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    Natural Hair Care Tips

    Natural Hair Care Tips

    Image credit: Karla Tobie

    I have compiled a list of natural hair care tips for newly transition hair and naturalistas. With these tips, you should achieve healthy hair, with manageability and hair growth. Read along to find out how to take care of your natural hair.
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    5 Things To Do With Natural Hair Products You Don’t Like

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    When it comes to shopping for our natural hair it becomes a means of trial and error. We buy products, we try them and later to find out that our hair does not like that specific product. It shows when our hairstyle did not turn out as expected, too much product build-up, white flakes etc. You name it!!!.

    This is the after effect of watching a million and one Natural Hair YouTube Vloggers. We watch these videos and then are later being introduced to these natural hair products, hairstyles, natural hair care tips that might work for us. This in return results in lots and lots of impulsive purchases. Our house now becomes an at home salon or the looks of a hair section in the drugstore aisle. Read more

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    Review: Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Moisturizer

    Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Moisturizer

    Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Moisturizer

    Have you ever seen a moisturizer that smells so good you might end up eating the product? The ingredients are stated in the name ‘olive oil and ‘mango butter’. I first used the Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Moisturizer during my transitioning stage, it was the perfect product for sealing moisture into my dry, brittle, coarse hair. This product was recommended by a YouTube vlogger and yes I definitely had to try it.


    The Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Moisturizer was my go to before I was introduced to the LOC method. It helps to keep my hair moisturize as it adds sheen and helps to prevent breakage. The Elasta QP Moisturizer has a thick consistency, it can be considered as a heavy moisturizer and if used correctly it will not weigh your hair down and a little goes a long way.

    Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Moisturizer

    Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Moisturizer

    The smell is amazing and the product absorbs quickly into the hair. I applied a small amount to my hair at nights and tie down with a silk scarf to seal in the moisture. The next morning my hair is ready for styling. The Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Moisturizer can be used on dry and/or wet hair. It is also good for all hair types whether transitioning, perm, relaxed etc.

    If your hair desires a ton of moisturizer and you are not good at retaining moisture doing the LOC method then I would highly recommend the Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Moisturizer.
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    Natural Hair Feature: Simply Claudie J

    Natural Hair Feature: Simply Claudie J

    Natural Hair Feature: Simply Claudie J

    Tell me about you, a short bio

    My name is Claudia, I’m 23 years old from Denver Colorado.  I work as an assistant ECE teacher and I also have a YouTube channel (Simply Claudie J) that focuses on natural hair, beauty, and topic videos. I have my bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice. In my free time, I manage my YouTube channel Simply Claudie J , listen to music, watch movies, HGTV, and spend time with family & friends!

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    Makeup Tips for Beginners

    makeup tips for beginners


    Application of makeup takes time and patience. We don’t always get it right on our first try but there are steps that we can take to develop our skills over time. I have compiled a list below of tips and tricks for makeup newbies/ beginners. Use these tips to get better at applying your makeup. 

    1.  Less is more, in almost everything, a little goes a long way.

    2.   For a perfect wing liner application use tape; it helps you to focus on where to start the line and also making it clean.

    3.   You don’t have to spend a trillion on MAC other good quality brands exist.

    4.    Use a damp beauty blender when applying foundation and concealer.

    5.    Colourpop, BH Cosmetics, Black Opal, Maybelline is a good and affordable brand to get makeup products from. If you want to know about more cheap quality makeup brands ask in the comment box below.

    6.    Eyebrows are to be brown, not black.

    7.    Use lip scrub for softer lips and lipstick won’t be spotted.

    8.    Blending is key, major KEY! Even when you feel that you have blended enough. Blend some more!!!

    9.     Get to know your face shape and shadows. You might watch a few YouTube contour videos does not necessarily mean that is how you should be contouring your own face.

    10.  Sephora allows you to sample nearly all their products, take this advantage to find the perfect foundation that matches your skin tone and works for your skin type.

