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    Daydream Traveler? 4 Reasons Why you should go Traveling, Right Now!

    Do you find yourself staring out of the window at work, dreaming of all the places you’d love to visit, all the amazing experiences you want to have and all the adventures you should be right in the middle of? If you’re a daydream traveler and are a little cautious about taking the plunge and actually heading abroad then, you’re not alone!

    We all put our dreams off because we’re worried that we won’t succeed, or that our expectations won’t be met, and we worry everything will have been a waste and that we were wrong. But I’m here to tell you that traveling the world is something that everyone should experience and those who have been there and done that – never regret it. Here you’ll find 4 reasons why you should follow your dreams and go traveling right now.

    daydream traveler

    But before you jump on that plane – you need to get yourself some good travel insurance. A good policy should cover everything from lost luggage to medical cover and even medical evacuation insurance. You should never travel without it. Read more

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    5 Destinations On The Rise Around The World

    When planning a trip abroad, you should stick to exactly what you and anyone you may be traveling with want to do. Vacations are important, both for taking a break from everyday life and for enjoying parts of the world you may not ordinarily be involved with. And because of this, choosing a destination is actually quite personal; it matters greatly that you find a place that maximizes your ability to get the necessary benefits out of a trip.

    Even so, travel lists (like this one) are helpful in the way that they can at least get you thinking about places that may not have been on your radar. You don’t need to take any list of recommended destinations as gospel. But it can help to read a few words about different places around the world; particularly if they’re places that are more up-and-coming, and less established as popular getaways. So, for your consideration, perhaps some of these places will plant the right seed for a great vacation in the near future! Read more

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    Adventures Everyone Should Try At Least Once


    Life is a journey which can be unique to all of us. Life is not about what we do or what it brings to us. It is about experiences, brought about by the moments we go through. But as we journey through life, we realize that life is more than those happy and sad moments. It is actually full of adventures.

    Each adventure brings a different experience; a life-altering experience, perspective changing, and humbling experiences.

    “Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventure” Lovelle Drachman.

    Do you want to pamper your life with adventure, well the following are 11 adventures you should try at least once in your life! Read more

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    Choosing A Trip Based On What You Love

    flight, trip, airport

    For a lot of people, vacations are always the same. You will fly somewhere warm and tropical, spend days relaxing by the beach or pool, and come back home with only a round belly and tan to show for it. Of course, having the chance to zone out from life is very important sometimes. But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy yourself a little more in the process, and this is what this post is all about. To give you the chance to embark on a trip which you will love, this post will be exploring the modern services which make it possible. Read more

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    The secret to having a blast every time you travel


    Happy travelers

    Traveling is like a double-sided coin. Heads? The awe of the difference will give you the time of your life. Tails? The trip will turn so adventurous that it will bring more stress than excitement.

    My experience as a traveler – solo and in-group – made me sure of one thing: people are the key to a happy trip. Experiencing a new life and a new culture is challenging, even when you think you know what to expect. Planning can also help with travel anxiety, but at the end of the day, people will be the best part of this new chapter of your life. Read more

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    Why Your Next Trip Needs to be a Cruise

    Are you trying to plan a vacation, but struggling to decide where to go? If so you’re not alone. With so many amazing destinations in the world, it can be a challenge to decide where you want to go. If you are debating on where to visit, you should consider making your next vacation a cruise. Here are some of the main reasons why you need to take a cruise for your next trip.

    cruise ship

    Read more

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    Travel Hacks to Save You Money When Exploring the World

    The world has many must-see locations that you should absolutely visit as soon as possible. However, there’s only so much tourism that one can handle until it starts to get boring. Whether it’s the constant queues to see something popular or the huge crowds of tourists ruining your experience, there’s also an argument to be made to actively avoid any of these expensive and crowded locations and instead, explore the less travelled path.

    travel hacks

    It’s actually one of the best ways to save money when exploring the world, and in this article, we’re going to show you a couple more travel hacks that you can utilize to save money when you’re travelling around the world. Read more

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    15 Places to Visit in India when you are Young


    It is always said that live your life when you are still young and still have time. Some of the best things in life can be experienced only when you are young. One such thing is traveling. We have here got you a bucket list of places which you should explore while you are still young. Each of these places has a unique experience to offer you and these memories will stay with you forever. You also don’t have to think twice about the cost of traveling. With Jet Airways coupons, you can experience best at the lowest price. Take a look at the 15 places in India which are worth visiting while you are still young. Read more

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    Coast To Coast: Best Cruise Destinations

    There are several ways to visit more than one destination in one vacation; road trips, buses, and trains are quite popular because you get to see more of the country and get a break from flying. However, if you want to enjoy your vacation while you’re on route to your next destination, the only way to travel is by boat. A cruise vacation is a great value for money; your ticket pays for your accommodation, dining, entertainment, and the travel itself. Not to mention, with 1800 ports of call, a cruise can take you pretty much anywhere. The key is to find the right destination.

