Two Months To Go: Your Wedding Checklist

It seems that there are three types of people when it comes to planning a wedding. The first, are those that plan a wedding date years in advance, giving themselves at least three years to get everything sorted for it. Then there are the people that choose to have quite a last minute wedding. It might only be a few months away, for some, even weeks. But that is how they want it. The third and final group of people are those that fall somewhere in between. They want some time to get everything sorted, but around a year is good enough for them. But whatever kind of wedding planner you are, there will always be that last manic time, a couple of months to a month before, to get everything sorted.

What are some of the last minute things on your wedding checklist, though? Here is a wedding checklist to go through. Good luck, it isn’t long now!

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Make it Legal

One of the things that stop people from being able to get married as quickly as they want is that you, of course, need to make it legal. Set an appointment to get your wedding license in the last couple of months before getting married. You can’t get a license too far ahead of time, so this is one of those last minute things. Check the fee and any documents that you might need and then get going with your appointment.

Wedding Rings

The engagement ring will have been sorted if you are at this point. But you can’t forget about the all important wedding bands for you and your other half. Generally, these are fairly quick to find and order, as they are much plainer than diamond encrusted engagement rings. Don’t leave it too last minute, though. Shop around and try on rings for sizing. You could also look to order wedding rings, like Tacori wedding rings, online. But you need to be sure about the ring sizes that you’ll need. You don’t want it to be too snug on the day!

Honeymoon Checklist

In this modern world, not everyone goes on a honeymoon straight after getting married. But if you are going to be doing just that, then you need to plan ahead for that. What are some essentials you’ll be needing for your destination? Do you have your passport? Will there be time for a name change on it? You need around two months for a new passport to be safe, so that could be something to be getting on with soon.

Final Head Counts

At this stage in the game, you will be looking to get your final head counts into your vendors and venues. So check all of your RSVPs and chase any that are yet to reply. Then you can sort things like the seating plan, as well as favors, place cards, and other wedding stationery that you need on the day.

Making a to-do list is always a good idea when planning a wedding. So if you keep track as you go along, there shouldn’t be too much left to do!

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