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    The Perfect Autumn Looks For Everyone

    Everyone is pretty in their own way, and with the seasons changing we can all ramp that up to 11 if we choose to. With autumn here and winter just around the corner, it’s time to break out your earthy tones and warm lipsticks. Autumn is different to summer not just because of the cooler weather and crunchy grounds, but it’s also a great time to look fantastic when you’re outside with simple looks. Here are a few ideas on the perfect autumn trends that work for pretty much everyone.

    Use makeup to enhance your looks rather than make a new one for yourself. If you’re lucky for this season alone, you could have an original autumn look based on your hair color or skin tone, so really bring out your best fall look with a few of these style tips.

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    Have A Monochrome Canvas

    With all the leaves on the ground and trees becoming more and bearer as we speak, having a monochrome makeup look will make you look right at home! It’s simple yet beautiful. You don’t even need dual shades for this look, and you can go for triples or quadruples if you like more variety. You can match any color to any other as long as they share a base.

    Muted palettes and nudes are a perfect shade type for this kind of makeup. First of all, find the colour that’s right for you, then simply use it all across your face. Match your peach or rose lips to your eyeshadow palette with a lighter burgundy across your eyelids. It may seem less striking but you’ll look put together and perfect.

    You don’t have to go through the trouble of mix and matching when it comes to having a block to work with. This can work for all skin tones, whether it be a pale or vibrant shade. For a spooky season look, you can even have a burnt orange on your lips and cheeks that remind you of pumpkins.

    Coat Your Eyes With Art Deco

    Makeup is art, so combining it with artistic movements is great. Sound complicated? It’s easy! When it comes to lining your eyes with your favourite marker, use simple shapes that vary in size and intensity. You don’t even have to be an expert to pull this trick off! Using a pencil liner, draw circles on your eyelids and then connect them up, or draw big lines that you can fill in and go over with some liquid eyeliner.

    You can turn your face into a literal work of art with beauty standards that seem ripped straight out of the 1920s. Bringing the old back into the modern day with retro looks is not only stylish but a cut above a lot of the current trends. This makes it perfect for changing up your look for autumn when environmental change is all around us.

    Use your usual setting hacks for longer lasting makeup looks during the fall. It’s even harder to get makeup to stay on during the rainier seasons, so be sure to set your liner with a little eyeshadow in the exact same shade. This will make you continuously pop, and is completely easy to do.

    ecstasy models

    Photocred: @mountainbikekeith
    Fashion Look by africanmelaninnn

    Pair Your Scarf With Your Cheeks

    When we think of fall, we think of pumpkin spice and everything nice. Now when it comes to putting an outfit together with your makeup in mind, it couldn’t be easier with burnt and block colours during this time of year. This work wonders on your cheeks due to the area available and highlighting possible.

    For fair cheeks and lighter skin tones, a good warm color for your cheeks is a peachy tone. Look for more neutral tones rather than pink, which are the most blendable if you want to switch a look up. This pairs well with pale scarfs of orangey or beige colors for sunnier days and is a perfectly cool looking combo.

    For darker skin tones, a burnt out or ombre ‘brick’ color is good for an autumn look. This also pairs well with an orange or red scarf, which contrasts amazingly with your skin tone and brings out your natural beauty.

    If you have an infinity scarf, loop it properly around your neck by having wide loops that decrease in size as they go down. You can knot it as well if it’s too long for you, and your outfit will never look better!

    Chrissy Glam

    Image credit: Chrissy Glam

    Use Dark Lips To Win Everyone Over

    If you like striking appearances then this one is especially for you. Last year there was a trend going around for dark lips in the autumn time, so we know this is an especially popular idea. If you’ve not got the hang of eye makeup yet, and are still working on your perfect blusher, having some striking lips to show the world draws attention away from these if you so wish.

    Plum colors are always a good choice. You can even use some dual tones for a noteworthy lip appearance. A dual tone mix of a pale and bright colour can boost your lip size naturally and is just different to what we see a lot of the time.

