So Metallic!

There’s something beautiful about accessories, isn’t there? It seems no matter what you wear – be it a scarf, a necklace or a headband – your accessories can tell people a lot about you. It can show them whether you care about how classy you look, whether you love to stand out from the crowd with a splash of colour or whether you simply love to dress up a plain outfit or not. One of the only things that separate us women from the animals is our ability to choose and wear gorgeous accessories, and we should be making the most of this.


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You can dress up even the most boring of outfits simply by adding accessories. Swapping your usual uniform black heels at work for another, brighter colour like red or blue can change your outfit and give you some sparkle. The thing about accessories is that they show off your personality. Many clothes that are made for the workplace are quite uniform – and for good reason. The workplace is a professional environment and oozing sophistication is important to give a good impression. We spend most of our lives in the workplace, which loosely translates that we spend a lot of time wearing boring clothes! Jazzing those work suits up by switching plain stud earrings for dangly ones with flowers on them and adding brooches to your jacket are just the start. Workwear needs to be professional, but professional doesn’t mean boring. Loop that Hermes scarf into your belt loops instead of tying it around your neck, or wrap it around your wrist as a bracelet substitute. There are so many ways you can turn a work outfit into one that is unique and beautiful.


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Look Funky! Go Metallic…

Many people look for workout wear as the new year draws in, and neon shoelaces on your gym shoes can make workout wear look almost fun. While you cannot wear jewelry that is heavy or too big when working out, you can still change out your FitBit wristband to look funky and give your outfit pizazz. It’s all about working with colours and styles that suit you. Checking out the current accessories trends will also do you some favours so that you can be on point with your style solutions for your outfits. We all know that adding heels to simple jeans and t-shirt outfit can instantly change how it looks, but it’s the same when you add a choker. Some of the most popular accessories are metallic at the moment. Think shiny gold belts and bronze gladiator sandals like these ones. Think unique necklaces of rose gold, silver and yellow gold and teardrop earrings with birthstones on the end. These sorts of accessories can change a whole outfit with just one addition, so don’t write it off.


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Jazz your style

When you look at the accessories you use, do you find you’re sticking to the same styles and colours? Perhaps a change would be in order if you are looking to jazz your style. In the same way that you would dye your hair when you get bored of the colour, the way you accessorize has to evolve, too. When you were a teenager, you might have chosen to stick with delicate costume jewelry or big, ornamental hair clips in the shape of lizards or butterflies. The teenage years is where we develop our individual style and for most, discover the delicate metals that make our accessories sparkle that bit more. Thankfully, when we grow out of those years, we develop a better sense of personal style. Accessories help to accentuate that style and make our outfits a lot more glamorous!


The best thing? Accessories don’t have to be expensive! You can make your whole look shine on a budget if you don’t have the money to throw around on pretty additions. You could even attempt to make your own accessories and there are plenty of materials and guides like this online where you can follow the steps and beautify on a budget. Whether you go for metal additions like necklaces and bracelets or cloth scarves and fake jewels, you can make your outfit stand out from the crowd. Never be afraid to be a little unique with your choices, as there’s nothing wrong with showing off your style. Accessories can give you confidence and help you to exude sophistication, so jazz up that outfit with a rose gold locket or two and watch those heads turn!


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