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    Advice For Those Who Have Lost Faith In Their Looks

    Life isn’t all about looks, but our appearance is something that matters to us. We all secretly want to be glamour models (be honest). You want to be able to look in the mirror and smile at the reflection staring back at you. Of course, self-esteem can be a hard thing to maintain. Even when other people compliment your looks, you might find yourself in doubt. When you can see your own blemishes and flaws in a way that others can’t, it’s hard to believe their compliments. That’s why you need a new perspective. It’s time to adopt a fresh approach when it comes to your appearance. Here’s some advice for those among you who have lost faith in their looks. It all starts with self-care.


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    What Makes a Stylish Vacation

    We all want to be completely glamorous when we go on vacation. We want to look great, we want to have fun, and we want to enjoy our time so much it seems like it will never end. In reality, travel is far too often plagued with delays, cancellations, arguments, and ill-prepared planning that leads to a sub-par vacation, all in the bid to spend as little money as possible. Instead of trying to head out on a small budget, prepare and save in advance. Travel and the memories you make will be far worth it in the end, and if you combine proper planning and saving with these trips, you will be sure to have your best vacation yet:


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    How To Stay Safe On Your Road Trip This Summer

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    When you’re thinking about the kind of vacation that you want to go on this year, you may be tempted to head overseas. However, when it comes to really enjoy yourself and making the most out of your trip, nothing really beats a good old-fashioned road trip. While it may not be the getaway that you originally thought of, it’s definitely going to surpass your expectations. Why? Well, when you hit the road, you’re free to experience whatever you like. You’ll get to head to a range of different destinations, to go from city to country to coast, and go at your own pace. You’re not limited in any way. And that’s exciting. But at the same time, you really do need to make sure that you’re going to be safe when you’re away. Read more

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    A Day In The Southern Boomtown Of Nashville

    If you have ever wished to visit a state from the famous American Rust Belt, then Tennessee should be in your top three at least. Nashville is the capital city which is the culture and sports bedrock of the state. The city has a full-scale replica of the Greek Parthenon, so many bars venues that celebrate country music and of course eateries that offer from a kickass barbecue. In 2017, it was estimated that Nashville is now coming up to the 2 million mark with regards to population numbers. Named after Francis Nash the Revolutionary War hero, the people of the city are proud of their blend of southern and northern culture. The commercial buildings in the city center are another indication of the prosperity the city possesses. Many politicians have in turn dubbed Nashville the ‘Southern boomtown’. Cutting right through the heart of the city is the Cumberland River. It’s slow and leisurely flow of water, makes it great for late evening boat rides in among the glistening lights of the attractions and buildings. Read more

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    Take A Day Trip to Guernsey Island

    Summer is slowing approaching, a day trip should be on your to-do list for this long holiday. Why not try some adventurous things this summer like getting close to nature, taking out your binoculars to spot birds, travel down a tunnel, get your toes wet while you walk along a white sand beach and explore other activities. The major attractions at Guernsey Island are fit for all ages and fun for all.

    Guernsey Island day trip

    Take a day trip to Guernsey island to explore the beautiful island, historical moments, heritage, mouth-watering delicious dishes and the richness of the island.

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    Kuala Lumpur Vacation Hot Spots

    Never go on a vacation before planning where your vacation hot spots will be. When planning your trip check for a site that will give you information on where to stay, dine and also for activities. If visiting Malaysia is on your bucket list then you definitely need to check out KL Sentral Hotels before booking your trip. The tiny capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is the layover hub for flights in and around Asia. It can also sum up to be a melting pot, it contributes to many nations and has a mixture of Chinese, Malay, Indian, Tamil, Thai and much more.

    Kuala Lumpar, vacation hot spots

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    The Bookworm’s Guide to Seeing San Francisco

    For over 100 years, San Francisco has been the home of a stunning number of prominent authors, poets, and literary figures, giving rise to its nickname “The Literary City.” Bookworms of all kinds will find an impressive number of places to explore and a variety of San Francisco accommodations close to many popular landmarks. Here is a sample of some of the great places for you to discover.