    For a real in-depth info guide for the best lip colors, you can learn more here about your perfect lip tint and what ‘vampy’ look might be best for your skin type. These dark looks have always been in fashion, and with the resurgence in the goth style, you’ll fit right in around younger and older people.

    These are just rough outlines for what you can do with your makeup in terms of seasonal looks. Once you’ve finished reading them, why not give them a try? Makeup is a wonderful creative tool, and you can go with or against the societal grain if you choose. You know you best after all, so try and spice up your look for autumn. You never know how good things can turn out!

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    Urban Decay Naked 2 Review

    When we hear the word naked, the first thing that comes to mind does not involves makeup. Well I would like to take the time and talk about my experience of this product by Urban Decay that I have found interest in testing and reviewing. It has been around the market for awhile now but it’s too good not to talk about. This palette is a follow up of the best selling Naked palette, so not only do they have Naked 2 palette on the market, a variety of Naked palettes can be found and occasionally the Naked Vault is offered as a limited edition. In the Naked Vault you can find all the series of the Naked palettes, including the Naked Smoky Palette. With that much Urban Decay Naked Palette around it can be difficult to choose which one to purchase and you might end up getting all.

    Urban Decay Naked 2

    The Urban Decay Naked 2  is an eye shadow pallete that has a dozen rich pigment taupe and gray-beige neutrals and five other exclusive shades. The palette includes an array of shades from pale to deep, matte and sparkly. This palette can be used to achieve a neutral look for every day wear, and a smoky dramatic eyes for the perfect occasion. If you are in need of a brush to apply your shades this is also a feature of the palette as it is equipped with a double ended cruelty-free Good Karma Shadow/Crease Brush that is perfect for the crease area and blending. This brush is only available in this palette.

    Urban Decay Naked 2

    This set contains:

    1 double ended Good Karma Shadow and Crease brush and 12 x ).05 oz eye shadows in the shade

    • Foxy – cream bisque with matte finish
    • Half Baked – golden bronze with shimmering finish
    • Booty call – shimmering cork
    • Chopper – copper shimmer with silver micro-glitter
    • Tease – creamy pale brown with matte finish
    • Snake Bite – dark bronze shimmer with metallic base
    • Suspect – pale golden beige with shimmering finish
    • Pistol – light gray-brown with shimmering finish
    • Verve – oyster with shimmering finish
    • YDK – cool bronze shimmer with metallic base
    • Busted – deep brown with shimmering finish
    • Black out – blackest black with matte finish
    The packaging reminds me of the geometry set that I had use while I was in high school. It is a tin case with a hinged lid, it’s smooth and cool to the touch. 
    The quality of the shadow is amazing, highly pigmented and a little goes a long way. Wearing these shadows will make your eyes pop and seeing that they are neutrals they will compliment any other color you choose to wear them with. The brush is perfect for blending and product placement, it also comes with a rectangular size mirror which is a plus especially if you are on the go.
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    Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Limited Edition Palette Review

    Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Palette

    Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca limited edition palette is a vintage record inspired eyeshadow palette, it can be considered as a color wheel filled with brights that represent the rainbow and neutrals for the everyday look.
    The neutrals are perfect for seamlessly tying in brights together, great for highlighting under the brow, inner corner, deepening edges, creating transition shades and for that natural everyday look.

    Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Color Wheel Palette

    The color wheel was designed universally, so that any color you choose to wear it will look good together regardless of brights and neutrals. The palette features an inner wheel of seven nudes and neutrals surrounded by an outer wheel of 17 vivid bright colors. Each shade is named for one of Kat’s cult favorite Studded Kiss Lipstick shades.

