Natural Hair vs. Non-Natural Hair

There is a big misconception that there is not a lot of options for styling natural hair but today’s naturals are rocking the versatility of their natural hair and it’s making them feel more empowered and free rather than wearing synthetic weave, wigs, relaxed hair and/or, texturized hair and much more.

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Natural Hair

Natural hair is very diverse and a lot of styling options are available for naturalistas like the famous high puff, braid out, twist out, Bantu knots, wash n’ go which can be an everyday hairstyle and other styles for formal occasions such as weddings for example updos, cornrows, flat twists, the list is endless. You can even create your own styles when you become really good at doing your own hair. Who knows what your creative juice could come up with? All it takes is practice, patience and creativity and you could practically learn anything by watching several Natural Hair YouTube videos that are available to you free of cost.

Relaxer – Relaxed hair

The norm for non-natural relaxed hair is wearing a simple wrap style; having it in a ponytail or wearing it down. Sometimes when worn with curls; the curls do not last very long unless you use a holding spray such as Spritz. However, curling natural hair is much easier and it can be shaped and molded in many different ways.


There are claims that texturizer is a natural way to create bountiful curls, loosen tightly coiled curls and make hair more manageable. It is also portrayed as a less damaging process used to “elongate” natural curls while leaving the hair in its natural state. Is this method safe for our natural hair? Is this true about texturizing? Will it help my hair during the transitioning phase? These are questions that are being asked by non-naturals going into the transitioning stage.

Texturizer is being defined as a mild form of a relaxer, applied to the hair for a brief amount of time; usually applied by sectioning the hair with a comb through method allowing tightly coiled curls to be given a “more desirable, loosely defined” curl pattern.


Being natural you have the option of using all types of hair color to enhance your natural look. Using color on natural hair is much safer than on non-natural hair. Why? Natural hair is not being double processed and if used on non-natural hair it probably would be breaking off; if proper treatment is not done. This is one of the things you should love about being natural. It allows you to show creative style with color and still have healthy hair. When you are natural and/or transition to natural; it’s not just about wearing one style. It’s about the several styles you can do with your hair without it being damaged. You have the freedom of style!


Using texturizer and relaxer can make your hair become fragile to withstand the aggressive chemicals of perm etc. and make it more prone to breakage which will result in unhealthy damage looking hair. Your natural hair pattern is manipulated temporarily by chemically and offers a different pattern than your own.


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