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If you’re tired of the same trips to the same parts of the world year after year (perhaps you don’t even venture abroad) then you really need to broaden your horizons. You should be traveling to gain an experience and not simply to see a popular sight. It’s not that seeing iconic landmarks isn’t rewarding, but jetting across the world just to get a good picture for your Instagram feed is a waste of your money and a waste of what could be a potentially enlightening trip if you looked beyond your screen.

The goal of traveling should be to visit destinations in which you earn the chance to learn. We’re not talking about a dull school lesson here. We’re talking about seeing a landscape which blows your mind and makes you think more deeply about the importance of mother nature. We’re talking about seeing a culture that’s completely opposite to your own. We’re talking, most importantly, about really seeing the world. Traveling is a luxury, so don’t waste it. Here are some of the best places in the world to visit if you want to learn something new.


This beautiful country has plenty of offer in the way of fantastic views. Still, if you really want to learn and experience something new whilst you’re there then you should head to Bali. This island flourishes in its separation from the rest of the world through an independent sub-culture drenched in fascinating history. You could learn about the ancient craft of Batik whilst visiting there. You’ll get the chance to decorate fabric with wax and dye in a manner that is entirely unique to Bali. Not only will you learn about an intriguing part of ancient Indonesian history but you’ll also get to make your own fabric if you take a short course whilst you’re there.


Belize is a small and relatively-overlooked country in eastern Central America. It wouldn’t be surprising if you knew little to nothing about this place. It seems insignificant when surrounded by the magnitude of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. However, it’s the surroundings of this place which make it so special. With the longest unbroken barrier reef in the western world, this coastline is the ideal spot for keen divers. In fact, it’s an experience even for those who have never dived before; this is a chance to see an underwater world like nothing you’ve ever seen before. You could learn the ropes and get certified so as to go diving and explore drowned Mayan ruins. The sea life is also extraordinary in this incredibly rich underwater world. It’s something worth experiencing.


Malaysia is a beautiful country and one that will certainly open your eyes to a part of the world that you might never have considered visiting. Kuala Lumpur is the city within which you should start your journey. The magnificent Petronas Towers are certainly worth seeing; titled the tallest buildings in the world back in 1998, they’re still a wondrous spectacle nearly 2 decades later. Whilst the office buildings might be of no interest to you, the shopping complex is certainly worth exploring whilst you’re there. It’s the architecture of this great city that’ll truly fill you with wonder, though; manmade design can be as beautiful as nature.

Malaysia really is a one-of-a-kind destination. Perhaps you’ll fall in love with the experience to the extent that you don’t want to leave. You might want to look into the top 100 popular condos for sale in Malaysia because the possibility of moving doesn’t have to far-fetched. Of course, you should definitely visit a place before you make any drastic life-changing decisions. When you see Malaysia, however, the experience will definitely open you up to a culture and hub of natural beauty that will give you a new perspective on the world.

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Hawaii, United States

When it comes to visiting North America, Hawaii is a fascinating state to visit by far. Obviously, it’s famous for its beaches, fantastic natural scenery, and vacation vibes. But Hawaii is far more than a glorified tourist resort. It’s an experience. The surfers you see sliding effortlessly towards the shoreline are professionals, and if you’ve always dreamed of being one of those pros catching a gnarly wave or two (no, nobody says that anymore…) then you should head to Waikiki Beach in Oahu. You can get lessons there, no matter your skill level, and you could be joining those experts on the waves in no time at all. Of course, Hawaii also has a lot to offer in terms of both ancient culture and more recent political history. It’s well worth the visit.


Thailand is another fantastic country to visit if you’re looking for a rich and enlightening cultural experience. It’s a beautiful country but the elements of its history and culture to which it rigidly sticks are part of what makes Thailand so fascinating. Thai cuisine is certainly one of the highlights of the experience. If you’re really intrigued by spring rolls and other delicious Thai delicacies then you could head to Chiang Mai and learn how to make many famous dishes for yourself. The Thai Farm Cooking School is definitely the place to go if you want to make traditional Thai dishes. Of course, Chiang Mai has much more to offer than just that; the night market, ancient temples, and beautiful caves are all reasons as to why Thailand has mastered the blend between natural and manmade beauty.

Guinea, Africa

African culture is a vast and diverse thing. We often simplify the countries and contents of this continent but there’s more behind the face of this part of the world than war, poverty, and other struggles. Obviously, these problems do severely afflict the lives of many people throughout countries in Africa but there’s a lot of beauty in these places too. And these beautiful cultures are certainly the reason as to why we should be doing more to help our foreign neighbors. Head to Guinea and you can learn about African drumming. The djembe is a hand drum which plays a key role in traditional events. If you find the right teacher then you’ll gain a new skill and experience a new culture. It’s certainly the best way to learn whilst you travel.


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