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Every year the fashion trend changes and one of the accessories that are most visible to the people around you are your glasses. Your glasses might just be for reading or they might rest on your nose all the time. So, if you wear glasses and want to follow the latest trend then read on.


Clubmaster Brownline Glasses

This type of glasses was quite popular in the 1950s and now they are back again. They are perfect for business eyeglasses. These glasses were released in response to the Aviators and Wayfarers which were quite popular in that era. These glasses give a hipster look and are a part of the recent hipster movement and are getting popular once again.

These frames are perfect for people who have a narrow face as the bold frame helps in drawing attention to the person’s eyes.

So, go ahead and use the Lenskart Coupons to buy yourself the cool Clubmaster Brownline Glass frame and enjoy the classic hip outlook.

These frames are available on Lenskart starting at ₹4500.

Titanium Metal Frame Eyeglasses

It was common for eyeglasses to have a copper or nickel frame in the past due to their corrosion resistive properties. The ability to produce metallic frames in various shapes and sizes make them one of the most popular styles in 2018.

The glasses are not only strong but extremely lightweight thanks to the properties of titanium. Their strength allows them to be made thinner than other metals such as steel and aluminum. This along with the ability to color the metal easily means you have loads of different options to choose from.

So, choose these frames if you want a classic look. They start at ₹4500 and weigh only 10-20 grams.

Wayfarer Glass Frames

Another of those timeless classic frames is the Wayfarer. They were introduced back in the 1950s and are still very popular. These frames are kind of universal frames as they look great on everyone and go along with all kind of clothes. The fact that these frames are so popular even though they were introduced almost half a century ago proves that these won’t be going out of trend in the near future.

These classic Italian frames will look amazing and are quite affordable making them a perfect choice for everyone regardless of their budgets.

These glasses are best suited for people who have round or oval faces. These begin at ₹999 on

Clear Glass Frames

The best thing about the Clear Glass Frames is that they are hard to notice when somebody is at a distance. On close inspection, they provide a classy look to the wearer. They have a different appeal than the funky colourful glasses that we have been seeing around us but are becoming quite popular nowadays.

The clear glasses are suitable for any person with any complexion or facial structure. These eyeglasses are available on Lenskart starting from ₹999 and you might get a discount on using the Lenskart Coupons.

Funky Horn Rimmed Glasses

If you are going for a unique and flashy look then you will definitely like the tortoise shell glasses which are quite popular in 2018. Though they were originally made out of tortoise shell, but now they are mainly made out of plastic. Those tortoises would be grateful that we started using plastic.

The Horn Rimed or Tortoise Shell glasses are known for their flashy outlook and have been quite a common style for a long time. These glasses bring attention to the wearer’s face thanks to their bold look. These glasses go with all kinds of skin complexion and will fit perfectly regardless of the facial structure.

So, if these are the glasses that you will fancy then they will set you back ₹4500. For a discount use the Lenskart Coupons.

Flat Top Glass Frames

The Flat Top Glasses provide a bold and confident outlook as they sit on your nose and lining up with the brows. These frames combine the modern style with the vintage feel and became a hit this year.

These glasses make a bold statement and are therefore quite popular among the celebrities around the globe.

These glasses are perfect for people with a broad face and their price starts at ₹1000 which makes them extremely affordable.

Square Eyeglass Frames

These eyeglasses provide a person with a classic hip outlook. The ones available in a black colour give an extremely refined look. These glasses have a traditional appeal that will probably never go away.

These glasses are extremely popular due to the fact that they are available in a huge range of colours along with different materials such as metal, plastic and even the rimless variants are also available.

These are perfect for people with a broad or an oval face. These frames are available online starting at ₹1099

Wooden Effect Frames

The wooden texture is both pleasant to the eye and gives an organic sturdy feel on looking at. Wood is not a material that is used to make the frames but there are many other materials that can be given a wood-like finish.

The brown wooden textured glasses will go along with light skin tones whereas the lighter wood tone will look brilliant on a dark skin tone. These glasses give a formal look and are a perfect option for people who have to wear glasses most of the time.

These glasses look brilliant on all facial structures except round ones. These glass frames start at ₹999 on

Nerdy Eyeglasses

The thick-framed geeky glasses are a class of their own. They are quite popular thank to their metallic accent complimented with funky colors. These glasses are an excellent choice for confident people who have a commanding presence.

These glasses give an alternative look to the classic frames that are available in the markets and all these facts combined make it probably the most popular style in 2018.

Aviator Glass Frames

Designed back in the US during the 1930s for Airmen. The aviator is arguably the most popular glass frame design in the world. These became extremely popular in the 1970s thanks to Paul McCartney.

The glasses have an iconic design which features double and sometimes a triple bridge which connects teardrop-shaped lens sections. These are usually made out of metal but plastic variants are also available.

These frames are suitable for everyone and this makes it the most popular and widely recognized style around the globe. These frames are available online starting at ₹1100.


Hope you liked these cool frame designs of this year. Many of the iconic designs such as wayfarers and Aviators are timeless and continue for a long time whereas others might get phased out quickly. If you are getting a new pair of glasses then this list will help you in choosing the perfect frame for them.


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