What You Will Need to Start a Beauty Vlogger YouTube Channel

Beauty Vlogger Youtube Channel has become so popular; at first, we were just use to watching tv/satellite/cable. Then here comes the internet where we have access to people’s daily life, Diy’s, how-to and other updates.

beauty vlogger youtube channel

To Start a Successful Beauty Vlogger Youtube Channel you will need:

The Setting


Create a setting that you will feel comfortable working in. Whether you choose to use a backdrop, wall decor or simply to create a tiny space in your home and/or redecorate your room. Backdrops are one of the easiest and inexpensive forms of background to use as it is easy to install, portable and is able to be put away for when you are not using it.

ring light


To have the perfect setting you must also consider the lighting effect. Investing in a ring light should be one of your first steps before creating videos. With a ring light, it allows shooting videos and taking pictures a million times better. As it gives off an even illumination with little to no shadow visible in your pictures and/or videos. It allows for a better viewing as it works as a natural lighting. Ring lights are available in various sizes. They are also portable, so if you are a freelance makeup artist carrying around your ring light to makeup sessions with clients just got easier. A ring light eliminates bad quality videos and pictures.

Filming Equipment


If you want your video and images to be perfect. Consider investing in a camera that will do the job. The canon range cameras (G7X, DSLR, SX530) are recommended by a lot of Vloggers and Bloggers. They take perfect pictures but can be pricey. There are also smartphones on the market that takes pictures like a professional for e.g. Samsung (S8, S9, S9+), iPhone (7, 8, 10X) etc. When buying a camera consider the megapixels, quality of the autofocus and check out camera buying guides before splurging on a camera that does not do the job.

Video Editing Software such as Sony Vegas, iMovie, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro X etc.

While recording your videos you might have a few bleeps, bloopers and blunders that you might want to cut and/or crop from the video. By doing this you will need a video editing software. This software might come at a cost but you will make use of them as you edit your videos. For thumbnail FaceTune allows you to edit photos, add decals and text. Thumbnails are great for capturing your audience.

Video Capture Device

This allows you to transfer your audio and video to a computer for further editing and upload.


For great quality audio invest in a microphone. This will ensure that the viewers can hear clearly the message that you are trying to bring across.

Copyright Music

If you plan to make money off YouTube then stay away from copyright music. It is preferable to buy music license from extreme Music and Epidemic Sound. Copyright videos can get muted by YouTube if not credited properly.

Tips for a Successful Beauty Vlogger YouTube Channel

Create videos that viewers will actually search for, be yourself, make videos that are popular, stay current and unique. Finally do it for the passion, not for the fame.

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