Beauty Swaps You Can Make To Be A Superhero

Superheroes. No matter where you go these days, there are films, comics and action figures that are all related to superheroes. They swoop in and save us all when there’s a baddie who is going to end the world – they always seem to want to end the world, don’t they? If you’ve ever wanted to be a superhero, have you thought about starting at home to save the world? You don’t necessarily need to have magical superpowers and you don’t need the ability to turn invisible or fly. What you can do, though, is change your life to save the world. Let me explain.

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Protecting the planet isn’t a gimmick. It’s not a fun thing to do for kicks in your spare time. Saving the world is about everyone coming together to realize that we are in an era of consumption. We want more, and we want it now, so factories work overtime to produce products. People work overtime to meet demands and more than ever, we are using up the resources our planet provides to us far faster than it can all be made. Companies are working on saving the oceans by using plastic to create clothing and shoes and it’s happening wherever you go. Your beauty faves? They’re saving the world, too, with companies that make natural deodorant becoming more popular, and you can help. You may not know it yet, but you can make some changes in your life to save the world and be a superhero for it. Here they are:


You have your skincare routine down pat, but have you looked at the actual products that you are using? In recent years, the beauty industry has been dealt a heavy blow about the use of microbeads in their products; given that these are plastic. However, you can buy products now that have natural exfoliators in them, saving the planet one wash at a time.


Those wipes that you use after a night out? They’re great for those last vestiges of mascara, but they’re not so good for the planet. You can swap those disposable – and not flushable – wipes in favour of wipes that are reusable like these cleansing mitts.


An absolute essential twice a day – at the least – your toothbrush is a firm tenant in your bathroom. In the interest of saving the planet, you need to swap your plastic and you can actually buy bamboo toothbrushes, meaning that you can choose more ethical materials.


If it gets warm again in the next few weeks, you’re going to need your sunscreen again. Unfortunately, many creams are made with ingredients that harm coral reefs. You can avoid that by buying sunscreen that is planet-friendly and organic.

Your beauty regime doesn’t have to suffer and neither does the planet. The best thing that you can do is spend that little bit more cash and do something for the world around you. Don that cape and get ready; it’s time to save the day.


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