10 Everlasting and Best Smelling Perfumes for Women

Love to get your presence noted? Perfumes are one of the best ways to make it happen. Perfume does something very special; it provides an instant confidence boost with one simple sprit. Be it the top notes, the heart notes or the base, perfumes are more likely an ode to your olfactory senses. It brings a wonderful feeling for every woman to finally wrap up their elegance with a touch of a fragrance to complement their persona.


Here are the top ten perfumes that can give you great fragrance for longer periods of time!

1. Lancôme La Vie Est Belle L’eau de Parfum

Introduced in fall, this amazing perfume is simply a luxury to have! “La Vie Est Belle” is a French phrase meaning “Life is beautiful”. It lives in its name. It yields you to be beautiful by making you feel fresh and smelling adorable. LVEB shares the light of happiness. The opening of the perfume is a beautifully sweet orange blossom and then it’s floral scent combined with citrus. Super stylish and seductive. Longevity of this fragrance is way more than 12 hours. In these hours, the strength remains strong. Through all these reasons it’s been put at the top of our best perfumes list.

2. Alien by Thierry Mugler

It is an alluringly sexy, seductive fragrance for the women who demand attention subtly. Alien is made for the ideal lover who spreads a mysterious aura! Poured into the stone shaped lavish purple bottle, this amazing perfume is launched by Thierry Mugler. The attempt was to make a warm, witchy and strong fragrance which can act as a revolution in the perfume world. Out of all floral, woodsy fragrances, this one must be called the sexiest women fragrance. It makes you feel fresh, classy and sexy. The smell is based on your body chemistry. Every time you wear this scent, you will smell differently. Definitely, beautiful and distinctive. It has superb longevity and silage for around 12+ hours.

3. Frederic Malle Carnal Flower

Carnal Flower is the scent of tuberose with the mystic and sensual fragrances. It opens up with the refreshing, strong citrusy notes and it evolves into addictive notes of tuberose followed by a bouquet of bergamot, orange blossom, and jasmine. At the dry down, it’s more musk and the scent tuberose is still there. The tuberose scent is the one which hides the passionate, lustful characters behind its fresh and white flowers. Hence this best perfume for women is no exception. This well-balanced perfume is completely exciting and sexy. This is truly an unforgettable feminine fragrance. Longevity of this top-selling perfume is 8+ hours. Silage and projection come so strong for the first few hours.

4. Tom Ford Shanghai Lily

In most of the people “Want to get” list, Tom Ford perfume is the one. Shangai Lilly is the one of the innovation in fragrances which you could wear year around. This spicy and oriental floral scent would mesmerize you with every bit. Very inviting, gorgeous and sexy fragrance. In the beginning, you would feel a woody oriental scent heavily. Later on, it settles down into a soft irresistible Lilly. Overall, the seductive summer fragrance is very soft spicy floral. As for how floral sweet scent turns into spicy seductive scent is really a twist here. It offers a very good longevity and silage during the warmer days than the cooler ones.

5. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

The wonderful fragrance from Dolce & Gabbana. It is like a heaven inside the bottle. Fresh like a lemon. Aquatic and uplifting. The scent is a little citrusy and slightly floral with cedar in the background. The light blue is, in fact, a light scent. It works completely based on your body Chemistry. The refreshing scent “light blue” is one of fresh few fragrances. Longevity and silage of this most popular women’s perfume is something below eight out of ten.

6. Black Opium’ Eau de Parfum

If you love the seductive and extremely strong fragrances, here is an option to go with. Black opium is the dark, magical side of the Yves Saint Laurent brand. The scent is incredible. It delivers an intricate coffee, sweet vanilla and a touch of warm muskiness. To leave a strong impact on people, you must give a shot with the perfume like Black Opium. This beautiful scent is sweet and slightly floral. Everything is in the right portion and nothing is overpowering. So why don’t you try this amazingly best smelling perfume from YSL? This perfume has moderate longevity and silage.

7. Chanel no 5

It is a complicated floral perfume, meaning it wouldn’t smell like a rose, not a Lilly but as a harmony of both. It’s yet another celebrity perfume. The notes of Aldehydes, ylang-ylang, rose, iris, Lilly, and musk, woody are all subsided their own scent and create a unique scent by composing all. So at the beginning and the following hours, it is very hard to pick up a single flower note. Instead, you can feel the very beautiful alluring smell. Long lasting power of this perfume comes around 7 to 12 hours and silage should be improved.

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8. Coco Chanel

Coco from Chanel does not need any introduction. The reformulated version of, “Coco Chanel” is rich, elegant and sexy. Coco Chanel is the modern classic, beautiful perfume. The Scent is strongly composed of oriental and spicy notes with a little touch of musk in order to make this perfume irresistible. The dry down scent is wonderful. It adds the boldness and uniqueness to your personality, making you create an unforgettable memory in every nose that smells your aroma. This is one of the classiest and sexiest perfumes that are ever made. It has nearly 7 to 8 hours of longevity and silage comes around 3 to 4 feet.

9. Shalimar Guerlain EDP

Whenever we talk about the classics, this Shalimar perfume will be on the expert’s list. The scent of Shalimar is magical which do not work the same for everyone. It works differently on the skin with varying chemistry that opens with citrus notes like mandarin lemon, a touch of orange and bergamot. This feels so refreshing, like the freshness in the early morning. Once the scent settles in, the floral notes started to explode. The iris notes offer a clean feel which comes throughout the day. Finally, right before the dry down, the sandalwood scent distinctively presented. This exotic scent extends with gourmand vanilla scent. These all scents make this perfume to be declared as one of the best perfumes for women. It offers an excellent silage and longevity.

10. Roberto Cavalli

This royal perfume poured into the stylish black with golden embellishment is simply a designer masterpiece. In the beginning, it gives an orchid scent, at heart, it strengthens up with vanilla and at the base, and woody notes come into play. Overall, this fragrance is divine and anyone who smells this perfume must acknowledge their love with it. Though you can use this fragrance in any part of the day, it is best suited for evening and night parties. This fragrance is made for the woman who is more elegant, gentle and classy. One sniff is enough to feel the magic. If you love to feel the special moments with some unforgettable scents try this sexy, rich fragrance. It has moderate longevity and very good silage.

These are some of the everlasting and ever smelling perfumes for women’s which each one has their unique fragrance nature and makes the individual so special when used. So one should try these amazing products and get lost in the world of perfume.


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