Fashion Gurus Spill The Beans On Accessorizing

Accessorizing has changed a lot over the last decade or so. We’ve gone from a world in which fashion gurus insisted that accessories had to match an outfit into one where it seems anything goes. But is this true? While it’s true that true”matching” accessories are no longer required, it’s not true that accessories can go with anything that you wear. There are still style decisions to be made. Here we’re going to take a look at what some fashion gurus themselves have to say about contemporary accessorizing. Here’s their advice.

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Never Allow Naked Wrists

If you want to look your best then – at least according to style expert Bridgette Raes – you need to wear more than one bracelet. She recommends wearing bracelets which come together in a set, but you can also go off-piste and wear any selection of bracelets from your jewelry collection. Mixing and matching bracelet you already own, she says, is just as valid as choosing a set from the store.

Wear Accessories, Even When The Weather Turns Cold

Wearing accessories, like jewelry in the summer is easy. The days are long, and the weather is warm, meaning that you can strip off and wear pretty much whatever you like. But what about when the weather’s cold and you’re all wrapped up in a giant jumper? What should you do then?

Style guru Raes says you can still wear beautiful accessories even when the weather is cold. Her advice is to pair a turtleneck with suede wedges or short boots. She recommends going with earthy hues to contrast with dark or blue winter garments. She also suggests that women focus more on accessorizing the head area with jewelry, like earrings and necklaces, since just about everything else is covered up.

Pick Long Necklaces

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Long necklaces might look great on store jewelry displays, but should you wear them? According to Adam Glassman, a creative director at a big fashion house, the answer is definitely “yes.” Glassman says that long necklaces can make you feel better about yourself, as well as more confident. He says that the added length over the bust helps to elongate the body, making you look slimmer. Long necklaces, he says, also help you look taller by extending the distance between the bust and the neckline.

Don’t Let Jewelry Overpower Your Outfit

You want your jewelry to make a statement. But sometimes, jewelry can make so much of a statement that it overwhelms the rest of your outfit.

The problem usually comes, according to Kristina Moore of a popular fashion blog, when women buy matching sets of jewelry from the store. Matching sets are ideal for making sure that your outfit comes together, and they make it super easy to build up a jewelry collection that you can just throw on at a moment’s notice. But many matching sets are quite overpowering. Not only do they have busy designs and large stones, but they can also make it appear as if too much is going on with your clothing.

So what can you do about it? Ideally, if you’re wearing a statement outfit, keep the jewelry to a minimum. You want to wear accessories that complement your outfit, not compete with it. If, however you’re going down the plain Jane route, then you ought to take you accessorizing up a notch. 

Use Jeans As A Base

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Many of us wear jeans every day but surprisingly; according to the gurus that’s not the problem. Wearing jeans every day is fine: wearing them with the same accessories is a big no-no.

So what can you do to mix it up a little? Bobby Schuller is an advisor to the website WhoWhatWear. He says that women should try to pair their favorite jeans with interesting accessories, like pointed-toe pumps, or heels with wedges. It’s fine wearing jeans, he says, but just leave your sneakers at home in the closet where they belong.

Avoid Being Too Matching

In the past, accessorizing was easy. All you had to do as find accessories that matched each other and your outfit, and you were home and dry. But that all began to change when highly matched outfits started being associated with OCD. Now matching outfits are viewed as humorous, rather than something you’d want to wear out in public or at the office.According to Courtney Hammond, a fashion expert in Georgia, it’s acceptable to mix and match colors and styles. A leopard print bag, with a block color or nude heels, is perfectly acceptable in her book.


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