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    Let Fashion Fly Away With You


    Image source: Pexels

    Fashion on flights is never easy to master. While we worry about the clothes we’re packing, few of us consider our airplane outfit until the last minute. As such, it’s usually a cobbled affair, more aimed towards comfort than appearance. And, while there’s nothing wrong with that, it might be worth taking time to look good. You’ll feel groggy enough when you step off the plane, without having to worry about how you look.

    If in doubt that you can be fashionable 39,000 feet in the air, take inspiration from flight attendants. They experience multiple flights and look fantastic. Admittedly, they’re used to flying, but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the same. To ensure it happens, we’ve put together some handy flight fashion tips.

    Ready to go

    The chances are that your attention lies at the other end of the flight. So, why not pick an outfit you can go straight out in once you reach your destination? Putting your bikini on is always a good idea. Think, too, about slipping on a small t-shirt to serve you in a hotter climate. And, don’t forget to keep your sunnies to hand!


    Image source: MaxPixel


    Of course, you can’t exactly get on a plane in a strap top and shorts. It might be cold when you’re heading to the airport! This applies to the journey home, too. You want to stay cool while you’re there, but you also need to consider something warm for the other end. That way, you can dress in winter clothes, and strip off for summer at the drop of a hat. Plus, this is a fantastic way to get around baggage allowance issues. Though, make sure you don’t layer up so much that you pass out on the flight!

    Casual but stylish

    Comfort is important. But, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on appearance. A simple outfit of jeans, a jumper, and some pumps, is sure to look good. Plus, it’ll feel good. You’ll be able to move with ease, and fit plenty of layers under those basics. Whatever you do, avoid sportswear, or other options you wouldn’t usually wear out. As this article about improving your chances of getting an airline upgrade shows, you may have more need to impress than you’d expect. You don’t want to kiss goodbye to an upgrade just because you didn’t think about your outfit. Besides, you could be sitting next to your dream man!

    casual dressing

    Image source: Pixabay

    Less makeup is more

    If you’re on a long-haul flight, a face full of makeup is the last thing you want. By the time you land, you can guarantee your eyeliner will be half-way down your face. Plus, liquid allowance means it’s not always easy to get your makeup on the plane with you. And besides, jolting around in the plane toilets isn’t the way to apply. Instead, opt for less. Pencil eyeliner is fine for flights, so wear this instead of liquid. Pair it with a bit of powder foundation, and the job’s done.

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    Must Read Methods For Making Any Outfit Look Classy

    It would be nice if we all had the money to buy top of the line, designer labels all of the time. However, in reality, most of us don’t have the funds to do this, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still look smart, put together and classy. In fact, there are some specific methods for classing up any outfit that you can use whether you paid a little or a lot for it. Read on to find out what they are.

    Clean and pressed

    This has got to be the most basic of all methods, but it is surprising how many folks can get it wrong. Especially the pressed part! It really doesn’t matter whether your garment is made of stretchy or a stiff material, it needs to be pressed correctly. To do this check out this guide, or take it to a professional dry cleaner. As they will be able to perform this service for you. Remember too that some garments have to be dry cleaned, else the structure or colour of the fabric will be compromised and that will have a negative effect on your look as well.

    iron casual outfit

    Image source: Pixabay

    Also, it can help to always have a lint roller to hand to remove any specks of dust, pet hair, or those little bits of fluff that seem to come out of nowhere. Remember to look classy you need to be polished head to toe and having clean, pressed, fluff-free garments is the first step in achieving this.

    washing machine dirty laundy

    Image source: Pixabay

    Expensive jewellery

    Something else you can do to lift a garments sophistication level is to combine it with a fabulous piece of jewelry. An item like a real diamond necklace can work wonders with a plain black or navy suit, or even give the impression that a cheap but well fitting dress was far more expensive than it actually was.


    Image source: Pixabay

    Of course, not every outfit will suit an necklace, and that is why it can be useful to have some multi-purpose diamond earring as well. These are just plain and simple solitaires that add a touch of class and femininity to a halter neck outfit and can be worn to work or at leisure.

    sexy little black dress

    Image source: Pixabay

    This season’s handbag shape

    Another smart method to class up any outfit it is to be savvy about your handbag choice. Obviously, in an ideal world our would have that designer IT bag to show off, but if your budget can’t quite stretch to that why not get one that is similar in colour and shape, but unbranded?

