These Tips Will Turn You Into A Makeup Professional

The possibilities are endless when it comes to makeup. There are thousands of videos online of people doing crazy things with their makeup but that might be a bit out of your league. Most people end up with the same sort of look every day because they don’t know how to be more creative. If you’re just a beginner and you want to improve your makeup skills to becoming a makeup professional, check out these simple tips to help you along the way.

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Buy Fewer Items

Lots of people make the mistake of thinking that the fuller your makeup kit is, the better you’ll look. That’s not the case and there are so many products on the market that are just plain rubbish. You can waste your money on thousands of bits and bobs that you’ll never use if you like, but it won’t improve your makeup. Instead, you should be looking for good quality products that you can use for lots of different styles. You need a decent blending brush, contour brush, and multitasking brush for everything else, that should be it.

Finishing Spray

One of the worst mistakes to make is applying makeup that ends up looking too thick like it’s caked on. If it doesn’t look natural then it won’t look nice so you want to avoid this at all costs. A good finishing spray is the easiest way to stop this. It will tie all of the makeup together and make it look more natural and it will also make it last a lot longer.

at home teeth whitening tips


Your teeth are one of the most important things to look after because people tend to notice them a lot. You could get professional teeth whitening done but to be honest, it’s incredibly expensive and the results are no better than what you could do yourself at home. There is plenty of teeth whitening at home tips that can get you started. All of the hard work you’re putting into your makeup routine will be for nothing if your teeth aren’t in top condition because studies have shown that people’s perceptions of you are hugely affected by your teeth. It could hinder your dating life and even reduce your chances of landing a job.


Using a primer gives you a better base for applying your makeup and improves the final result. When you’re applying eyeshadow especially, you should always use a primer. If you don’t, the eyeshadow will smudge and fade whereas with a primer it will stand out and the lines will be more defined. You should also put a thin layer of something neutral on before you apply your eyeliner to make your eye makeup ten times better.

Clean Your Brushes

When you’re using your multitasking brush and you’re in a rush, it’s tempting to just keep dipping it into different products without cleaning it in between. It might save you time but it’ll ruin your look. When you don’t clean your brushes, you’ll end up combining all of the different products and they’ll all smudge together into one color. That means you’ll lose out on any contrasts that you’re trying to create. It’s also an easy way to apply way too much makeup and that’ll end up ruining the natural look that you’re going for. It’s easy to get around if you just clean off your brush between each product.

Moisturizer In Your Concealer

Matching the color of your concealer can be tricky and you might find that it’s a bit too heavy for the aesthetic that you’re going for. You don’t need to buy loads of different shades if you just use this simple trick. Mix a little moisturizer into it to lighten it up. Use this tip to tailor the color that you need without having to spend loads of money on ten different concealers.

Eyeliner On Your Lips

Having fuller lips is a brilliant way to improve your style and you can achieve it with a simple addition to your lip routine. Once you’ve applied your lip gloss, get a white eyeliner pencil and apply some in the center of your lips. Blend it in carefully and it’ll make your lips look way fuller than normal. If you don’t blend it naturally it won’t look great so be careful with it and don’t apply too much.

Get Some Sleep

This isn’t exactly a makeup tip but it will help improve your beauty regime no end. Bad sleeping patterns have a huge negative effect on your skin. You’ll end up with big bags around your eyes. It’ll take longer to apply your makeup every morning; if you’re having to cover up the effects of lack of sleep.


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