Styling Tips that Help you Look Taller in Ethnic Wear

If you are short and petite you would want to pick an outfit that makes you look taller. Heels can make you achieve your desired height but they can be heavy and uncomfortable. Designers have invented trends that are comfortable, flattering and can change the perception of your height. Here are some tips on what to look out for when choosing your ethnic wear and other outfits.

vertical stripes, ethnic wear

Go with Vertical stripes

Vertical stripes create an illusion of height. Wear long vertical lines with no break at the waist to create an illusion of height. Horizontal stripes make you appear wider which makes you look shorter even with heels on.

highlight your legs, jean pants

Highlight your legs

Wearing dark block slim fitting colors on your lower body will make you look taller. Match slim bottoms with slim tops of block colors to give you a tall slim look. Avoid wearing flared trousers especially ones with flares at the hemline. The flare creates an illusion of short lower legs. If you want to wear trousers with wide legs, pair them with fitting tops and tall shoes. Make sure the width of the flair does not surpass the size of your hips.

Try a Solid color

One toned outfit creates an illusion of a taller silhouette. One colored outfit does not create a break between your torso, hips and thighs, making your midsection appear taller. Opt for darker block colors like green, blue, black and purple

Watch how an outfit fits your waistline

Some ethnic wear clothes come in designs that are cut on the high waist. Garments with a cut at the waist create a visible gap between your upper body and lower half making you appear shorter than you are. Select a low, waist garment that fits your waist and your frame.

Pick perfect fits

Chose an outfit that will fit your frame the way your skin does. Tailor-made saree and lehenga are more fitting compared to read made ones. Wearing oversized clothing will leave you looking unflattering, bulky and short.

Be careful with pop colors

The right pop colored dress shifts the attention from your body to the color. Choose pop colors for selective occasions. Wearing pop colors as formal places will make you stand out and the attention will shift back to your height. You will blend in wearing pop colors in festivals and cultural events and the attention will remain on the dress 

Pick your prints carefully

Avoid wearing big prints. They make your frame look smaller.  Look for outfits with smaller prints that are not too distracting. Small floral print preferably with three colors or less create a continuous pattern and make you look taller.

Wear open necks

V-necks and deep necks make your body look slender. They add length to your bodice and make your upper body look longer. Pair a deep neck outfit with boot heels to create a tall stylish look.

A hairstyle that stands out

Try tying your hair in a bun or a ponytail, a stylish chignon and a puff to create an illusion of tallness.

Now you are ready to add some elegant ethnic attire into your wardrobe. Here is a list of a few clothes you should have:


Floor length Anarkali     

Short women find it hard to wear long clothes because they are unflattering and make them look even shorter. The design of the Anarkali will determine whether the dress will fit into your frame perfectly or not. When choosing an Anarkali, make sure the top half is well fitting with a perfect waist. The bottom of the Anarkali should be well tones with fewer


Short and long kurta

Kurta comes in various lengths and sizes. You can style each kurta to give you a tall frame with a different look. Kurta that ends at your knee split your legs, making them look shorter.  Wear a knee-length kurta with a low waist belt to create an illusion of a tall torso.

Longer kurta can elongate your height depending on the drape. Choose slim fitting kurta from Stylecaret that accentuates your waist and creates a tall frame.

Kurta with exaggerated shoulder pads and puffs make the body look uneven.  Make use of kurta with long slits. A straight cut kurta with a slit in the front paired with a straight or fitting block colored pants will hug your figure nicely and make you appear taller at the same time.


A nice draping saree

A Saree is elegant and will make the wearer beautiful and cultural. Tie the saree to your lower waist.  Avoid the high-waisted trend. Wearing a saree on your lower waist paired with a well fitting choli top gives an illusion of a longer torso. This outfit gives you a tall slender look.

You can wear comfortable block heels to add extra height. With the saree, you have an advantage because its length will hide your heels. Choose a saree that will cling to your figure and take shape. A silk, crepe or linen saree would be best. Cotton saris are heavy and make you look bulky. Minimal embroidery is recommended for your saree to keep it light and simple.

The choli

Shorter choli that ends below your chest right at your high-waist give the illusion of a longer torso. Choose choli that has an open neckline that shows your neck and collarbone. Turtleneck and full neck choli give you a hollow neck and make the area from your neck to your chest short.


Long lehenga

Lehenga is a nice ethnic wear for summer and cultural events. Lehenga rule matches those of the choli and saree. Wear a fitting top and a low-waisted lehenga that is fitting in the waist and the hips

The difference comes in when draping the cover.  Wear a dupatta like a pallu instead of a shoal. Make the dupatta drape over one side of your body to reduce its bulkiness.

How can men look taller in Indian ethnic wear?

It is way easier for men to achieve a taller look because most of their outfits have similar cuts. The key is to avoid anything that makes your shoulder appear broader. Clothes with broader shoulders make your figure distorted and your lower half appears shorter. If you must wear the sherwani jacket, go for a fitting one, waist-length with no shoulder pads.

Final word

If you desire to look a little taller, find clothes that are fitting to your frame. Bulky clothes only make you appear heavier and shorter. If you follow these guidelines while choosing your ethnic wear outfit, I guarantee you that you will be satisfied with the outcome.


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