    San Francisco

    Image via Flickr by TheZfox

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    8 Things Your Casual Wear Wardrobe Needs

    Just because you’re supposed to be rocking up to an event in casual wear, doesn’t mean you should look any less awesome. Having the right items in your casual wear wardrobe will ensure you look bang on trend and that you feel great. There’s no need to wear an oversized sweater and a pair of tracksuit bottoms (unless they’re the high fashion kind!). Why not opt for premium clothing or simply choose from the list below.

    casual wear men

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    Tips on How to Maintain Happy and Healthy Relationships

    Figuring out the right balance in relationships is a seemingly daunting task. In fact, fear of not finding that balance is a big reason that people are afraid of taking the leap. There is no foolproof “trick” to striking the right balance to a happy and healthy relationship, but there are steps you can take to set you on the right path to a happy life together.

    • Open communication
    • Establish boundaries
    • Accept each other
    • Respect privacy
    • Support each other
    • Remember to compromise

    These are just some of the factors of relationships, but keeping these in mind will be invaluable to establishing and securing a strong, healthy relationship with your significant other, as well as with your friends and loved ones. 

    fierce couple, healthy relationship

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    The Top 5 Firework Displays This New Year

    It is such an exciting time of year, the countdown to the new year. There is a range of great displays across the UK to celebrate the countdown, so we’ve teamed up with Stagecoach, who offer unbeatable bus prices, to find out what are the top 5 firework displays you should be heading to; to celebrate the countdown to 2018.

    fireworks, new year

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    Let Fashion Fly Away With You


    Image source: Pexels

    Fashion on flights is never easy to master. While we worry about the clothes we’re packing, few of us consider our airplane outfit until the last minute. As such, it’s usually a cobbled affair, more aimed towards comfort than appearance. And, while there’s nothing wrong with that, it might be worth taking time to look good. You’ll feel groggy enough when you step off the plane, without having to worry about how you look.

    If in doubt that you can be fashionable 39,000 feet in the air, take inspiration from flight attendants. They experience multiple flights and look fantastic. Admittedly, they’re used to flying, but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the same. To ensure it happens, we’ve put together some handy flight fashion tips.

    Ready to go

    The chances are that your attention lies at the other end of the flight. So, why not pick an outfit you can go straight out in once you reach your destination? Putting your bikini on is always a good idea. Think, too, about slipping on a small t-shirt to serve you in a hotter climate. And, don’t forget to keep your sunnies to hand!


    Image source: MaxPixel


    Of course, you can’t exactly get on a plane in a strap top and shorts. It might be cold when you’re heading to the airport! This applies to the journey home, too. You want to stay cool while you’re there, but you also need to consider something warm for the other end. That way, you can dress in winter clothes, and strip off for summer at the drop of a hat. Plus, this is a fantastic way to get around baggage allowance issues. Though, make sure you don’t layer up so much that you pass out on the flight!

    Casual but stylish

    Comfort is important. But, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on appearance. A simple outfit of jeans, a jumper, and some pumps, is sure to look good. Plus, it’ll feel good. You’ll be able to move with ease, and fit plenty of layers under those basics. Whatever you do, avoid sportswear, or other options you wouldn’t usually wear out. As this article about improving your chances of getting an airline upgrade shows, you may have more need to impress than you’d expect. You don’t want to kiss goodbye to an upgrade just because you didn’t think about your outfit. Besides, you could be sitting next to your dream man!

    casual dressing

    Image source: Pixabay

    Less makeup is more

    If you’re on a long-haul flight, a face full of makeup is the last thing you want. By the time you land, you can guarantee your eyeliner will be half-way down your face. Plus, liquid allowance means it’s not always easy to get your makeup on the plane with you. And besides, jolting around in the plane toilets isn’t the way to apply. Instead, opt for less. Pencil eyeliner is fine for flights, so wear this instead of liquid. Pair it with a bit of powder foundation, and the job’s done.

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