Sephora (Baby) by Z Palette Review

Sephora Z Palette

Sephora Z Palette

Depotting makeup whether eyeshadow, lipstick or blushes it can become messy but nevertheless, you will love the end result of having all of your products in one place. This baby Z Palette from Sephora is almost the size of an entire palm. It comes in very handy as I can store single shadows inside of it.

When you have single eye shadows, blushes or bronzers the first place you look to store them all in one place is by using a customizable Z-palette. The Z Palette can hold any size shadow from MAC Cosmetics to Inglot single shadow and blushes.

This Z-Palette from Sephora comes along with sizable metal stickers and a collection key to pry the pan out of the container. Not all makeup brands make products in pans that are magnetic, so the metal stickers should be used for these non-magnetic pans. The metal stickers are easy to use: peel and stick the metal sticker onto the bottom of the product pan and into the Z-palette.

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Sephora Z-Palette with Metal Stickers and Sephora Collection Key

If you have single eye shadows, blushes or bronzers in pots you can easily de-pot them using the prying method or the straightening iron method. It depends on the strength and amount of glue used to hold the product to the container. It is very simple as long as you follow each method precisely.

The Prying Method

1. Use the included Sephora Collection key to gently pry the pan out of the container. If you notice a crack in the shadow while using this method stop and move onto the next method using heat.

The Straightening Iron Method

2. Place product on the bottom plate of flat iron for a few minutes until the glue holding the shadow pan has warmed up. Then lift the shadow out with a small knife, tweezers or spatula and allow it to cool. Once cooled, remove the excess glue by using rubbing alcohol or acetone, then proceed to place pans in Z-palette or attached the metal sticker if the pan is not magnetic.

Z-Palette Blush Eyeshadow
Sephora (Baby) Z-palette along with single shadows and blush

If any shadow breakage occurs during any of the removal methods, it is possible to saturate the shadow by pouring rubbing alcohol on it and use a spatula to smooth it back together, you can also use a clear wrapper and smooth the shadow with your finger. One the shadow is dry it is ready to be used again.

Z-Palette Blush Eyeshadow
Sephora Z-Palette & Depotted shadows

This is how my depotted eyeshadow and blush looking after I pry it from the container and insert it into the Z-palette. I did not have to use any of the metal stickers as my pans were already magnetic, so they stick to the Z-palette as soon as I put them in place. The Sephora (Baby) Z-palette will hold an estimation of 5-8 pans depending on the size of your single makeups. It also has a clear window that allows the viewing of the single makeups while the Z-palette lid is closed.

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How to Depot Makeup

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