Iluminage Precise Touch Permanent Hair Reduction Review

After anticipating the arrival of my iluminage Precise Touch Permanent Hair Reduction, unboxing and unwrapping to my sudden surprise the product had scratches on the base, small particles of hair and dust. I contacted the seller immediately wanting a replacement or refund. They were currently out of stock and I was not qualified for a refund in advance. I had a grace period up until Jan 31, 2016 to return the product to get a full refund. I was offered promotional credit for the trouble.

iluminage Precise Touch Permanent Hair Reduction

Iluminage Precise Touch Permanent Hair Reduction Packaging

Later on when inspecting the product only to realize that the power outlet on the device is not aligned properly, so it was not able to even be plugged in for usage. Now I definitely had to resend the product. I contacted the seller and they promise to refund the cost of shipping as well as what I paid for the device.

I saw where another reviewer posted the same exact problem as myself.

iluminage precise touch permanent hair removal

Iluminage Precise Touch Permanent Hair Reduction

I didn’t want to give up on this device, so I did a little troubleshooting while hoping that further damage is not done to the device. I took a small tool placed it in the power output on the device and tried to center align the power output. At first, it didn’t work but I was very persistent and because of that, I am now able to use my device and give a proper judgment of it.

The iluminage Precise Touch Permanent Hair Reduction was developed by a leading global aesthetic medical device company with the same technology used by dermatologists around the world. It claims to disable the hair follicle so unwanted hair does not grow back. The device is gentle, compact and easy to use.

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What’s included in the box?

  • iluminage Precise Touch with 150,000 Quartz Lamp Flashes
  • Power Supply
  • User Manual
  • Safety Goggles
  • A stand base for placing the device when not in use.
iluminage precise touch permanent hair removal

iluminage Precise Touch powered by elos technology

How to use

  • Clean the treatment window with a non-alcohol based wet wipe or soft tissue to remove any debris or dust.
  • Connect the power cord to the power supply port on the control panel of the Precise Touch
  • Connect the power cord to an AC outlet
  • Turn on the iluminage Precise Touch Permanent Hair Reduction device by pressing the power button. All 3 energy level indicators will light up blue and start blinking.
  • Select your elos level: low, medium or high. When the blue energy indicator becomes steady, the Precise Touch is ready for use.
  • Move the device over the selected treatment area after the light emits from the device.
  • To increase the setting to medium or high, press the elos button until the indicator displays the desired level.
Note: The device will reset when changing energy from high to low. The energy indicator lights will cycle momentarily before the low energy indicator light appears a steady blue. Proceed to treat on low only after the LOW indicator light is steady.
iluminage precise touch permanent hair removal

elos powered device

Skin Sensitivity Test

If you are using the device for the very first time or treating a new body area it is recommended to do a skin sensitivity test to see how your skin will react to the device before further usage. You will need to choose a small area close to the area that you intend to treat. This test should be performed on low settings.

  • Prep skin for the test
  • Follow treatment instructions
  • The recommended wait time is 30 minutes to check skin for any reaction.
  • If the treated area looks normal, then you can continue to treat the full area.
  • If the treated area appears red or irritated, it is recommended for you to wait for 24hrs and repeat the test or consult a doctor.
iluminage precise touch permanent hair removal

iluminage Precise Touch 

My Review of the iluminage Precise Touch Permanent Hair Reduction

I am not new to laser treatments but at first, I was a little skeptical of using the device. I turned it on a few times but I wasn’t brave enough to put it close to my skin. Feeling a bit scared of the light it emits when applied to the skin. It is important to wear the goggles that are included in the box to protect your eyes from this light since it’s very bright. It can be a bit difficult to see what you are doing when wearing the goggles, so I stand in front of a mirror while treating the area of my skin.

Once applied to the area for treatment the Precise Touch emits a light, it is not painful but the device gets a little warm. Treatment range from 5-20 minutes depending on the area of the skin you are treating.

Before treating the skin the hair must be shaved or waxed. The hair on your face can also be tweezed.

As for results, I noticed that the hair on my chin has become finer and my upper lip area feels softer and more sparse. I haven’t applied enough treatment to my underarms as yet; therefore, I can’t pass a proper judgment on that. I am yet to try the iluminage Precise Touch Permanent Hair Reduction on my leg area since that will take a much longer time. I will provide an updated review as soon as I do.


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