    This can help give your outfit this season’s edge, as well as demonstrating your fashion awareness. Both of which will lend a little class and kudos to any outfit, whether it is an expensive one or not.

    Focus on the cut

    Next, it’s pretty vital that you focus on the cut when you are going for a look that screams class. Classier looks tend to be less dependent on this season’s trends. Especially the more outlandish ones.

    It’s also hard to get an unbranded reproduction that can emulate such trends well, without looking cheap. That means if the catwalks are full of asymmetric hemlines this season only go for this look if the cut and quality of the garment are good. Otherwise, you are giving others an invitation to clock that your outfit is knock off.

    Also, the fit of clothes is hugely important regarding how sophisticated they look. Trousers that bag in the wrong place dresses that hug the bits you’d rather hide and tops that constantly need to be pulled up are never going to look good. So for a truly classy look focus on how well each garment fits, rather than what it costs. Then that way you should be able to build a solid wardrobe that would be hard to tell apart from one that cost a significantly more.

    A smart updo

    You can also try doing something different with your hair if you are looking to make your outfit classier. Updos, where hair is swept from the face and pinned off the neck is a great choice for this. French plaits with the remaining hair piled on the top of the head area work well, as do twisted faux hawks and high buns with just a touch of mess.

    It’s all about lines

    For a truly classy and stylish feel, you will also need to ensure that your outfit contains the right lines. This is just what Kim Kardashian-West does with her long coats. They bring in the line of sight on the body making it appear smaller and slimmer. While lengthening the vertical line giving it an elongated, taller, and more imposing look.

    This is something that you can achieve yourself, with a little practice. And it can be used to give your outfits that classic edge you are looking for.

    When doing this always consider that you want the vertical line of sight to be at least double. If not triple the horizontal. That means using things like duster jackets, waterfall waistcoats, and colour block dresses. Also stay away from horizontal stripes and keep to the ⅔ rule.

    Shoes are not an afterthought

    Lastly, no matter how classy your outfit is, to begin with, the wrong shoes can bring it down. That is why it’s always worth invest in great fitting, comfortable, stylish shoes. Why the first two? Well, having blisters, or waddling around because you are trying to keep the weight off of the balls of your feet. Isn’t going to make you or your outfit look classier. In fact, you will probably just look a bit silly!

    classy cute shoes

    Image source: Pixabay

    Of course, style changes, and not all shoe styles and colours will be suitable for all outfits. That is why it is a good idea to keep an eye on the catwalk for seasonal trends. Then invest in a pair or two that are well made and similar. To ensure your outfit looks as classy as possible, at all times.

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    Customize your Attire for Events

    Don’t you just love it when you are able to customize your attire? Show it in a text, show it in pictures. You might just want to wear a t-shirt that announces your big day, showcase your business, for a birthday, or just any event.

    Personalize your T-Shirt

    I too like to say it in words. At Printsome you are able to customize your attire and accessories with words and/or pictures. By customizing you give your business a more personal touch and it helps to bring the message out. They also provide fast T-shirt printing services. If you have a last minute idea it might just come to life at Printsome; it takes 48-72 hours. Simply request a quote and you will be given something within your budget.

    cake smash customize your attire customized t-shirt
    Cake Smash

    This is something that I have actually considered to do for my birthday. Wearing a customizable shirt shouting Bad and Boujee Birthday Queen or Dirty 30. I would surely rock this with a fabulous Tutu skirt and do a cake smash photo shoot.

    If you are a lover of art and craft you would want to go all out when it comes to customizing. With Printsome you get to select the design, style, colour just about anything that your heart desire for a personalized clothing.

    What are some other ways that you can wear a customizable designed t-shirt?

    Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are of the author.
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    Packing For a Weekend Break

    When you’re a busy professional, especially one with young kids. It seems like getting away on a holiday is a virtual impossibility. In the gig economy, many people are turning to self-employment in reaction to a brutal and capricious job market. While the spirit of entrepreneurship is always something to be celebrated. It is a harsh reality that every day spent out of work is a day spent losing money. For those looking to get away, a weekend break in a culturally rich or romantic city is often a great compromise. Booking a cheap flight to Paris, Venice or Berlin and a reasonably priced hotel can be a perfect opportunity for a young professional, but with so much to do and so little time (not to mention the limited luggage allowance), it can be difficult to know what to pack.

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    Luggage allowance

    What you’re able to take will be dictated somewhat by your luggage allowance. Most budget airlines allow one item of hold baggage per person. The weight limit per item is 10kg and the maximum permitted dimensions are of 56cm x 40cm x 25cm. Some airlines will allow you to carry extra at a premium. Needless to say, you’re going to have to walk a fine line between traveling light and being prepared.

    For you

    Obviously, your clothing choices will be largely dependent on the season and the likely climate of your destination. If you can, it’s a good idea to choose a range of clothes so that you dress for your style whatever the weather. You can usually do this with…

    • 2 tops (shirts, jumpers, vest tops or tees, depending on the weather).
    • 2 pairs of bottoms or shorts.
    • 1 pair of socks and underwear per day.
    • 1 cardigan or hoodie for layering when things get cold.
    • 2 pieces of evening wear/dresses.

    Coats and jackets eat space so it’s a good idea to wear a good all rounder on the flight that will offer warmth and protection in bad weather without baking you alive when it’s hot.

    For him

    It’s slightly easier for men to pack. The principals are much the same since many articles of men’s clothing like polo shirts, casual shirts or even a plain crew neck tee can be dressed up or down, all but eliminating the need for evening wear. If he doesn’t have a jacket that walks the line between being protective without rendering him hot, sweaty and miserable. Then you can always gift him something ideal from Dickie’s Life to get the trip off to the best possible start. It’s important to help him strike that balance between being practical and looking good.

    For the kids

    Some children are better fliers than others. While their clothing provision will be similar to yours and your partners, it’s important to ensure that they have something to keep them entertained on the plane. As well as in moments of downtime. A tablet or portable DVD player with their favourite movies loaded on is a good idea but you can’t go wrong with good old-fashioned books either (just be mindful of the weight).

    How to pack for weekend break

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    8 Things Your Casual Wear Wardrobe Needs in 2017

    Just because you’re supposed to be rocking up to an event in casual wear, doesn’t mean you should look any less awesome. Having the right items in your casual wear wardrobe will ensure you look bang on trend and that you feel great. There’s no need to wear an oversized sweater and a pair of tracksuit bottoms (unless they’re the high fashion kind!). Here are 8 things your casual wear wardrobe needs in 2017:

    Retro Sportswear

    Retro sportswear is a huge thing these days. It’s been all over the catwalks, in the magazines, and even the celebrities have gotten in on the trend. If you’re familiar with Last Of The Shadow Puppets, you’ll know that they pull off this trend very well. If you’d rather not wear a matching tracksuit, a simple retro tracksuit top will look great with jeans.

    Distressed Jeans

    Just about everybody is wearing distressed jeans. You can’t turn around without seeing somebody wearing a pair of jeans covered in holes. You don’t necessarily need to go for the super-holey kind, but you should definitely look at jeans that appear more worn than they are.

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    A Military Jacket

    A military jacket is perfect for throwing on with your distressed jeans for a weekend of shopping or even going out for a few drinks with friends. You can get military jacket from this site if you simply can’t wait to own one. There are many different types though, so know which kind you like and what suits you before you purchase!

    A Plaid Shirt

    Plaid shirts haven’t really gone anywhere over the years, so purchasing one of these bad boys could be a great investment. You can wear it tied around your waist, layer it up with a vest top, or button it up depending on what look you’re going for. They can be worn multiple ways, which is what makes them such a great addition to any casual wardrobe!
    8 Things Your Casual Wear Wardrobe Needs in 2017
    Image source: Pixabay
    A Puffa Jacket

    Yep, puffa jackets are back guys. Both men and women are sporting classic looking puffa jackets, and they’re bound to keep you warm when the weather gets a little cooler.

    A 70s Shirt

    It’s a 70s revival right now, didn’t you know! Suede shirts, shirts patterned with flowers, and shirts with big collars are all hugely popular. With the right 70s shirt, you’ll look worthy of this year’s catwalks.

