Too Faced Sugar Pop Limited Edition Palette Swatch and Review

Too Faced Sugar Pop Limited Edition Palette
The Too Faced Sugar Pop Eye shadow is neatly packaged in a metal tin case container that has macaroons imprinted all over it. The metallic tin case is very compact and cute. It comes along with a mirror and a look book. The How to Glamour Guide (look book) has 3 different eye shadow looks that you can create yourself using the Too Faced Sugar Pop Palette.
This Too Faced Sugar Pop Limited Edition Palette consist of 9 eye shadow in three different categories and 3 of the larger shades are good for highlighting. The categories included in this palette going horizontally are Sweet and Spicy (top), Sugar Plums (middle) and Cotton Candy  (bottom).
Too Faced Sugar Pop Eye shadow
Even though it’s called Sugar Pop the eye shadow does not have a sweet sugary scent as the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar palette but the packaging and eye shadow surely does look good both on the outside and inside. One thing that I noticed when the lid is flipped it doesn’t stand in an upright position instead the lid flips over way too much unlike the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar palette that is in an upright position when you open the lid.
Check the description of each shadow below and a guide on how to use each:
Rock Candy is a very pale sparkly gold that can be used as a brow highlighter.
Macaron is a light peachy coral with gold sparkles and a little bit of shimmer.

Melted Milk Ball is a rich warm toned metallic brown with gold micro glitter. It has a nice texture and pigmentation. Perfect for a smokey eye look.

For the Sweet and Spicy category listed above:

1. Sweep Rock Candy from lashes to brow
2. Blend Macaron onto lid
3. Line upper lash line with Malted Milk Ball

Follow these steps to achieve the Sweet and Spicy look.

Sweet and Spicy

Strawberry Ice is a pale pastel lavender with silver shimmer can also be described as a frosty pale pink. Great highlight for the tear duct.

Sugared Violet is a deep metallic shimmery purple.
BlackBerry is a matte plum shade. Can be used as a transitioning colour.
For the Sugar Plums category listed above:
1. Apply Strawberry Ice from lashes to brow.
     2. Press BlackBerry onto the lid.
     3. Line upper and lower lash line with Sugared Violet.
Follow these steps to achieve the Sugar Plums look.
Sugar Plums
Peach Fuzz is a light peach yellow tone matte with gold micro glitter. It is a few shades darker than and warmer than Rock Candy.
Bubble Gum is a vibrant metallic pink with a bit of pink shimmer.
Blue Raspberry is a teal metallic blue with shimmer.

For the Candy Coated category listed above:

1. Press Peach Fuzz from lashes to brow
2. Apply Blue Raspberry onto the lid
3. Smoke Bubblegum into the crease

Follow these steps to achieve the Candy Coated look.


Candy Coated
These are creamy matte, shimmer and glitter shadows in vanilla, chocolate and candy colored hues inspired by French macaroon. The colors are beautiful and I’m glad I got this palette. See swatches below.
From L-R: Sweet and Spicy (Rock Candy, Macaroon, Malted Milk Ball), Sugar Plums (Strawberry Ice, Sugared Violet, Blackberry), and Candy Coated (Peach Fuzz, Bubblegum, Blue Raspberry) swatched with NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk

The colors are beautiful, very creamy and has a matte finish with a bit of shimmer. Best applied with a primer to get the full effect of this eyeshadow palette. It’s super pigmented.

Get this palette before it’s gone. If you have gotten it already what do you think about it? Is it a hit or miss?


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