    This palette contains 24 x 0.04 eye shadow in
    • Muse – lilac purple
    • Echo – purple glitter
    • Dark Wave – deep navy
    • Synth – electric blue  
    • Hyperballad – sea blue
    • Lemme – grass green
    • Misfit – Kelly green
    • Vinyl – neon green
    • Legend -golden yellow
    • Fran – deep mustard yellow
    • Analogue – burnt orange
    • Harpsichord – metallic bronze  
    • Rewind – aubergine  
    • Destroyer – bright strawberry
    • Swoon -fuchsia  
    • Love – shimmery rose
    • Anthem – purple
    • Vox – chocolate brown
    • Moulder – butter yellow
    • Noble – nude
    • Skulls – iridium entry pearl
    • Black Metal – matte black
    • Lyric -white pearl
    • Strutted – taupe
    An illustrated guide is also included inside the packaging. This guide shows the various ways you can use the array of colors from the palette to create your own look or to recreate. 
    The name of the palette was inspired by one of Kat’s favorite tattoo, meaning “My Crazy Life” in Spanish. The packaging features an original pot rain drawn by Kat Von D herself. If you feel the packaging is too big for you and hard to travel with you can easily depot it into a Z Palette. I personally like the packaging and it sits well on my vanity.
    This palette is perfect for the every day and smokey eye look. Also seeing that it has 24 colors you get to play and experiment with the color combination to create numerous of looks. The palette has just the right balance of colors both brights and neutral with finishes written all over it, a little bit of shimmer but no chunky glittery shades. If you are not a fan of bright colors you can blend them with more natural colors for it to be less intense and wearable. 
    The shadows are creamy, easy to blend, long lasting and pigmented.

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    Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette Review, Photos and Swatches

    Urban Decay Electric Palette

    If you are into bold and lively colors then you should definitely get yourself the Electric Pressed Pigment Palette by Urban Decay. This pressed pigment palette from Urban Decay consist of 10 colors as well as a double ended electric eye shadow precision brush.

    The shadows are soft, creamy, long wearing, blendable and highly pigmented.
    This set contains ten (0.04 oz each) pressed pigments in
    • Revolt – bright metallic silver shimmer with silver glitter
    • Gonzo – bright turquoise matte with floating tonal pearl
    • Slow burn – bright red orange matte with floating pearl
    • Savage – bright hot pink matte
    • Fringe – bright metallic teal
    • Chaos – bright blue matte with floating tonal pearl
    • Jilted – bright metallic fuchsia with blue shift  
    • Urban – bright metallic purple
    • Freak – bright green with gold shift  
    • Thrash – bright lime green matte with floating gold pearl

    Floating pearl are specks of pearl throughout a matte base. It’s neither matte or shimmer finish. The pearl appears to float on top of base color for a more beautiful effect.

    Electric Pressed Pigment Palette
    What it is formulated without  
    • Parabens
    • Sulfates
    • Phthalates
    About the packaging and palette
    The packaging is just a colorful as the reminiscent of shades inside with it’s vivid, dimensional multilayered smoke screen print and a huge mirror with UD imprinted on the inside. This slim sleek palette is emblazoned with Electric.
    The double ended pressed pigment brush is an all black brush with bright purple synthetic brush fibers. That is perfect for applying pigments to the skin.
    The Electric Palette is an artistry palette with unlimited usage for the face and body, the shades can be used however you prefer to apply them, some of the colors were not meant for the immediate eye area such as Slowburn, Savage, Jilted and Urban which contains a colorant that is not yet approved for use around the immediate eye area. It is also important to note that the restriction only applies in the US, these shades are approved in other parts of the world where Urban Decay is sold. This was done because urban decay did not want to limit the palette to only eye shadows. It doesn’t matter where you choose to place it you will eventually get an insane color payoff. This palette is perfect for every skin tone.

    Product Swatches
    From L-R Revolt, Gonzo, Slowburn, Savage, Fringe, Chaos, Jilted, Urban, Freak and Thrash swathes from the Electric Pressed Pigment Palette by Urban Decay

    These swatches were done without the use of primer or any form of eye shadow base. The shades are exclusive to this palette and none of them are sold individually.

