Top Attractions To Visit This Fall In London

London is one of the world’s most iconic cities and it is absolutely packed with things to see and do. Like all major cities, the London skyline is constantly morphing end evolving. Every visit to the city is slightly different. The landscape even changes between seasons, with visits in the spring being very different to the following fall.

As we head towards November, now is a good time to take a look at some of the best attractions London has to offer visitors in the winter months.

Kew Gardens


Kew Gardens is a world-renowned UNESCO heritage site, which houses more species of flora than any other garden in the world. In addition to the extensive collection there today, there is also a wealth of history to explore.

Amongst the many sites of interest in the grounds, the palm house is perhaps the most recognizable The palm house is a Victorian-era glasshouse, which houses many exotic tropical plants. The palm house was constructed in 1844 by Richard Turner and its main purpose was to house the tropical plants that were brought back to the country by various explorers.

Madame Tussauds


One of the most iconic London landmarks, Madame Tussauds hosts a world-famous collection of incredibly life-like wax sculptures of notable figures from throughout history. Attractions in London like Madame Tussauds can be expensive. But, while they are well worth the money, you can save yourself money on the entrance fee by investing in a London Explorer Pass.

Among the most notable individuals immortalised in sculpture form on display at Madame Tussauds are Muhammad Ali, The Queen, and Albert Einstein. The attraction first opened its doors more than 200 years ago. Its continued success is a testament to the continuing outstanding quality of the work there. It is now considered a high honour among celebrities and other public figures to be immortalized as one of Madame Tussaud’s waxworks.

Westminster Abbey

Another one of London’s most internationally instantly recognisable sites, Westminster Abbey has served as the final resting place of monarchs, statesmen, and other significant figures such as Charles Darwin and Isaac Newton.

The abbey itself features stunning Gothic architecture and looms beautifully over the surrounding landscape. The abbey is just as awe-inspiring inside. Its stained-glass windows are a particularly enchanting sight.

The abbey has stood for 700 years and it attracts millions of tourists every year; as well as a large congregation of followers for whom the abbey is their primary place of worship. Westminster Abbey doesn’t just offer a tremendous amount of history; it also exemplifies the most striking of London’s classical architecture and it still functions as a place of worship.

The London Dungeon


If any attraction in London could be rightfully described as ‘must see’ it is The London Dungeon. The Dungeon is a theatrical museum with a host of animatronic displays; as well as live actors to inform visitors about some of the more gruesome aspects of London’s past.

Walking through The London Dungeon is a unique experience. Visitors are entertained while learning about often-overlooked aspects of London’s rich historical tapestry.

Royal Observatory Greenwich

The Royal Observatory at Greenwich is one of London’s most historically significant sites. It is here that the GMT time zone is measured. Visitors to Greenwich will get the chance to experience one of the world’s most important historical and scientific sites.

The range of attractions available to see in London is what makes it the most visited city in the world. It is a global centre of finance, culture, and science. If you are visiting London this fall, any of the above attractions will make for a great day out.


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