    11.  Don’t forget your neck, blend it!

    12.  Make sure you highlight.

    13.  Don’t go to bed with makeup on, if your tired use the lazy girl method.

    14.   Don’t be afraid to take 5 hours on your glam.

    15.   Falsies are hard to put on, so make mascara your best friend.

    16.   Make primer your best friend too.

    17.   Conceal after you apply foundation.

    18.   Invest in good makeup brushes

    19.   Good eyeshadow application takes time.

    20.   Clean brushes and blending sponge before usage.

    21.   Spray your eyeshadow with setting spray for a bolder look.

    22.   Always use an eyeshadow primer.

    23.   Blend blend blend.

    24.   If you are going to contour your nose make sure you blend to the GAWDS!!

    25.   Daily skincare and primer will save your skin and your money. Both reduce product usage.

    26.   Blend for your life!!!

    27.   Use concealer as a primer… It works wonders.

    28.   Get some bomb ass highlight.

    29.   Milk of Magnesia is a bomb ass primer, especially if you are an oily girl.

    30.  The front of your eyebrows shouldn’t overextend your tear ducts and it should be wispy, the body should be full and the tail tapers off.

    31.   Highlight the brow bone and tear ducts to make eyes appear wider.

    32.   Using black liner on the bottom of eyes will make them appear smaller.

    33.   You will need about six (6) blender brushes for your eyeshadow.

    34.    Do what you like, use the techniques that work for you… it’s your face, your canvas… SLAY!!!

    35.   Invest in a good setting spray.

    36.   Use oil blotting papers instead of piling on setting powder and spray all day.

    37.   Brush your lips while brushing your teeth. It’s a good form of exfoliating, after follow up with lip balm while you’re beating and baking. When you’re ready to apply lipstick lightly blot the excess balm off. Lips will stay smooth and pretty all day.

    38.   Lay brushes flat after washing to air dry.

    39.   Do not use the applicator that comes with the drug store palette for your eye makeup, invest in some good eye brushes.

    40.   Apply finishing powder on top of any replenishing lipstick to make it matte.



    I hope you find these makeup tips useful. If there is any more than you would like to add to the list please feel free to mention it down below in the comment box.

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    Natural Hair vs. Non-Natural Hair


    There is a big misconception that there is not a lot of options for styling natural hair but today’s naturals are rocking the versatility of their natural hair and it’s making them feel more empowered and free rather than wearing synthetic weave, wigs, relaxed, texturize hair and much more.

    Natural Hair

    Natural hair is very diverse and a lot of styling options are available for naturalistas like the famous high puff, braid out, twist out, bantu knots, wash n’ go which can be an everyday hairstyle and other styles for formal occasions such as weddings for example updos, cornrows, flat twists, the list is endless. You can even create your own styles when you become really good at doing your own hair. Who knows what your creative juice could come up with? All it takes is practice, patience and creativity and you could practically learn anything by watching several YouTube videos that are available to you free of cost.


    The norm for non-natural relaxed hair is wearing a simple wrap style, having it in a ponytail or wearing it down. Sometimes when worn with curls, the curls do not last very long unless you use a holding spray such as Spritz. However curling natural hair is much easier and it can be shaped and molded in many different ways.

    There are claims that texturizer is a natural way to create bountiful curls, loosen tightly coiled curls and make hair more manageable. It is also portrayed as a less damaging process used to “elongate” natural curls while leaving the hair in its natural state. Is this method safe for our natural hair? Is this true about texturizing? Will it help my hair during the transitioning phase? These are questions that are being asked by non-naturals going into the transitioning stage.

    Texturizer is being defined as a mild form of a relaxer, applied to the hair for a brief amount of time; usually applied by sectioning the hair with a comb through method allowing tightly coiled curls to be given a “more desirable, loosely defined” curl pattern.


    Being natural you have the option of using all types of hair color to enhance your natural look. Using color on natural hair is much safer than on non-natural hair. Why? Natural hair is not being double processed and if used on non-natural hair it probably would be breaking off if proper treatment is not done. This is one of the things you should love about being natural. It allows you to show creative style with color and still have healthy hair. When you are natural and/or transition to natural, it’s not just about wearing one style—it’s about the several styles you can do with your hair without it being damaged.

    Using texturizer and relaxer can make your hair become fragile to withstand the aggressive chemicals of perm etc. and make it more prone to breakage which will result in unhealthy damage looking hair. Your natural hair pattern is manipulated temporarily by chemically and offers a different pattern than your own.