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    Sephora (Baby) by Z Palette Review

    Sephora Z-Palette
    Sephora Z Palette

    Depotting makeup whether eyeshadow, lipstick or blushes it can become messy but nevertheless, you will love the end result of having all of your products in one place. This baby Z-Palette from Sephora is almost the size of an entire palm. It comes in very handy as I can store single shadows inside of it.

    When you have single eye shadows, blushes or bronzers the first place you look to store them all in one place is by using a customizable Z-palette. This Z-Palette from Sephora comes along with sizable metal stickers and a collection key to pry the pan out of the container.

    Not all makeup brands make products in pans that are magnetic, so the metal stickers should be used for these non-magnetic pans. The metal stickers are easy to use: peel and stick the metal sticker onto the bottom of the product pan and into the Z-palette.

    Sephora Z-Palette with Metal Stickers and Sephora Collection Key

    If you have single eye shadows, blushes or bronzers in pots you can easily de-pot them using the prying method or the straightening iron method. It depends on the strength and amount of glue used to hold the product to the container. It is very simple as long as you follow each method precisely.

    The Prying Method

    1. Use the included Sephora Collection key to gently pry the pan out of the container. If you notice a crack in the shadow while using this method stop and move onto the next method using heat.

    The Straightening Iron Method

    2. Place product on the bottom plate of flat iron for a few minutes until the glue holding the shadow pan has warmed up. Then lift the shadow out with a small knife, tweezers or spatula and allow it to cool. Once cooled, remove the excess glue by using rubbing alcohol or acetone, then proceed to place pans in Z-palette or attached the metal sticker if the pan is not magnetic.

    Z-Palette Blush Eyeshadow
    Sephora (Baby) Z-palette along with single shadows and blush

    If any shadow breakage occurs during any of the removal methods, it is possible to saturate the shadow by pouring rubbing alcohol on it and use a spatula to smooth it back together, you can also use a clear wrapper and smooth the shadow with your finger. One the shadow is dry it is ready to be used again.

    Z-Palette Blush Eyeshadow
    Sephora Z-Palette & Depotted shadows

    This is how my depotted eyeshadow and blush looking after I pry it from the container and insert it into the Z-palette. I did not have to use any of the metal stickers as my pans were already magnetic, so they stick to the Z-palette as soon as I put them in place. The Sephora (Baby) Z-palette will hold an estimation of 5-8 pans depending on the size of your single makeups. It also has a clear window that allows the viewing of the single makeups while the Z-palette lid is closed.

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    How to Depot Makeup
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    Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette

    When it comes on to limited edition items it’s good to grab them as fast as possible because they get sold out sooner than you think and you might be missing out on an excellent item. This Anastasia Artist Palette is a limited edition eye shadow palette that is filled with 12 colours ranging from matte to shimmer with a little touch of neutrals and bright colours.

    This palette has everything you need to create a complete look; from transition colour, a nude base to a dark colour and a pop of bright colours for fun. Not to mention the double sided brush that is good for blending and eye shadow application.

    The Anastasia Artist Palette comes in a sturdy artsy covered cardboard packaging that has splashes of colour and a magnetized closure. Inside you will also see a rectangular shaped mirror that you can use to admire your complete look etc. 

    Some of my favourite shade from this palette is the Dusty Rose, Phresh, Coal and Buttery. The shadows are richly pigmented, easy to apply, blendable and have a long wear time. I haven’t experience any fall out using this Anastasia Artist Palette.

    If you are looking to add some bright colours to your collection then this is a palette that you should consider getting. For me I think a brighter blue colour is missing from this palette and since it’s missing I need to hunt for a brighter blue shade.