    Bell Bottoms

    Now you’ve got your 70s shirt, why not go the whole hog? Get yourself some bell bottoms! Wearing them both together will look fantastic, although you’ll need to be careful that you don’t look like you’re doing fancy dress. Who cares if you are anyway? You can have fun with this item!

    A Light Wash Denim Jacket

    Finally, a light wash denim jacket is the perfect jacket to throw on whether you’re off out to meet friends for food or on a date. It can be worn during the day and night, and the right fit will last for years. These jackets are endlessly stylish!

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    Five Beauty Problems The Guy Will Definitely Notice On Your First Date

    Despite all your best efforts in making yourself look glamorous for the night, you may have some unfortunate issues that may undo all your hard work. These are just some of them.
    That all important first date can be terrifying, as you will be desperate to make that excellent first impression. From the moment the date begins, you want to grab his full attention, wowing him with your beauty, and keep him coming back for more.
    Discoloured teeth
    You have spent hours on your makeup, your hair is aglow with color, but you are terrified of opening your mouth. Why? Because your teeth are yellower than a ripe banana! So, to preserve your smile, you should probably visit a professional dentist to fix the problem. Take a look at  to find out what a dentist can do to whiten your teeth. Alternatively, use a whitening toothpaste, or a natural method such as a lemon juice and baking soda paste, to remedy the problem.

    Bad breath
    You reach in for that first kiss, but you are alarmed when he recoils with horror, like a vampire to garlic. Bad breath is something we are all prone to. It can be due to poor dental hygiene or eating something particularly smelly without freshening our breath afterward. So, to avoid scaring your date away with your unpleasant breath, follow the advice given at, and be sure to give your mouth a quick spray of a breath-freshener before meeting your man.

    Sweaty armpits
    You will be understandably nervous on the first date so you may be sweating more than normal. Thankfully, you can easily fix this. For starters, apply a deodorant before you leave the house. Then wear an outfit that will let your skin breath, such as something made from cotton or silk. To be on the safe side, you might also want to wear a color that will hide those unfortunate sweat stains, such as a dark color, rather than something light or bright. A quick spray of perfume may mask some of the smell if you have forgotten to deodorize beforehand.

    Bad acne
    You may want to eat a pizza on your first date, not look like one, so read the lifestyle advice we gave you at to help you with your acne problems. You may be able to gloss over your spots with a skincare product, but if your guy sticks around, he will see beneath the surface eventually.

    Chapped lips
    Again, a real turn-off for the guy when he reaches over to plant a kiss on your lips. Wearing lip balm is one remedy, or use a moisturizing lipstick with a statement color for extra pop when you’re getting ready to go out. Certain foods can cause dryness to your lips, such as citrus fruits and anything spicy, so be careful with the dinner menu. Avoid licking your lips after eating as that can cause further irritation.

    Follow these tips, and you will have peace of mind when meeting your man. Let’s just hope he’s worth it
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    Five Star: The Perfect Hotel

    It can be hard when you’re choosing the best hotel for your next trip or vacation. With so many options available, and loads of different types of place to choose from, it can be hard to know which is the one for you. Of course, over time, you will get better at choosing this sort of thing for yourself. But, for now, while it’s still hard, this post is here to help you out. It will be going through some of the best ways to ensure that you get the best hotel for your money, while also getting one which meets all of your needs.

    Five Star: The Perfect Hotel
    Image credit: Pexels
    • Do Some Searching

    To start this journey, you’re going to have to do some searching. Thankfully, with tools like Google Maps, this sort of hunt should be nice and easy. For example, if you wanted to find hotels in Texas, you could search using Maps to find all of the best in that area. This will give you information like prices and reviews, all in one place. When doing your searching, it’s worth using multiple different services to help you. This will ensure that you don’t miss out on any options which aren’t on the first platform you use.

    • Read Reviews

    Once you have a few ideas in your mind, you can start to think about other people’s experiences in the hotels in question. Reviews are at their best when they’re used for something like a hotel. They can give you an incredible insight into the quality of a place, while also helping you to understand the local area. For example, if you want to go to the beach a lot, a hotel with a lot of complaints about difficulty getting there might make your vacation difficult. Other areas to read and be on the lookout for our food, hygiene, and entertainment in the places you choose.

