Charms of Lisbon: The Jewel of the Atlantic Ocean

Lisbon Portugal Skyline

Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, happens to be one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in Europe. Here, you’ll come across a blend of traditional heritage along with progressive thinking and striking modernism. Lisbon is reputed for its busy nightlife as well as a plethora of attractive locations which attract numerous tourists all through the year. In this guide, we will talk about why Lisbon has become such a fantastic tourist destination at present.

Lisbon nightlife

Lisbon Nightlife

The nightlife in this city begins late and ends after sunrise as well. The streets of Lisbon are thronged by young individuals after sunset who flock in huge numbers to have their stag do adventures in Lisbon. In fact, the area of Rossio and the Avenida da Liberdade happen to be some of the busiest nightlife areas of the metropolis. Here, you’ll come across live rock music and jazz events, as well as discos with electronic music. The pubs not close before 2 AM and some even stay open till 7 AM in the morning.

Amongst the various discos and clubs in Lisbon, perhaps the most notable one is the Viking Bar which is open from Monday to Saturday from 11 PM to 6 AM and offers a perfect atmosphere for the party animals to enjoy at their fullest. Another pub happens to be the Clube Ferroviário which is open on Friday and Saturday from 7 PM to 2 AM and offers live music, DJ sets as well as concerts.

Musicbox is yet another notable nightclub in Lisbon which is open from Monday to Saturday from 11 PM to 6 AM. Interestingly, it is located in Lisbon’s former red-light district and features live concerts plus DJ sets. Here, the lighting and the sound system is simply mesmerizing. In a nutshell, Lisbon offers a wonderful nightlife for every partygoer out there.

The naval history of Lisbon

The Lisbon Naval Base happens to be the primary operational and installed base of the Portuguese Navy. In fact, Lisbon has been the largest naval base of the country since the 12th century. Lisbon turned out to be one of the major naval bases on the planet in the 15th and 16th centuries. In fact, Vasco da Gama set out from this very base to discover the route to India. There was not even one naval base until after World War I. However, the idea of constructing a new navel Arsenal arose in the 19th century at the Royal Estate of Alfeite site.

Several offices began to advocate the concept of concentrating several Navy facilities in Lisbon at a location close to the future new arsenal. It was in 1928 that the construction of that naval arsenal finally started and it was completed by 1937. The Alfeite Arsenal, which is deemed as one of the biggest installations of this kind, began to operate fully in 1938. Another big naval complex was built simultaneously which was referred to as “the city of the Navy”. It was intended to accommodate the vessels of the Portuguese Navy. The Intendência de Marinha do Alfeite became the naval base in Lisbon on 3rd December 1958.

Lisbon Sintra

Tourist attractions in Lisbon


It is a very small part of the town which is rich in traditional Portuguese culture. Here, the most notable attraction is the Moorish castle which has got a very interesting historical background behind it.

Barro Alto

This attraction will allow one to enjoy an exciting nightlife in the city where he can easily gain access to cheap liquor. It is a genuine party hub of Lisbon where anyone can have the time of his life.

Tower Vasca da Gama

The Tower Vasco da Gama

The Tower Vasco da Gama, which was built in 1998, happens to be a 145 m high tower and is the tallest building in Lisbon. One will get some breathtaking views of the city and the Tagus River from the top of this tall steel structure.

Museu Calouste Gulbenkian

Here you’ll come across more than 6,000 pieces of Egyptian artworks and printing books that date back to the 30s century. Also, there are Italian and German manuscripts and documents as well.

Igreja de São Roque

This is the earliest Jesuit church in Portugal whose walls are some finest examples of Jesuit art. The church likewise houses a museum as well as a chapel. Here you’ll come across a huge collection of Oriental Orthodox and also paintings belonging to the Society of Jesus.

The Cafe a Brasileira

It is one of the most popular cafés in the city which has been visited by many reputed intellectuals, poets and writers over the years. The interior of this café is constructed in the Art Deco style that features mirrored walls as well as brass fittings.


Thus it is evident from the above discussion that Lisbon is a place where you will never run short of attractions as well as hidden gems. Moreover, it is a place where you can unwind and also have fun at the same time along with your near and dear ones. In a nutshell, it can be rightly asserted that Lisbon is a place that you will fall in love with once you visit the city.


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