    Colours shown in this palette are:

    ·         Dusty rose – matte mauve      
    ·         Aubergine -velvet eggplant
    ·         Anaconda – shimmery green
    ·         Punch Fuschia – velvet bright pink
    ·         Buttery – velvet soft yellow
    ·         Blue Velvet – velvet navy
    ·         Coal – matte black
    ·         Unicorn – – shimmery periwinkle
    ·         Phresh – matte bright yellow
    ·         Baby I’m a Star – sparkling brown
    ·         Orange You Fancy – shimmery orange
    ·         Beigely – shimmery beige

    Below are swatches that was done over NYX Jumbo Eye pencil in milk

    From L-R Dusty Rose, Aubergine, Anaconda, Punch Fuschia, Buttery, Blue Velvet, Coal, Unicorn, Phresh, Baby I’m a Star, Orange You Fancy and Beigely.
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    Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

    Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette

    I recently purchased the Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar at Too along with some other Too Faced products. The Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar eyeshadow palette is the 2nd edition to the Chocolate Bar palette.

    The Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Eye shadow is a deeper, warmer version of the Chocolate Bar Palette. It contains sixteen cocoa powder-infused eye shadows that range from neutral to colourful such as warm caramel, deepest mocha and bronzed chocolate. With this Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette you can create limitless look from day, night, nude, dramatic etc. This Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette is a collection of shimmery caramels, matte chocolates and pops of decadent color.

    The eye shadows are housed in a chocolate bar shaped tin with a magnetic closure that will eventually reminds you of chocolate not to mention that sweet scent of Cocoa Powder that hits you each time you open the tin packaging. With the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Eye shadow palette you can find the name of each eye shadow imprinted directly above each eye shadow unlike the Chocolate Bar that has the names printed on a piece of plastic.

    Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette

    Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar

    A guide book is included within the palette that shows how you can create three different looks using the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette. This guide book will also give you an idea of which shades can be paired with each other and where you can apply each, so if you are a beginner of creating your own looks then this guide book can be of help to you.

    1. Licorice is a medium dark black with subtle warm undertones and a matte finish. The texture is creamy and pigmented.
    2. Coconut Creme is an ivory beige with warm creamy yellow. You will need to build up this shade for it to show up.
    3. Nougat is a medium dark peach with a matte finish. It has a semi opaque pigmentation.
    4. Truffled is a medium dark chocolate brown with a matte finish. It have a good color payoff and a blend able consistency that can be worn up to hours.
    5. Hot Fudge is a rich shimmery deep brown with a hint of black/Grey with a frosty finish. It has a nice soft, smooth creamy texture and a super pigmentation.
    6. Cocoa Chill is a dark shimmery matte brown with warm, yellow undertones and a bit of gold glitter sparkle. The pigmentation is good and the shadow has a soft, silky texture. It is a fraction darker and less yellow in tone compared to Truffled. It can be worn alone or build up for a gorgeous smokey eye.
    7. Pink Sugar is an iridiscent sheer pink shimmer that can also be considered as a pale pink with subtle yellow undertones (more apparent in pan than when swatched) with a glittery finish. To get the best use of this shade it should we applied wet, so that it can pick up the glitter than can be used as a glitter top coat.
    8. Puddin is a matte dark taupe brown with a faint of Grey.
    9. Blueberry Swirl is a dusty deep blue with Grey undertones. 
    10. Peanut Butter is a medium orange with a hint of brown that has a matte finish.
    11. Frosting is a shimmery bronze brown with warm undertones and a frosty finish. The color payoff is excellent with a smooth consistency.
    12. Rum Raisin is a shimmery taupe brown with warm undertones and a metallic finish. 
    13. Mousse is a medium matte brown.
    14. Caramel is a warm golden copper with warm undertones and a metallic finish. 
    15. Bon Bon is a rose gold medium copper with a hint of brown and a metallic finish. 
    16. Butter Pecan is a light frosty cream gold.

    Photo Credit: The Sephora Glossy

    These shadows can be worn for long hours. To get the best results from using these shadows apply eye primer prior eyeshadow application and you will get a better color payoff and a much longer wearing time from the shadows.
    The mattes are smooth, buttery, blendable and it applies evenly over lids. The same can be said for the shimmer and metallic. Cocoa Chili and Pink Sugar has a great amount of shimmer. Pink Sugar in particular is a unique type of shadow that has offers a sheer iridiscent amount of shimmer that can be used as a transforming topcoat.
    What it is formulated with
    – parables
    – sulfate
    – phthalate 
     This product is cruelty free and gluten free

    Did you buy this product? What are your thoughts on this product? Which shade is your favorite?

