Ben Nye Final Seal Review

I love wearing makeup but on bright sunny days, I tend to perspire a lot. My face gets sweaty (sweat beads), especially my t-zone area that tends to become oily resulting my finished makeup look to become cakey. I normally use blotting paper, it helps but I prefer if my makeup would just stay put without moving. Eventually, a runny, blotchy, cakey makeup look will make you lose your self – confidence.

Set your makeup with Ben Nye Final Seal

I have heard a lot about Ben Nye Final Seal before I decided to purchase and it was highly recommended by Makeup Artist as well as YouTube Beauty Vloggers.

Ben Nye Final Seal

The Ben Nye Final Seal has this refreshing mint fragrance similar to the mouth rinse Listerine.  After a few shots of the Ben Nye Final Seal mist over the face, the mint scent fades away. Ben Nye Final Seal was intended for people who perspire a lot to help hold their makeup in place.

This product has a sticky consistency, so it must be applied to any finished makeup look or over any moisturized and primed face for a more smudge free and water resistant finish. It is also recommended that the Ben Nye Final Seal should be used before applying mascara as this can ruin your mascara.

I personally like to apply the Ben Nye Final Seal after I apply my primer and buff it into my skin with a soft bristle brush, by doing this it helps my makeup to last much longer and it helps to keep my makeup looking matte much longer.


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