Scenic Routes in Europe Worthy of a Drive

Doesn’t it feel worthwhile going through the most beautiful scenic areas while driving? I love to take on an adventure just to see the beauty of our outdoors. It can be so refreshing driving through the natural beauty of the land. If you are going on a road trip this year remember you must do a full car service before you start out on your journey. It is best to do a full car service because it prevents your car from running into difficulties while you are on your route.

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Some scenic picturesque routes to die for in Europe that you should checkout includes:

  1. Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse, Austria – this high alpine mountain pass winds through the iconic Austrian Alps; that weaves the impressive national park of Austria. Here is famed as one of Europe’s most scenic journey for road trips.
  2. Route 500, Germany – if you are into history travel here to experience Germany’s oldest and most treasured roads; which have become the most iconic motorcycle route. Have fun in the thermal spring of Braden, take a nice view and pictures of the Hohenbaden Castle and breathe in the fresh air at the Freudenstadt, Eastern edge of the Northern Black Forest
  3. Trollstigen, Norway – take this winding road to view the Stigfossen Waterfalls and risk it across the most stomach-churning bridges.
  4. Ring of Kerry, Ireland – circling the picturesque Iveragh peninsula, the Ring of Kerry offers a quintessential Irish scenery and an unforgettable journey through some of the world’s most impressive landscape.
  5. Route One, Iceland – this route will present you amazing sightseeing opportunities from geysers erupting boiling water to volcanoes, lava fields, to the stunning Blue Lagoon. This place is like magic, also wait around for the Northern Lights that beautify the sky at nights.
  6. Spoleto to Norcia, Italy – this is where nature lies, check out the greenery and hillside area before reaching towards Valnerina.

If you have not visited any of these scenic areas, then add them to your bucket list for future travel. Don’t forget to do a full maintenance on your vehicle before taking off.


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  • Kristina

    These are great! Ring of Kerry has been on my list for awhile now…hopefully knocking it off in 2019!

    February 26, 2019 at 12:42 pm Reply
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