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    Is Feeling Comfortable In Your Skin About Acceptance Or Change?

    Is Feeling Comfortable In Your Skin About Acceptance Or Change?

    Prepare yourself, folks, because we’re heading into a heavy topic today. We wish to speak about self-image, and how its very many permutations can change how we think about ourselves, how we act, and how confident we might be. Of course, feeling comfortable is always the goal. We all wish to feel together, confident and worthwhile. We all wish for a continual sense of ability, of comfort and of feeling present wherever we go. But sometimes, this is not fully achievable. In fact, we would all be surprised to learn about the number of people worldwide struggling with the same insecurities we are.

    This means that noticing our flaws can often be universal. It means developing less of a comforting sense of self, and instead enforcing negative self-beliefs that can make us feel less than we are, even when rocking a truly fantastic outfit. No, you deserve to feel like your best self. But sometimes the hard question can remain – is feeling comfortable in your skin about acceptance or change?

    This might be a question we struggle with our whole lives if we don’t settle it in our hearts. So let’s focus on doing just that: Read more

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    The Sexy Side of Stretch Marks

    What is sexy? Ask most people to define sexy, and stretch marks are not likely to make the list. Yet, stretch marks may just be the ultimate in sexy, topping the list over long legs, a flat stomach or a killer “come hither” gaze.

    The problem is that over the years sexy has become equated with perfection, and we, as a society, have lost sight of what it is to be sexy. The perfect blemish-free bodies that we see in advertisements and on television are but one interpretation of the word ­– an interpretation that is driven by a desire to sell the product. The spokesmodels featured in commercials deliver a very clear message: “Purchase our product, and you can have a perfect body like ours.” Whether the commercial is selling hair color, cosmetics or the latest miracle cream, the goal is the same: to leave women feeling unsatisfied with their bodies, so that they will run out to purchase more products. Read more

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    7 Ways To Lose Stretch Marks

    Stretch marks aren’t pretty. They can occur due to a variety of reasons, the most common being pregnancy or weight gain. Fortunately, there are ways to remove these marks (or at the very least make them appear less vicious). Here are 7 methods for removing stretch marks from your skin.

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