Charcoal For Your Face?

Well, if you’re like me, then the thought of charcoal reminds you of those hot summer days of sizzling burgers, super smoked sausages and well, BBQ’s in general really. It’s those dark dirty clumps of soot that retain heat for perfect outdoor cooking, whilst also making a whole lot of mess, yeah you know what I mean. Charcoal isn’t the kind of soothing ingredient you’d imagine putting on your pretty little face from day to day, but should it be?


I guess it wouldn’t be the wisest of moves to start rubbing your face with leftover BBQ clumps. All that would result in is dirty burger scented skin… And that’s just not going to impress anyone except your dog!


So forget charcoal as we know it and let me introduce you to what the experts call ‘Activated Charcoal’. Now I know this charcoal sounds like a supernatural ball of fun, but definitely not something you’d be sticking anywhere near your face, right? WRONG my friend. Activated charcoal has been heated at a super high temperature that feels like the sun (or maybe i’m exaggerating a little there, but still it’s hot hot hot). Damn this stuff burns up so much it changes it’s internal structure, making it’s pores super tiny. In turn, activated charcoal returns the favour and works it’s magic on our pores. Good old charcoal!


Interested? Why not take a trip to the dark side and try this Dark Night Facial Scrub? This tempting scrub is loaded with the impressive activated charcoal that’s waiting to suck the dirt right out of your precious skin and reduce your pores. The charcoal cleanses the skin, leaving you with a smooth glowing appearance. What are you waiting for? Go scrub your face in it!

Whilst you’re getting all excited about the possibility of a new facial routine, let me tell you a little more… Did you know that charcoal is specially created by burning wood with a limited air supply? This procedure is tricky as the wood can very easily be over or under burned resulting in ash or poor wet charcoal that struggles to retain heat. It takes time and patience to create the perfect charcoal, in some places this process could cause harm to our environment. But, there are respectable sustainable charcoal companies right here in the UK that protects our precious woodlands by replacing used trees. So not only is this ingredient so incredibly good for your skin, but it also remains impressively sustainable and cruelty-free. Even the superstar soap company LUSH use it within a selection of their products. If it’s good enough for vegan-friendly, earth loving LUSH, then it’s good enough for me!

This incredible ingredient works wonders on your skin, is supplied naturally by our beautiful planet and can even be consumed by humans. I’m not saying it tastes great but it’s a body miracle worker. That’s right, activated charcoal traps nasties within your gut and prevents them from being absorbed into your body… Amazing right? It has also been suggested that charcoal reduces gas, whitens teeth and helps you get over a hangover quicker. Right, I’m off to stock up on this burned up beauty blessing. What about you?


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