A Sure Way To Lipstick You Can Love All Day


Lipstick is, in many ways, every girl’s best friend. It doesn’t matter what’s going on with the rest of your face; a winning lipstick can change the whole game. Even if you don’t feel like putting anything else on, a bright choice can make you look alive. There’s just one (pretty big) problem. The stuff never seems to stay on. At least, not on your face.

We’ve all got that one friend who manages to keep their lipstick game strong all day long. They can eat whatever they want and still have color left over, for goodness sake! You, however, only need to sip a cup of coffee to wash all your efforts away. Eating and keeping lipstick on is a pipedream you could never achieve. Or, is it?

Bear in mind that your friend manages to keep their lipstick on somehow. Though it may seem like magic, it’s actually a simple enough thing to achieve. And, we’ve got some pointers which should see you with lipstick which lasts until it comes time to remove your makeup for bed.

Consider your choices

First, you should consider your lipstick choices themselves. Any handy hints aside, some makes are sure to last better than others. There are, of course, plenty of lipsticks out there which boast of 24-hour wear. It may not be necessary to go to this extreme, but sparing a thought here could help. Gloss lipsticks, for example, are notorious for coming off in no time at all. They may look fantastic, but it’s going to be pretty tough to get something like this to stay on. By comparison, choosing something like Dose of Colors’ matte lipstick is sure to serve you better. That’s because matte options are much harder to rub away. You may find then, that just making this simple switch is half the battle.

Lay the right foundations

Before applying most makeup, many of us use foundation, concealer, and even primers. But, when it comes to our lips, we’re a little more slapdash. Most of us actually put lipstick on without any prep at all. Is it a wonder, then, that you struggle to keep that colour? In truth, our lips need as much prep as anywhere else. Using sugar scrubs daily is a must, as it clears dry skin and makes your lips more able to hold any lipstick. You should also think about applying foundation straight onto your lips to provide a solid base. And, of course, using a setting power won’t hurt your efforts here, either.

Layer it up

Lastly, it’s worth doing this whole process at least two times. Yes; that does mean two layers of foundation, two layers of lipstick, etc. When it comes to makeup, layers are always the best bet for longevity. In a way, this is a method to help firm up your lipstick foundations. With two layers to work through, you can bet that even eating a nectarine could leave you with plenty of colors in your pout.


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  • AlexaJade

    This is a lovely post.
    I love makeup but I’m not the best at it. Feel like I’ve learnt something new 🙂

    March 21, 2019 at 10:09 am Reply
  • Jessica

    Love the energy of this post !! Seemed like a fun one to write !! 💄💋 happy Friday and thanks for sharing !!

    March 22, 2019 at 8:33 am Reply
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