    • Chain Vs. Independent

    One of the biggest defining factors between modern hotels is the type of business model that they follow. In the past, most hotels were owned independently, with a single person or family operating them. But, nowadays, it’s become a lot more common for large chains to run places like this. Companies like Comfort Inn University have a great reputation for consistently producing quality service. But, in an independent, while you experience more risk, you could have a much more homely stay. This is one of the reasons reviews are so critical.

    Five Star: The Perfect Hotel
    Image credit: Pexels
    • The Features And Services

    When you book a hotel room, you’re not just spending on the room itself. Along with this, you’re also contributing your share to all of the other facilities and resources the hotel offers. For example, you might be paying for access to a gym in your booking, but won’t be using it at all. This is a waste of money. Instead, you should look for places which have the features you want, without anything which you won’t be able to use. In some cases, this will make hostels one of the best options.

    Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start spending more time on the hunting you do for your hotel choices. A lot of people book the cheapest hotel they can or one which merely catches their eye. Of course, though for the best vacation experience, you’ll need to do more work than this.

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    Fashion Gurus Spill The Beans On Accessorizing

    Accessorizing has changed a lot over the last decade or so. We’ve gone from a world in which fashion gurus insisted that accessories had to match an outfit into one where it seems anything goes.

    But is this true? While it’s true that true”matching” accessories are no longer required, it’s not true that accessories can go with anything that you wear. There are still style decisions to be made. Here we’re going to take a look at what some fashion gurus themselves have to say about contemporary accessorizing. Here’s their advice.

    bracelet Carnival Tabanca El Emporio Production
    Never Allow Naked Wrists

    If you want to look your best then – at least according to style expert Bridgette Raes – you need to wear more than one bracelet. She recommends wearing bracelets which come together in a set, but you can also go off-piste and wear any selection of bracelets from your jewelry collection. Mixing and matching bracelet you already own, she says, is just as valid as choosing a set from the store.

    Wear Accessories, Even When The Weather Turns Cold

    Wearing accessories, like jewelry in the summer is easy. The days are long, and the weather is warm, meaning that you can strip off and wear pretty much whatever you like. But what about when the weather’s cold and you’re all wrapped up in a giant jumper? What should you do then?

    Style guru Raes says you can still wear beautiful accessories even when the weather is cold. Her advice is to pair a turtleneck with suede wedges or short boots. She recommends going with earthy hues to contrast with dark or blue winter garments.

    She also suggests that women focus more on accessorizing the head area with jewelry, like earrings and necklaces, since just about everything else is covered up.

    Pick Long Necklaces
    long necklace accessorizing

    Image source: Pexels

    Long necklaces might look great on store jewelry displays, but should you wear them? According to Adam Glassman, a creative director at a big fashion house, the answer is definitely “yes.” Glassman says that long necklaces can make you feel better about yourself, as well as more confident. He says that the added length over the bust helps to elongate the body, making you look slimmer. Long necklaces, he says, also help you look taller by extending the distance between the bust and the neckline. 

    Don’t Let Jewelry Overpower Your Outfit

    You want your jewelry to make a statement. But sometimes, jewelry can make so much of a statement that it overwhelms the rest of your outfit.

    The problem usually comes, according to Kristina Moore of a popular fashion blog, when women buy matching sets of jewelry from the store. Matching sets are ideal for making sure that your outfit comes together, and they make it super easy to build up a jewelry collection that you can just throw on at a moment’s notice. But many matching sets are quite overpowering. Not only do they have busy designs and large stones, but they can also make it appear as if too much is going on with your clothing.

    So what can you do about it? Ideally, if you’re wearing a statement outfit, keep the jewelry to a minimum. You want to wear accessories that complement your outfit, not compete with it. If, however you’re going down the plain Jane route, then you ought to take you accessorizing up a notch. 

    Use Jeans As A Base
    boots cardigan denim fashion

    Image source: Pexels

    Many of us wear jeans every day but surprisingly; according to the gurus that’s not the problem. Wearing jeans every day is fine: wearing them with the same accessories is a big no-no.