    Plan your own trip
    take a destination cruise

    Image source: Pexels

    There are a wide variety of cruise ships out there, and most of them visit amazing places. However, if you know exactly where you want to go, and want to set your own schedule, you could rent or buy your own boat and get there yourself. If you’re planning on visiting a lot of coasts in the next few years, you could get help from to pay it off. Alternatively, you could get some friends together and split the cost of hiring a chartered boat for the duration of your travels – just make sure these are people with whom you’d be happy to spend a lot of time. Boats can get crowded pretty fast. But if you’re charting the course, you have full control over where you go, and how long you stay there.


    Image source: Maxpixel

    Truth be told, every Italian city has something to offer in terms of culture, history, food, and stunning architecture, that it’s difficult to choose where you want to visit. With a cruise, you won’t have to choose. You can choose a cruise that travels exclusively around Italy’s coastline, or ventures out to other Mediterranean countries if you’re feeling a bit adventurous.


    Image source: Public Domain Pictures

    Whether you love seeing some wildlife during your vacation, or you’re just as fascinated as Charles Darwin about the origin of the species, the Galapagos is one of the few places where you can get up close with some of the rarest animals in the world. Some of them aren’t even afraid of humans, so you can get closer than anywhere else. A cruise to the Galapagos focuses on the ecosystem that sustains the wildlife and will offer snorkeling and daily hikes for everyone to have several close encounters with animals. Marine iguanas, land iguanas, sea lions, and giant tortoises are just a few of the many animals you might encounter during your cruise.

    Best Cruise Destination in the Caribbean

    Image source: Flickr

    It’s tough to find someone who hasn’t had at least one fantasy about sailing to all the Caribbean Islands, enjoying the clear blue waters, white sandy beaches, and working on their tan; it’s a cliche for a reason. Every single cruise line travels to the U.S. and British Virgin Islands, St. Maarten/St. Martin, Turks & Caicos and the Bahamas, so you might come to believe that paradise goes on forever. Check out for all your options.

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    Flocking To The World’s Rarest Birds

    For those interested in biology and the natural world, the idea of taking a trip to follow their favourite creatures is a dream come true. This sort of vacation gives you the chance to study the animals close to your heart in a way that you’d never experience elsewhere. Of course, though, it’s not always that easy. To start, you have to choose the sort of animal you’re going to chase. To help you with this, this post will be going through some of the world’s unique and interesting birds, to give you some inspiration.

    • Blue-Footed Booby

    Diving birds are some of the best to watch in action. Being forced to make precise and accurate flight movements, along with performing high-speed dives, this sort of creature will leave most people stunned. The Blue-Footed Booby bird is a great example of an animal like this. Making its home in the Galapagos Islands, its blue feet and interesting appearance is well worth the trip. Along with this bird, these islands have loads of diverse wildlife of other varieties. So, you’d also get the chance to see some other animals in action.

    • Shoebill

    For some people, the best bird experience will come from seeing something you simply can’t see anywhere else. When it comes to prehistoric looks and behaviour, the mighty Shoebill is one of the top contenders. You won’t find a bird like this anywhere else, with its huge beak and dinosaur-like appearance. Making its home in Australia, most people will be more than happy to take a trip to see this bird. Of course, though, you have to be careful; Shoebills are not known for being friendly.

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    • Cassowary

    Talking about angry Australian birds, the next item on this list is the stuff of nightmares for a lot of people. Cassowaries are similar to Emus but are much smaller in size. What they lack in stature they make up for in spirit, though, being happy to launch an attack on almost anyone crossing their path. These birds make their home in some of the most beautiful and ecologically diverse places in the world. So, your visit will also yield opportunities to see other animals and plants, too.

    • Birds Of Paradise

    Some people won’t want big or aggressive birds, instead of looking for an option more aimed at beauty than intimidation. In this case, you needn’t look any further than Birds of Paradise. A lot of small birds fit into this category, mostly surrounding Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Eastern Australia. These small birds all have unique mating rituals and habits, making them the subject of a lot of research into evolution. This sort of animal is very easy to find, and a lot of areas have very high populations of them.

    Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start thinking about a trip based on nature. A lot of people ignore this sort of idea for their vacations. But, if you like animals and plants, this sort of adventure could be the best you ever take. Just remember; this sort of trip isn’t for those looking to relax.

    Flocking To The World’s Rarest Birds