10 Reasons To Visit Singapore This Year

Looking to visit somewhere different this year on your travels? There are so many different countries and continents to choose from, so to give you a little helping hand, we’ve sourced the 10 top reasons to visit Singapore this year. Take a look and see what this wonderful city-state has to offer.

chinatown singapore

1. Chinatown

If you’re into the idea of experiencing some real Chinese culture, then Chinatown is most definitely a place that you need to visit. There are countless amounts of temples, Chinese food and gifts for you to browse, all while truly feeling like you’re part of normal civilization. Take yourself into the true history of Chinatown by learning about the death houses and brothels that it used to hold.

2. The Price Of Accommodation

If there’s one thing that you can count on when it comes to Singapore, it’s that you won’t be spending a pretty penny on accommodation. You can find a cheap room to rent in Singapore simply at the click of a button. Browse through fully furnished apartments and other types of accommodation and find the perfect place for you to stay while you’re visiting! In fact, it’s not just accommodation that you’ll be pleased with, the general price of living in Singapore is nothing like you’d ever imagined! A stunning place that’s not going to break the bank? Yes, please!

3. The Insta-worthy Picture Opportunities

The first thing on your packing list should be your camera and plenty of batteries/charger leads. You will find yourself in awe at the pure beauty of the entire city-state. It holds colourful buildings, synced perfectly to please even the most OCD of people. The beautiful views that you will experience are sure to also make it onto your camera at some point too. And, let’s not forget the food snaps that you simply won’t be able to resist grabbing a snap of.

4. Universal Studios

No matter what age you are, you’re never too old or too mature to enjoy a visit to a Universal Studios site! Enjoy the theme park and touring with your favourite childhood characters! Whether you’re travelling solo or with the kids, this place is the perfect place for everyone to visit! Another reason to take your camera everywhere that you go!

5. The Architecture

It’s not just in Chinatown that you can expect traditional Chinese type buildings. All over Singapore, you will see some breathtaking buildings from temples to quaint little homes dotted all around the place. One thing that’s for sure, it’s certainly going to be colourful!

chinese buildings and temple

Not only does Singapore offer old school Chinese buildings and temples, but it’s home to an array of concrete beauties for you to explore and admire. Check out the Marina Bay Sands and stare in awe at how such a beautiful building can exist!

6. Horticulture

With the nickname ‘City in a garden’, you can pretty much expect to see a lot of horticulture around the place. Home to some of the most unusual plants and greenery in the world, Singapore is heaven for the horticulturists out there. Yet another incredible reason to ensure that your camera is charged and with you at all times. Why not visit the Singapore Botanical Gardens and really make a day of it?

7. The Crime Rates

One thing that Singapore boasts is how low the crime rates are. It’s always a worry when travelling somewhere new that you may be travelling somewhere that could be dangerous or you could be the victim of a crime like theft. Well, you can put your mind at ease in Singapore as the city-state is among some of the lowest crime rates in the world! It gives you even more of a reason to brave solo travelling, and also the perfect place to bring your children too as you know that they will be among the safest places in the world.

8. Easy Navigation

Don’t you just hate it when you’re in a foreign country and you feel absolutely lost, with no idea which way to turn? This won’t be a problem in Singapore as it’s super easy to navigate around. Transport is never too far away and you can even hire out bicycles to help you get around that little bit faster.

9. Night Time Fun

It’s not just New York City that can party well into the night. Singapore is also known as a city that never sleeps, so if you’re the type to boogie your way into the early hours of the morning, you’ll feel right at home in their plethora of clubs and bars. Typically playing electronic music, it’s definitely something to experience. Just be sure to pack your best attire and dancing shoes for many nights of fun!

10. The Cleanliness

Often when you go abroad you can find yourself walking amongst litter and cigarette ends that are covering the streets. This is something you most definitely won’t find in Singapore because of the strict rules that it holds on littering – and even something as simple as spitting! Another plus side for your Insta shots – there won’t be tons of litter scattered everywhere ruining your photos!

As you can see, there are a plethora of reasons to visit Singapore, and that’s not even scratching the surface of reasons. There’s always something to do from shopping, water parks and historic tours of old buildings and sites. So why waste any time? Book yourself a fun-filled, stunning, and very fairly priced trip to Singapore today!


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