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    Bangalore for Shopaholics – Explore this Lifestyle City

    Bangalore is one of the top lifestyle destinations in India. From cuisines to music, it offers a plethora of options to its residents and the many travelers who come here. Shopping in Bangalore is also a delight as the city is a place where one can find the biggest brands along with unique regional products. Travelling around the city in search of its marketplaces is a fun thing to do on an off-day. Many travelers are choosing a self-drive car rental over the usual public transport and chauffeured options so they can go about exploring the city at their own pace and with total privacy.


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    Suelle Harts Freshwater Pearls

    Nothing ever can go wrong with pearls.

    That is perhaps pearls are a girl’s best friend after all.

    Add some sparkle to your every day with Suelle Harts collection of designer jewelry. From understated classics to fashion-forward finishing touches, these are the pieces your jewellery box needs. From delicate gold rings to stackable bracelets and statement earrings, add to your jewellery box with Suelle Harts of designer jewellery.

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    A Girl’s Go-To Guide For Accessorizing For Every Occasion

    There is one thing every woman should know, and that’s how to match accessories with outfits. Quite simply, a humble piece of jewelry can take an outfit to another level with hardly any effort. For ladies who like to look the part at all times, this is an essential feature to exploit.

    But, accessorizing isn’t as easy as throwing on a few pieces of jewelry and hoping all goes well. It is a skill that needs learning as the occasion dictates what a woman should wear.

    If you don’t know how to accessorize for different occasions, you have come to the right place. This is the only go-to guide you will ever need.

    The Signature Look

    There are times when a girl just wants to get noticed. Don’t think that admitting this makes you a bad person – it doesn’t. It makes you human because we all like attention from time to time. With the right pieces, you can turn every head on the street as you walk past. Name Necklace Official has an excellent range of name necklaces, while H&M has lots of autumn hats. Both of these accessories will stand out from the crowd, but they won’t look tacky or gaudy.


    Image source: Max Pixel

    The Casual Look

    Let’s face it – most of our time is spent doing menial tasks. They might be necessary, but they don’t require us to wow as soon as we walk in the room. Plus, the casual look is comfortable, and that is something all women love. Therefore, the accessories shouldn’t be too bold or over the top. Also, they don’t need to bring down the comfort levels. As a rule, everything should supplement the style and offset the main features. For example, stud earrings and dainty rings work perfectly with jeans and a sweater.

    workplace look accessories

    Image source: Pexels

    The Workplace Look

    Probably the hardest one to get right, the workplace look is something which intimidates lots of women. The reason it’s difficult is down to the fact that the balance has to be perfect. You can’t be too casual as it comes across as unprofessional, but you can’t overdress as your coworkers will make judgments. The key is to be stylish and serious at the same time. To do this, forget about jewelry and focus on the basics. Do you wear glasses? If you do, a smart pair can be practical, stylish and sexy all in one. With a pencil skirt or a pantsuit, a pair of glasses hit the nail on the head.

    The Wedding Look

    Summer is wedding season, but that doesn’t stop people from getting married. A wedding can be at any time of the year, and you have to be ready to wow. Again, this is not easy because you can’t take the emphasis from the bride. She’s the star of the show and you’re there to show support. Still, with signature pieces, you can turn heads, too. Diamonds, if you have any, are the way forward, as is a wedding hat, a brooch, and a corsage. For an ultimate effect, combine them all.

    The next time you leave the house, you never have to worry about how you look.

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    A Guide to Buying Your First Luxury Watch

    Congratulations on your decision to purchase your very first luxury watch. Many people reward themselves with luxury items as a result of accomplishing a long-term goal or landing a high paying job. Choosing your first luxury watch is something that you should take your time with.

    Here’s a guide to buying a quality luxury watch that may not be your last but could become your absolute favourite purchase.
    luxury watch

    Image source: Pexels

    1. Which Watch Should I Buy?

    There are several well known luxury watchmakers that manufacture quality timepieces that are distinguished as well as highly functional. Many people opt to buy a Swiss model, as they’re known for their high-quality craftsmanship and striking designs.  However, the best Swiss watch for the first time buyer could be a Longines model or a Breitling – it’s all down to personal taste (more on this below).

    Workmanship is a big factor that first time luxury watch buyers shouldn’t overlook. Another feature that you want to think about is versatility as your luxury watch should be capable of being worn every day. You can learn more about the choices available, and browse the various designs at Chronoexpert.

