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5 Best Ideas for Vintage Kitchen Decoration

vintage kitchen decoration

There were times when a kitchen was just another name for a small brick house consisting of a handful of utensils and a fireplace smoking over the chapattis. Then arrived the antique stoves and medieval style longhouse chambers. Smoky kitchens, spiraling stone staircases, huge pickle jars, mortars-and-pestles, and grilling aromas might be things of the past but they are not out of fashion still yet. If you are looking forward to giving your kitchen an update, below mentioned are some retro-inspired ideas you can use to add vintage style to your kitchen.

Starting with,

1. Rustic Lantern Style Pendant Lights

Sprinkle some dramatic vibes in your kitchen space with retro style lantern lamps hanging over the island countertop. Experiment with different shapes including semi-spherical and cone. If your kitchen area has expanse, you can also try hanging a metal coiled black chandelier. If you can’t add pendant lights, there’s another great idea for you. Fix some small tubes or bulbs of yellow light inside the closet area to throw light on the china or cutlery.

2. Try the evergreen Checkerboards & Ginghams

Give your kitchen a throwback style by introducing patterns in the area. Patterns like checkerboards and ginghams are all time hit. You can use a patterned wallpaper for backsplash or the wall beside dishwasher sink. If you are setting patterns on walls or floor, you can pair it up with bright colours. Most likely, you will want to paint the cabinets, doors and drawers. As far as colour selection is concerned, any bright colour would do including emerald green, hot pink, deep purple, mustard yellow, cherry red or even maroon. If you are exploring patterns other than checkerboards, you can apply multiple ones in different areas to create an eclectic display. For example, geometric patterns can be paired with florals and likewise. Play with textures and colours.

3. Shift to Contrasting Utensils and Vintage Materials

Vintage materials don’t mean that you shift entirely to clay pots and glasses, not at all. Materials like China, copper and stained glass goes great. Invest in some china cups and plates, invest in those retro style silver spoons, invest in some copper utensils, there is a multitude of possibilities to explore. Bringing in old school utensils doesn’t just add subtle glamour to your kitchen but is good for health as well. Consider, for instance, a copper jug. Instead of going for modern day plastic jugs, if you chose to go by copper, it can add to your health as well. Also, it can’t be denied that the clink of china cups is unmatchable for a tea time break. A bunch of wooden serving spoons is another great idea to invest in. As far as contrast is concerned, white china looks great with dark hues like deep blue, maroon and tangerine. Copper utensils will appear dazzling in a mint green glass front closet or a glossy soft pink shelf.

4. Cabinets Washed Over in Dusty Pastels

Pastels equate vintage. Unlike a general notion, pastels don’t always imply dull. In fact, when used correctly they can look even more beautiful than the chic urban paints. For instance, if you are using some geometric patterns in black and white, combine it with dusty rose coloured cabinets. Even pale yellow will do well. Or paint your kitchen cabinets in deep yellow and top them off with pricks of cherry red paint and turquoise ceramic door handles. Navy blue can also be used as an alternative to cherry red. There is an endless number of combinations and colour palettes you can explore. You can try soft pink, pale olive green, creamy orange, peach, custard yellow, royal blue, light purple, lemon yellow or rosy pink along with others. Undertones and finishes in glossy colours are also great to design your dream kitchen vintage style.

5. Wood Works Best

When nothing else seems to be the option, wood is a wonderful last resort to go with. Closets, cabinets, island table and if there’s something else on the list, make them all of the wood. And splash them into glossy finishes of dark chocolate, deep cherry or mahogany. Got a spare wall? Perfect. Take some wall hooks and plug in a wire plate rack and slip in those china plates there. If you can go a little eccentric, you can combine woodwork with colourful stained glass panels to offer an earthy feel. Mix it up!


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  • Ashli Ferguson

    those are great ideas! I will have to show this to my mom as she like stuff like that! Mine is a bright red so I’ve got a retro vibe!

    March 3, 2019 at 10:32 pm Reply
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