Introducing Makeup: The Right Timing

You may have a little daughter whose getting older by the day and you can’t help notice the change and transition in her ways. Obviously as any other parent, you are simply concerned because you want what’s best for your child and the prospect of them growing up, well, does kind of freak you out.

One thing that most mothers question and wonder on an everyday basis is “when is the right time for my daughter to dress a certain way?” or more often “when should she be wearing makeup?” Whilst there is no definitive answer to this since mothers all around the world have a different take on makeup, with girls as young as two (yes, two) and women as old as twenty-three wearing it. So when is the right time to start experimenting with your look? Can there be a right time?


Well, the answer to that is actually a yes. Whilst mothers may assume that they know what they want for their child and will know when the time is right, most of the time this prospect just seeps casually into your daughter’s daily routine and builds up over the years. Unless your daughter is obsessed with makeup from a younger age, there really is no need to ponder the question as much as you think.

Be Understanding of Her Feelings

Don’t stop your daughter from wanting to experiment with makeup or new clothes, especially since this is bound to happen whilst your child is growing up. Condescending remarks and being unnecessarily strict will not only hurt your daughter but might just make her want to rebel and you don’t want that by a long shot.

Have the Talk

Don’t be afraid to have this talk with your daughter. She will appreciate the fact that you’re interested in her life and will ask for advice. As a parent, you want to make sure you let her know that communication is key. Most young girls often avoid wanting to open up about certain things and understandably so.

However, you want to make sure that your daughter feels comfortable talking to you about these things. This is the talk you mainly have when your daughter is going through puberty, during her pre-teen years. For instance, you may introduce your daughter to deodorant around about this time along with all the embarrassing period talk (we’ve all been there).

Try Things Together

Ask your daughter how she feels about makeup and her look. If she’s enthusiastic about trying it on, you could introduce her to what we all tried before entering the real makeup world: lip-gloss. This way you’re letting her try new things without her going overboard. If she’s not into the idea, you can tell her to focus more on keeping herself and her skin happy, and taking care of her natural looks. This is especially important if your daughter is eight or worse, younger. Ain’t no one raising a Kardashian up in here.

Recognize the Time-Interval

For those wanting to know the right age for trying out makeup, know that although there’s no proper “age” per se, there is a good enough time period for trying it out. This could be anywhere after the age of thirteen, which is generally when most girls start to get into the whole makeup fad.

Whilst this depends largely on your child, you want to reinforce the fact that makeup is not essential to looking beautiful and your daughter, in their own way, needs to know that.


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  • Bianca Worthy

    This was such a thoughtful post that made me think about my sister, niece, and younger cousins that are becoming interested in makeup or have to wear it for their cheer and dance competitions. I think I’m going to gift some lip glosses and skincare products for Christmas this year. Thanks for your insight!

    December 1, 2018 at 5:43 pm Reply
  • Trina

    Awww, love this post! Learned a lot from it, especially if you have youngsters around. 🙂

    December 3, 2018 at 2:31 am Reply
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