Just Because You’re Traveling Solo Doesn’t Mean You’re In This Alone

Anyone who’s done it a few times will tell you that solo travel is the zest of the nomad life. And, whether we’re confident or shy, most of us harbor dreams of jetting away alone one day. Something about the idea of exploring a country solo is often appealing. Does it get any more cultured than that?

But, a small percentage of us actually take the plunge. After all, solo travel may be dreamy, but it’s also daunting. And, if you aren’t used to your own company, it can seem downright impossible. A week with no one but you? For many, that sounds like a recipe for madness. What’s more, the idea of planning the trip alone is daunting, especially for first-timers. Usually, other people take care of at least some aspects of trip preparation. But, now it all falls on you.

Or, does it? In truth, there are ways to make your first solo trip feel a little less…well, solo. If that sounds like the ideal compromise for you, read on to find out what they are.

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Book through an agent

To take some of the pressure off during the planning stages, it’s worth booking with the help of agents like those found at Santa Barbara Travel. These are trained individuals who know as much as there is to know about the countries they work within. And, they can help you plan the trip of your dreams. Even if you’ve never worked with an agent before, give this a go for your solo experiences. You’d be amazed how supported you’ll feel with a professional by your side. They can make phone calls, book tickets, and generally put your mind at ease. What’s more, they’ll likely know about hotels and such which are most popular with solo travelers. And, that could be reassuring when your trip rolls around.

Consider a hostel

Speaking of hotels which are popular for solo travelers, you may want to consider booking into a hostel. Rather than hotels with isolated rooms, hostels are open plan. You all bunk down together, and thus, you all make friends. At least, that’s the hope. Even if you don’t end up speaking with your bunkmates, having other people around can go a long way towards reducing loneliness. And, that could make a massive difference to your trip as a whole.

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Sign up for excursions

You may also want to sign up for excursions. As well as being another way to take planning pressure off, these will again help you mix with other people. What’s more, planning these before you head off could help give shape to your vacation. And, that may prove a huge help. Whether you sign up for coach trips or an afternoon walking excursion, knowing you have a place to be and people to see can help keep you afloat. Who knows, you may even make friends on this excursion who you see a few times on your trip. And, that’s sure to brighten your time away.


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    Agree, Solo travel means to travel with like-minded people. I have bookmarked it …thanks for the sharing.

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