    So what can you do to mix it up a little? Bobby Schuller is an advisor to the website WhoWhatWear. He says that women should try to pair their favorite jeans with interesting accessories, like pointed-toe pumps, or heels with wedges. It’s fine wearing jeans, he says, but just leave your sneakers at home in the closet where they belong

    Avoid Being Too Matching

    In the past, accessorizing was easy. All you had to do as find accessories that matched each other and your outfit, and you were home and dry. But that all began to change when highly matched outfits started being associated with OCD. Now matching outfits are viewed as humorous, rather than something you’d want to wear out in public or at the office.

    According to Courtney Hammond, a fashion expert in Georgia, it’s acceptable to mix and match colors and styles. A leopard print bag, with a block color or nude heels, is perfectly acceptable in her book.
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    The Underrated US Cities You Should Definitely Visit

    The US is full of great cities, but only a few of them get the attention they really deserve. Sure, New York City and Los Angeles are among the world’s greatest cities, but that doesn’t mean they should get all the limelight. It’s time to look at some of the cities that are still underrated and underappreciated. They could provide you with your next destination when you’re looking for a fresh city break, so read on to find out more.


    Right next to the Missouri River, you’ll find the city of Omaha. It’s a small, quaint city that can often feel lost in time. But this is what makes it so interesting and such a nice place to visit. It has cobbled streets, old museums and period features that will captivate you endlessly. It’s a city that’s in touch with its own history, so you should be able to learn a lot about how it was founded while you’re there too. For people interested in the history of the country, that’s a good reason to visit Omaha.


    The picturesque mountains surrounding Albuquerque are simply stunning. It’s what makes this New Mexico city such a unique place. But aside from that backdrop, the city of Albuquerque has plenty to offer people who are visiting for the first time. It has dozens of fantastic cultural delights, fantastic galleries and up to date restaurants. And you’re never far from natural areas where you can go exploring or do outdoor activities.


    Madison, Wisconsin is certainly one of the most beautiful and livable cities in all of America. It has fantastic facilities, and the landscape surrounding the city is stunning. There are three different lakes surrounding it, and these are perfect for sailing and water sports during the summer months. And during the winter, these lakes turn into ideal places for ice skating. It’s a magical city that you should definitely visit.

    The Underrated US Cities You Should Definitely Visit

    Image source: Wikimedia


    St. Louis

    There is a distinct local identity at work in St. Louis, and it can be a real pleasure to come and discover it. As well as all the local specificities that make the place stand out from other locations and cities in the Midwest, the place has a thriving city atmosphere too. The nightlife is really good, and there are plenty of acclaimed restaurants and eateries, such as Lona’s Little Eats. There is plenty to do and see, so don’t skip past St. Louis.


    Missoula is located in Montana, one of the country’s best states for natural wonders. It’s incredible to find this city right in the middle of such a state. But it’s urban and vibrant, and not what many people expect in a state like Montana. That’s one of the reasons why it’s so underappreciated. It’s a youthful city, and more people are discovering it each year, so make sure you check it out as soon as you possibly can.

    The Underrated US Cities You Should Definitely Visit

    Image source: Wikimedia

    There are so many great US cities that tend to fly under the radar and not get too much attention. If you’re looking for a new city to visit, definitely consider the options highlighted above.

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    Florida: The Perfect Destination For The Fashion-Conscious

    What kind of effect does your vacation have in your wardrobe? It often seems as though travel and style don’t easily go hand-in-hand. If nothing else, it can seem difficult to travel in such a way so as not to disrupt your own sense of style. Most people, you would think, have to sacrifice a little something when they go on holiday: their favorite dress, those boots that just won’t fit in the hold, a much-loved accessory. But as it turns out, this might not be the case at all. Certain locations are particularly beneficial for those who want to retain their fashionable rep while traveling – and Florida is the perfect example. 

