The Sexy Side of Stretch Marks

What is sexy? Ask most people to define sexy, and stretch marks are not likely to make the list. Yet, stretch marks may just be the ultimate in sexy, topping the list over long legs, a flat stomach or a killer “come hither” gaze.

The problem is that over the years sexy has become equated with perfection, and we, as a society, have lost sight of what it is to be sexy. The perfect blemish-free bodies that we see in advertisements and on television are but one interpretation of the word ­– an interpretation that is driven by a desire to sell the product. The spokesmodels featured in commercials deliver a very clear message: “Purchase our product, and you can have a perfect body like ours.” Whether the commercial is selling hair color, cosmetics or the latest miracle cream, the goal is the same: to leave women feeling unsatisfied with their bodies, so that they will run out to purchase more products.

Proving the sexy side of stretch marks

Yet, as much as they want you to believe in the power of their wares, no company can sell sexy. It’s not something that can be found in a bottle or tube, and it has little to do with having the perfect body. Women are proving this every day; there are plenty of mothers, and wives, who lead busy lives in less-than-perfect bodies and still manage to be undeniably sexy. These are the women who truly define sexy.

Study these women for any length of time, and you will find that they all have one thing in common: They are not afraid to live.

While other women are busy worrying about their bodies; these women are out trying new things, seeking adventure and making the most of every day. These women have their own brand of sexy that has nothing to do with beauty and everything to do with living. If life should leave a mark on their bodies then so be it; these women realize that a blemish is a small price to pay for the chance to experience life.

stretch marks

She’s the mother of my child

Daniel McWhirter, a first-time father from Knoxville, Tenn., has learned firsthand just how sexy motherhood can be. He says of his wife, “I love the sacrifice she made letting her body go through the internal and external changes of pregnancy. There’s nothing better than going to bed with the mother of my child.”

This is what sexy is all about. It isn’t about having the perfect body or achieving eternal youth. Sexy is about sharing your life with someone and loving that person completely, stretch marks and all. You may worry that your husband does not find you as sexy as he did before your pregnancy. This is a common concern among women, and yet it is usually a needless worry. If asked, most husbands would say that they find their wives to be just as sexy as before.

In fact, you may be surprised to learn that your husband finds you to be sexier with stretch marks. They are, after all, a beautiful reminder of the child that you created together and an intimate detail of your body that only he is privy to. If you need further reassurance, just ask your husband what he thinks of your stretch marks. His answer will probably put your worries to rest.

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She embraced life as it is

Dick Burgess, a father of five from Maryville, Tenn., agrees that there is something far sexier about a woman with stretch marks. “It’s unrealistic to expect fulfillment from our bodies without the normal signs of use showing up,” he says. “I much prefer women who have embraced life as it is and look it, [than] a woman who has done nothing but dote on her exterior self.”

When you consider your stretch marks in this context, any concern for their appearance seems trivial. They not only tell the tale of who you are as a woman, but also serve as a reminder of how you became that woman. From the moment when a doctor first placed your child into your arms, your role as a woman changed forever. You were no longer just a daughter, wife and friend. At that moment you became someone’s mother, and that little baby in your arms began to count on you.

Taking on the responsibility for another life teaches a woman much about herself. No matter how strong you think you are; it is not until motherhood has tested your strengths that you truly find out who you are as a woman. It seems appropriate then that motherhood should change a woman’s body as much physically as it has mentally.

I’m a strong, capable and courageous woman

Gina Osher, a mother of twins and the owner of, couldn’t agree more. “I’m proud a mama of twins and motherhood has left an imprint on my body as well as my heart,” she says. “It reminds me that I’m a strong, capable and courageous woman.”

Her words prove that your stretch marks are what you make of them. See them as a reminder of your strengths, and they will empower you. See them as a source of embarrassment, and they will hold you back.

It is my badge of honor

Kathy Susczewicz, a mother of five, is completely at peace with who she is and makes no apologies for the stretch marks that motherhood has left on her body. “Mothers should wear their stretch marks as a badge of honor,” she says.

It is completely possible then to incorporate your stretch marks into your sex appeal. The key is finding peace with your body, and it all starts with learning to see your stretch marks as an asset. It may seem strange to think of your stretch marks as an asset, but that is just what they are. Your stretch marks show far more about who you are as a person than any flawless body could ever hope to reveal. Be proud of that person, and everyone will be drawn to you. And so they should.

Despite what any commercial claims, stretch marks are sexy. They tell the tale of a woman who has lived a fulfilled life, and it doesn’t get any sexier than that.

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Author bio: Lou Rutkevich has written frequently on pregnancy and parenting issues, and is involved in a fitness program. Spending 4x a week in gym and is obsessed in getting healthy more than anything else, she launched her first book in Amazon, entitled Healthy Eating Habits: A Get-Healthy Guide To Tweak And Balance Your Daily Diet


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