Did Someone Say Girl’s Trip? It’s Time To Plan Your Next Escape Together

There’s nothing like traveling, especially when you’re with some of your favorite people. If it’s been a while since you had a break away from it all with your best friends, or you’ve never planned a getaway together before; there’s no time like the present to get something booked. The fun can begin right away; arrange to meet up a few time so that you can get a sense of what everyone wants to do, people’s time availability and budgets, and, most importantly, where everyone wants to go. You travel focus should be the same as if you were going it alone; it’s a chance for a change of scene, and whether you’re relaxing or doing fun activities; you’ll return feeling energized and refreshed.

So, it’s time to grab your notebook and a pen and begin mapping out the sort of vacation you want. It doesn’t have to be a major amount of time either; long weekends or a week away are more than enough to get the most out of a place and catch up with your besties in the meantime. The following are some ideas and inspiration for awesome girl gangs who want to spend some quality time together, away from it all, and have a girl’s trip that they’ll never forget!

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Group Getaway Accommodation

Hotels tend to separate everyone into different rooms, which defies the point of some much-needed time together. Therefore, it’s worth looking into accommodation that gives more of a communal feel. Whether it’s a self-catering apartment, townhouse, or villa you choose; you’ll be able to chill out together before heading for a swim, or cook dinner with fresh local ingredients and enjoy a night in. Check out sites like for some ideas on what to choose, there’s an array of options out there in various locations, so it’s worth going through them with your BFFs and picking something special for your break.

Book Your Activities And Adventures

Perhaps your girl squad are all about the adrenalin rush and want to ensure that you have an activity-filled trip ahead. Or, you guys might be dying to see a particular play, musical, or concert together as the main focus of your trip. Whatever your entertainment plans are; make sure that you’ve booked tickets and passes early, and you know which day you’ll be doing things. You don’t want to leave it to the last minute or when you arrive at your destination, only to discover that something is fully booked and you won’t be able to enjoy it together. Therefore, after you’ve booked your travel and accommodation, you’ll need to summarize what it is you all want to do when you’re there and book tickets accordingly. The more planned and prepared you are, the smoother the vacation or mini break will go.

Making Memories

You’ve probably already set up your dedicated Whatsapp group, but you can add to the getaway fun with a hashtag so that you can share your adventures on social media, and find each other’s pictures of your trip. Keep snapping, keep smiling, and have the best time possible!

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