10 Things that Dermatologists Wish You Wouldn’t Do Anymore

The skin is the largest organ of the human body and it’s often the most damaged due to the many elements that it’s exposed to. Some people opt for buying skin care products like Belif but sometimes you don’t need beauty products for better skin; you just need to take better care of it. Most people go to a dermatologist for advice when their skin issues are too much to handle on their own.

Dermatologists are considered the experts on the skin, and it’s safe to say that they’ve seen it all. They know what’s best for our skin and sometimes, it might frustrate them to see bad habits or decisions from their patients; since some of the common skin problems are often due to disregard of the basic skin care rules.


Here are some of the things that dermatologists wish you would stop doing:

1. Ignoring sun protection.

Sun damage is one of the most underrated causes of skin problems. People have the misconception that if you want darker skin then you should disregard the sunscreen. The fact is that even when you’re aiming for a beautiful tan, you still have to wear sun protection or else you risk getting skin cancer.

2. Touching and popping pimples.

Acne is a common skin problem and it usually goes away after a while with proper rest and hygiene. However, touching or popping of pimples usually causes scarring and blackening of the skin. The scars and darkened skin are harder to treat than the actual acne problem so dermatologists hope that you stop causing skin irritation by popping your pimples.

3. Disregarding the importance of proper exfoliation.

Exfoliation is an important part of skin care because it allows you to get rid of dead skin cells; however, there is such a thing as over exfoliation. You should only exfoliate once every 2 to 3 days to avoid causing dryness and irritation to your face.

4. Applying too many acidic products.

People are obsessed with acidic products like Kojic and other well-known whitening products. The problem with using too many acid products is that you might cause your skin to become over sensitive, which would lead to damage.

5. Frequently using bath soap on your face.

Bath soap is designed to clean the body so it naturally contains harsher chemicals than those soaps designed for the face. Using bath soaps could dry your skin and cause acne problems.

6. Having an over-complicated skin care routine with too many steps.

The world-famous 10-step Korean skin care may seem like a good nightly routine but it’s more of a guide than a rule. Most people don’t necessarily follow the entire 10 steps every day since exfoliation and masks are done twice or thrice a week instead of daily.

7. Relying on your friends for skin care advice.

Every person is unique and this is particularly true in the case of skin care. Counting on your friends for advice regarding how you should be treating your skin is like asking a person with different waistline what kind of pants you should be wearing.

8. Using products that are not meant for your skin type.

There are a lot of factors you need to consider before choosing skin care products such as skin type like dry, oily or combination; and skin age. Your products should be according to your skin’s needs and not according to what is popular nowadays.

9. Not paying attention to your food intake.

Part of proper skin care is good nutrition. Your body needs to have enough vitamins and minerals in order to repair and supply necessary nutrients to your skin. All the beauty treatments are useless if you don’t eat nutritious food.

10. Lacking sleep.

Sleep is very important to your body, especially your skin. It allows your body to repair itself after a long day at work or school. Sleep also helps you fight acne and dark circles under the eyes.
While some of the skin issues we have are either genetic or caused by other factors, most of the skin problems are caused by poor habit and decisions. The 10 items on this list are some of the most common problems that dermatologists see in their patients. A lot of our current skin problems could have easily avoided if we had only paid attention to our diet, environment, and hygiene.

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    Awww! I am guilty of most of these! Thanks for this! Now I know what to avoid.

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