    2. If You Could Only Own One Watch…

    If you are buying your first luxury watch, you should pick one that feels naturally comfortable on your wrist. High-quality watchmakers are obsessed with producing watches that look and function exceptionally well. You may want to try on different luxury watches so you can feel the way they fit on your wrist and take a look in the mirror to see how their design compliments your build. When you only own one watch from a luxury designer, consider where you will be wearing it most frequently.

    3. The First Luxury Watch to Buy

    The first luxury watch you buy should be an unrestricted splurge that you make for yourself. This is not to say that you need to try and break the bank on your first luxury watch purchase, but you should be more concerned about style, function, and longevity than catching something on sale that happens to be made by a designer watchmaker. Your first luxury watch needs to have a lengthy warranty, if not a lifetime warranty, so you can just get it fixed or replaced should it ever get damaged. The first designer watch you buy also needs to work with your current lifestyle.

    4. The Best Swiss Watch for First Time Buyers

    Swiss watches didn’t fall into popularity because of where they are manufactured. Instead, Swiss watchmakers gained popularity with buyers due to their incredible smart designs and durability. That doesn’t mean they all look the same, though. There are dozens of luxury Swiss watch brands, and each has its own style and features that make it unique.

    5. What Makes a Watch Luxury?

    A luxury watch isn’t named so because of the price tag.  In actual fact, you can tell that a watch is a luxury just by looking at it. Luxury watches are only available from companies that place a huge emphasis on quality and design. Sometimes you might see an expensive wristwatch and assume that it is a part of a luxury brand, but that’s just not the case. When you see a watch that is high quality and on the pricier side, see what company it comes from to learn if it is a luxury good.

    6. What Does Your Luxury Watch Say About You?

    When you get your first luxury watch and your friends see you wearing it, their reaction should be noteworthy. From being asked questions about where you purchased it; to ask about the price, your luxury watch should make you look and feel more sophisticated. Luxury watches come with a number of features, and it’s believed that you can learn about someone’s personality just by looking at their watch.

    The more simple designs portray an elegant and refined personality, the bulkier sports and diving watches suggest an active lifestyle, and the watches that feature alarms and stopwatch features suggest the owner is someone who enjoys a busy lifestyle.

    Getting your first luxury watch should be about rewarding yourself for working hard and being tenacious. Your entire wardrobe doesn’t have to be made up of luxury items and your new luxury watch may be the only luxury item that you own for a good, long time. Keep up the hard work and have your new luxury watch serviced as necessary so it will become a timeless piece. Whether you wear it every day for several years or only hang it from your wrist when you want to jazz up your look, a luxury watch is a must have accessory.

    A Guide to Buying Your First Luxury Watch
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    Factors to Be Considered While Purchasing Custom Jewellery

    The term “custom jewellery design” makes the entire process of purchasing jewellery very demanding. Most of the people neither understand this term nor how easy it is for an individual to select the right kind of custom jewellery. One of the main reason why people are confused with this term is the misconception that a custom jewellery design is very expensive. There are many jewellery providers in the market who can supply a custom jewellery design at a very affordable rate.

    Some of the factors that play a key role when an individual is looking to purchase a custom jewellery design are:

    necklace, custom jewellery

    Getting Clarity on What is Required

    There are some custom jewellery design providers who help the customers in discovering what they might like and then help them in putting the entire design together for that particular customer. Every type of jewellery design is made up of many parts. Hence, it is very important for the customer to understand the different parts before moving ahead with the selection.

    Can Changes Be Made to the Design of the Jewellery?

    Usually, the most experienced and best custom jewellery providers ensure that the customer can change the designs during the process of making the jewellery. This ensures that the entire process of making the jewellery can be custom fitted with the likes and dislikes of the customer.

    custom ring

    Do the Custom Jewellery Providers Limit the Choice of Designs?

    There are a number of custom jewellery design providers in the market. Some may be experienced while the others inexperienced. It is very common for the inexperienced ones to usually limit the number of custom designs offered to customers. This is probably because they don’t have the capacity to accommodate every request made by an individual customer. On the other side, the experienced jewellery providers are able to accommodate the request made by each customer. So, it is very important for the customer to find the right kind of experienced jewellery provider; in order to ensure that they are able to pick the most versatile jewellery designer in the market.

    How Redesigning Jewellery Can Be Used to Make the Custom Design Unique?

