extensions and should wear them for their glamorous events. If you are not too sure if these are for you, what’s their maintenance level, or how much money they cost no worries, we will elaborate all of this down below.

Why Get Eyelash Extensions?

If you are dealing with uneven, short, thin or sparse natural eyelash you may want to get them done and filled. In most places, you should be older than 16 years in order to get eyelash extensions. Women who prefer drastic volume and who need it overnight for their formal events or trips will benefit the most from this beauty treatment. The application is usually around $100, and it doesn’t hurt whatsoever.

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How To Get Started?

Do your online research and find an appropriate place. Your lash expert should have a lot of positive reviews, several before and after pictures, and should work from a salon, and not at home. Also, they should have sterile equipment, clean surrounding, and steady customers. If all of this does meet your criteria, you should book your appointment.

The Process

Many women think of this process as tolerable and easy to do, unlike painful hair waxing or even hair bleaching. You should get to your appointment 10 minutes before and without any traces of makeup. Be prepared to lay down on a massaging table for 1-2 hours. Also, it is vital for you to keep your eyes shut during the entire process, and to avoid sudden motions. Your lash esthetician will work with sterile needles, a lash adhesive, and with either silk or mink lash extensions. In case you end up opening up your eye, you may get it irritated. Better safe than sorry, so be as still as possible.

PS: Make sure you are not allergic to any of the materials before proceeding with this beauty treatment.

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The Outcome

Once at the Lash spa, your lash esthetician will ask you what you’re aiming for. Some women prefer natural eyelashes while other crave volume. Talk the process and your wishes with them in order to get the perfect outcome. All of these lashes will be applied directly on top of your natural ones and will look unique since everyone’s eye shape and lash count is different. If you prefer severe volume you can ask them to stack a few lash extensions on top of your natural lash. If you are a minimalistic lover you can get only one extension per your eyelash. In terms of length, these can vary from 9mm to 15mm.

Lash Life Span

In most cases, you can expect your lash extensions to last you anywhere from 2-4 weeks. Some can break easily, while some might last you a bit longer. Once most of them fall out, you should go back to the salon and have them refilled. Luckily, a regular refill takes only 60 minutes of your time and is 50% cheaper than the initial price.

What You Need To Stay Away From

In order to have beautiful, fluffy, and long-lasting lashes, make sure you stay away from:

Heat – Stay away from any saunas, gyms, or even steamers during the first 24 hours while your eyelashes settle in. Any exposure (even to the wind) might cause them to break sooner than expected. Make sure your lashes are set and properly bonded to your natural ones before you get out of the house.

Water – Don’t wet your face for the first 24 hours and go back to your everyday routine two days later. Be very gentle and careful around your eyelids.

Mascara – Mascaras will only pick and tug your eyes, and they might cause your extensions to fall out. Skip applying mascara and enjoy and embrace your new lash extensions.

Oils – If you use oil-based cleansers, creams, or moisturizers it is time to put them on hold and rather use something organic & natural. Try to use products that contain no oils and enjoy long & fluffy eyelashes. These oils can interfere with the glue and will cause your lashes to break.

How To Remove Them?

Lastly, some women may want to remove their eyelashes (either due to discomfort, or unsatisfaction). If you are ready to say bye to them make sure you go to the professional salon and let them remove them for you. Don’t pluck, tweeze, or cut them on your own. Instead, let a lash expert remove them painlessly with their tools and in their sterile surrounding. The removal is quite cheap (less than $20), and is not hard to do at all. However, if you want to save your money just wait it out and let your lashes fall out on their own. This process can take up to 5 weeks, and once it is done you can redo it, or you can enjoy your natural lashes.


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