7 Surprising Places to Find Quality Beauty Products

In the past, when you wanted to find quality beauty products, you didn’t have many options. You were mostly limited to going to high-end department stores and the mall. That environment has changed dramatically. You can find some surprising places that offer superior makeup and beauty items. Below are a few of the spots where you can now discover the top-of-the-line products you want. The best part is that some of them can be delivered right to your door.

quality beauty products

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Beauty Subscription Boxes

The beauty subscription boxes that come in the mail are one of the most fun options on this list. These subscription boxes arrive on a regular basis, often monthly, and contain an assortment of beauty products that you can try out to see if you like them.

You often don’t know exactly what products will be included in your box. You’ll have times when you won’t be blown out of the water by a product or two in your box. However, this variety allows you to try before you buy. Some of these boxes are trial sizes while others will include full-sized products.

Free Sample Companies

Several companies will send you free samples of beauty products after you sign up to receive them. Sometimes these companies include coupons for you to use when you go to purchase the sample item. Often, these free samples come only with the price tag of having to review the product. These reviews can help the company improve their product lines and tell other beauty item lovers about how much you liked or disliked the item you tried. As long as you follow the rules and provide any necessary reviews, you’ll continue to receive samples in the mail.

Pop-Up Shops

Pop-up shops have become popular with smaller brands. These shops give them a chance to get exposure from people walking by and those who like to try products rather than order them online for the first time. These shops often operate for a limited time, but they create an opportunity for you to discover some new beauty brands to try out. Be sure to get the information about where you can buy the products in the future if the pop-up shop you seek is temporary.

Direct Selling Companies

Direct selling companies are one avenue that people may not consider. These companies may have their own line of creative beauty products and sell them directly to the customers. They cut out the middleman in the effort to save their customers some money and make it easier for them to purchase the items.

While they often get overlooked, direct selling companies such as Amway have much to offer. Amway, a world leader in direct selling, has a good supply of beauty products that are unique and fresh. You can usually get high-end products made with the best materials for a lower price with the added benefit of being able to tell all your friends about where you found the items.

Beauty Stores

You can find some amazing stores that may have opened that sell only beauty items. These stores are like candy shops for people who love a huge selection of beauty items. You can find almost anything you’re looking for, from skin creams to hair dryers.

Online Shops

Online shops have opened up the fashion world. You can buy beauty items from the more traditional places, such as the high-end department store websites or specialty stores. You can also shop on small brand websites and other options. Try out beauty items on Etsy, a site where people make their own beauty products at home, often using ingredients that are natural and organic.

Social Media

Don’t overlook social media for finding the quality beauty products you’ll love. For example, Pinterest and Instagram can be great places to discover new brands through your favorite celebrities, models, and influencers. You can check out what brands your online network is enjoying.

You’re no longer limited by where you can buy deluxe products you’re always adding to your beauty regime. Were you surprised by any of these places where you can now purchase upscale beauty products?


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