    In the name of custom jewellery design, some people are satisfied with the idea of fitting the existing gems, platinum, or gold in their old jewellery. Gems can be either added or removed from the jewellery to make the design look grand. Also, the jewellery can be designed in such a way that the stones can be retrofitted with gems suited for the occasion. Overall the primary reason why people go for redesigning is that it saves money and a lot of time which usually goes into creating a new design from scratch.

    customized ring

    Incorporating A Wax Model in The Process of Making the Jewellery

    A wax model is usually made in the process of making custom jewellery designs. First, the jewellery is created in wax and is inserted into a mold of plaster. After this, the mold made of plaster is heated till the wax comes out, which in turn creates room for either gold or other types of metal to be poured into the void. After all this, the plaster breaks and the jewellery are created. This process is called the lost wax jewellery process.

    Typically, a custom jewellery design is a much better option than a mass-produced item. Usually, the custom jewellery providers ensure that they have the best jewellery designers; bench jewelers and gemologists who collaborate with each other to provide the best design to their customers. Also, custom jewellery design creators usually use noble metal that is pure.
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    So Metallic!

    There’s something beautiful about accessories, isn’t there? It seems no matter what you wear – be it a scarf, a necklace or a headband – your accessories can tell people a lot about you. It can show them whether you care about how classy you look, whether you love to stand out from the crowd with a splash of colour or whether you simply love to dress up a plain outfit or not. One of the only things that separate us women from the animals is our ability to choose and wear gorgeous accessories, and we should be making the most of this.


    Image source: Wikimedia

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    How to Match Jewelry to an Outfit

    The outfits we wear on various occasions determine our style. On the other hand accessories, including jewelry, add the extra spice and show our unique side. Rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings are equally or even more important than the rest of our attire.

    Jewelry is the cherry on top of a perfect cake, the missing ingredient in your visual recipe. Companies like Emerson & Farrar Fine Jewelry have a lot of beautiful pieces on offer, but the key is to find out which pieces add the most to your outfit. And while jewelry should show off how unique there are, you should still pay attention to a few unwritten rules of combining outfits and jewelry.

    How to Match Jewelry to an Outfit


    Jewelry Must Add Something to Your Outfit

    The most common mistakes women make when it comes to accessorizing is wearing too much or too little of it. A piece of jewelry has to add something to your overall look. Just because you adore that necklace your grandmother gave you does not mean you have to wear it on every occasion. On the other hand, if you are wearing a formal business attire, that doesn’t mean you can’t play around with unusual jewelry.

    Make Sure Your Jewelry is Proportional to Your Features

    The key to a successful outfit and jewelry pairing is knowing to determine the focal point. This is the part of your body you want to accent and the one that immediately draws the eye. Once you do, you can use jewelry to complement your focus point and the rest of your outfit.
    If picked right, jewelry can help you accent your focal point. However, jewelry can also divert attention from it. The size of the jewelry is the key to getting this step just right. For example, never wear earrings that cover your earlobe or a necklace that’s so long it shortens your neck.

    Jewelry Has to Match Your Skin Tone

    Another common mistake women make when accessorizing is not paying attention to how their jewelry complements their skin complexity. Choose the materials and gemstones so that they bring out your natural skin tone. The key is to pick the right hue.
    Some might look better wearing green turquoise gemstone than a blue one. The color of the metal also complements every woman differently. While most immediately go for silver, gold can really help accent blue undertones in the skin.

    Pick Your Jewelry for the Occasion

    While the concept of what’s appropriate is different to what it was compared to the past, some rules still apply. A lush diamond necklace might be appropriate for business meetings, it might stand out too much at the movies. Make sure to match the vibe of your jewelry to your outfit and find complementary pieces.

    Your Jewelry Has to Be Adaptable

    What separates great jewelry pieces from average ones is their ability to complement different styles, occasions and outfits. If you wearing a necklace perfectly matching your earrings and bracelet you aren’t adding anything new or interesting to your outfit. It will also make everyone pay more attention to your jewelry than your outfit or yourself. Even when worn apart, a matching set often adds nothing new to your outfit. 

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    The 3 Aspects Of The Perfect Proposal

    Generally speaking, all proposals are amazing moments, and you will cherish it forever. However, there are a few aspects that elevate a simple proposal into the perfect one. Check them out here:
    couple kneeling proposal love

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    The 3 Rules of Stepping Out In Style

    fashion, style, dress, eye glasses

    No matter what kind of a person you are, you can guarantee that you like to be seen out and about looking at your very best. This is a topic that a lot of people get overly worried about, usually because they wrongfully think that they don’t’ have their own personal sense of style to show off. No matter who you are, I can assure you that that is not true. Each of us has our own unique style, and the point of fashion is to do everything we can to bring it to the fore in a healthy and vibrant way which engages with those around us. In this post, we are going to look at four areas in particular where it helps to keep your own sense of style to the fore.

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