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    How to Depot Lipsticks without Heat for Melting

    MAC Inserts Depot

    Depot Lipsticks

    If you have a bunch of lipstick and you find it difficult to travel with all at once then you should consider to depot your lipstick into a palette. This technique is mostly done by makeup freelancers that have to travel with beauty items to their clients on a day-to-day basis. To depot lipsticks make it easier for them as they can travel much lighter and see the shade of lipsticks in just one glance rather than opening and closing lipstick lids.

    If you have broken lipstick and you wish to save them then this method is just for you. To depot lipstick is safe and easy. You can use heat to melt your lipstick but it is not highly recommended. Melting lipstick can alter the formula of the lipstick, especially if it’s a glossy, glitter or matte lipstick. Matte lipsticks are more durable in the heat but the pigment separate and can settle at the bottom of the palette wells.

    MAC Lipsticks

    To Depot Lipstick without heat you will need the following items:

    • Lipstick
    • Palette (MAC Pro Palette)
    •  Surface Pro or metal plate
    •  Spatula
    • Q-tips
    • Rubbing alcohol
    • Gloves

    Follow the instructions on how to depot lipsticks

    1: Ensure that your items use in this processed is sanitized

    2: Take your lipstick of choice and scroll it up and use the spatula to cut it off from the base of the tube onto your Surface pro or metal plate.

    3: Use your spatula and remove what is left of the base of the lipstick and place it into your palette well, if the lipstick is very hard then you can crush it out on the Surface Pro/metal plate before placing it into the palette wells.

    4: Fill and spread the lipstick in the wells evenly or until satisfied.

    5: Take the lipstick tip that was cut off from Step 2 and place it back into the tube.

    6: Repeat process until all the wells are completely filled.

    7: Use the q-tips along with the rubbing alcohol to clean up the areas around the lipstick wells.

    All of the lipstick will not hold in one well, so be sure to cut the lipstick in a reasonable size; to be able to fit into the palette wells. You can take the lipstick off the top if you prefer but you might lose the angle or shape of the lipstick; if you do not cut in the angle as how it first came. You might be amazed by the amount of lipstick that is at the bottom of the tube. This can also be difficult to use when the lipstick is almost near to the tube and looks like a stub.

    If you are looking for that smooth finish you can leave your palette in a warm environment and allow the lipsticks to soften for a while but do not apply too much heat or the palette will become messy. This can be more time consuming but a lot safer than applying direct heat by using a spoon.

    Advantages of not using heat to melt lipstick

    • It does not ruin the quality of your lipstick
    • It does not ruin the container
    • And you do not need to use fire
    • Less work


    •   Not neat enough
    • Time-consuming
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    Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Eye Shadow Palette Review and Swatches

    ThCoastalScents Revealed 2 Eye Shadow Palette is housed in a slim rectangular shaped cardboard compact. It retails for $19.95 but luckily I snagged it during a 48 hour sale when it was just released for $9.95 without shipping.

    The palette features a mixture of 20 neutral eye shadows that varies from mattes and shimmers with sparkly finishes. This palette has a range of pinks, rose gold, cranberries and taupe shades comparing to the first revealed palette that contained gold and bronze.

    The eye shadows vary in formula but they both contain fairly warm shades of shadows. The matte shadows are soft, smooth, silky and easy to apply and blend while the shimmers tend to apply more metallic with a bit of a frosty finish. 

    Without a primer the matte shade tend to fade and crease but the shimmer didn’t fade or crease at all. The pigmentation is excellent and all the shades has a smooth, velvety texture. The eye shadow quality is amazing and the shade range is good for a soft eye or dramatic look.

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