    Hotels That Care About Your Clothes

    One of the most common reasons that you end up not quite taking your best with you is because you are worried about what might happen to them. You don’t want to take your best clothes with you on vacation, only to find that they are soon ruined by the trip. But as long as you choose where to stay carefully, you don’t need to let this be a concern at all. Thankfully, Florida abounds with great choices. Going for hotels like the Sleep Inn & Suites Ft. Lauderdale will mean that you’ll have all the amenities you need to really keep your clothing in the best possible condition. It’s amazing what a difference it makes having plenty of wardrobe space, not to mention facilities like an iron and ironing board. As long as you spend time choosing your hotel wisely, the whole trip will be much easier.

    An Easygoing Local Industry

    If you ever find that you are a little worried about how you might look while traveling. You’ll be glad to hear that this probably won’t be a concern if you choose to go to Florida. While in many locations you can quickly feel out of place, this is unlikely to be true in Florida. Even if you’re coming from the other side of the world, you will probably be surprised at just how easygoing the local fashion industry is. While somewhere like New York might be a little less forgiving. There’s much less risk that you will wind up feeling self-conscious in the sunshine state. And that means you can have the confidence to carry on looking your best.

    Florida: The Perfect Destination For The Fashion-Conscious
    Image credit: Pexels
    Let’s Not Forget That Sun

    Of course, the sun itself is another great reason to celebrate, given what it can do for your look. If you have been worrying about your lack of a tan. There is hardly anywhere better in the US to go than Florida. With more than enough beaches to choose from. You can easily spend much of your time sunbathing and end up with the exact tan. You have been hoping for all year. Just another reason why Florida might be the fix-all destination for anyone wanting to look their best.

    If you are looking for an easy vacation option which won’t cramp your style. Then you’ll find Florida the ideal choice.

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    5 Quick Beauty Fixes To Prevent Monstrous Mishaps

    Picture the scene ladies. You have a hot date / big night out / important interview / first day of your new job and you want to leave the house looking flawless. You pay great and painstaking attention to every facet of your appearance from the tip of every strand of hair right down to the shellac on your toes. You’re dashing around loading your purse with all the essential accouterments, and on your way out you take one last minute glance in the mirror to see…

    girl sitting in pile of clothes wearing red boots
    Image source: Pixabay

    Uh oh! Something has slipped through the net. There’s a small but definitely perceptible flaw in your otherwise immaculate appearance. It needs to be corrected before it becomes an embarrassing beauty disaster. Here are the most common beauty mishaps and how to fix them quickly and effortlessly so you won’t be late.

    Creased clothes
    There are few things more frustrating than noticing unsightly creases in your clothes when you’re just about to step out of the door. You don’t have time to steam your clothes or fire up the iron, but fortunately, a faithful friend can be most helpful in your time of need. Simply switch on your hair irons and set them to a medium heat. It’s the perfect way to straighten out those unsightly creases. Good hair irons are an essential tool in any beauty arsenal and you can find various brands ranked at If you don’t already own a pair, you’ve just been given one more reason to invest!

    Over conditioned hair
    Many of us spend a long time making sure our hair is absolutely perfect, but it’s often not until after we’ve dried and styled our hair that we see the greasy results of over conditioning. Leaving your home with less than perfect hair can damage your confidence so give it a blast of dry shampoo for a shot of instant freshness. It will absorb any excess grease while lending your hair body and texture.

    Forehead sheen
    If things have gotten a bit frantic while you’ve been getting everything ready before you go you may catch yourself with a little bit of perspiration on your forehead, peeking through your foundation. An extra dab of primer is the perfect way to quickly perfect the matte texture of your foundation even on hot and humid days.

    Clumpy Lashes
    Nothing can ruin your look like clumpy lashes. They cheapen the effect of your mascara and make your look seem rushed, definitely not the path to making the right impression. This is why you should carry clear mascara with you at all times. Brush out the excess on your lashes, sliding off any buildup on your lashes and buffing them out from there.   

    And finally that most hated of all…

    acne pimple
    Image source: Pixabay

    The surprise pimple

    That pimple you thought you’d slain before you showered? Surprise! It’s back again, meaner and redder than ever just waiting to announce its presence to the world. Not to worry, you can calm the beast with a dab of natural witch hazel. This natural astringent will alleviate the redness and inflammation so you can go about your day with confidence.

    Now that you’ve quickly averted these last minute beauty crises all that remains is for you to get out there and be fabulous!

    5 Quick Beauty Fixes To Prevent Monstrous Mishaps