Is Feeling Comfortable In Your Skin About Acceptance Or Change?

Is Feeling Comfortable In Your Skin About Acceptance Or Change?

Prepare yourself, folks, because we’re heading into a heavy topic today. We wish to speak about self-image, and how its very many permutations can change how we think about ourselves, how we act, and how confident we might be. Of course, feeling comfortable is always the goal. We all wish to feel together, confident and worthwhile. We all wish for a continual sense of ability, of comfort and of feeling present wherever we go. But sometimes, this is not fully achievable. In fact, we would all be surprised to learn about the number of people worldwide struggling with the same insecurities we are.

This means that noticing our flaws can often be universal. It means developing less of a comforting sense of self, and instead enforcing negative self-beliefs that can make us feel less than we are, even when rocking a truly fantastic outfit. No, you deserve to feel like your best self. But sometimes the hard question can remain – is feeling comfortable in your skin about acceptance or change?

This might be a question we struggle with our whole lives if we don’t settle it in our hearts. So let’s focus on doing just that:

Acceptance Can Free You

Accepting the flaws you feel you have can help you look at them in a different manner. It might be that accepting your perceived flaws are the first step to actually view them as strengths. How many people might have been extremely insecure about a birthmark as children, only to realize that it helps them feel unique as they mature? Issues, large and small are sometimes best accepted, loved and cared for. It’s not hard to look like every other Instagram model with thousands of followers. But it is hard to give thousands of followers worth of love to yourself. Sometimes, this might be the only thing you need to walk that beauty like you should.

But Change Is Okay

But the push for self-acceptance is in no way supposed to shame those who wish for a change. It is perfectly okay to see a rhinoplasty specialist if you feel as though corrective work could help you feel much more confident or breathe more easily. Sometimes artificially pushing yourself away from a change you might have wanted for some time can lead you away from true happiness. The key here is healthy decision making, not done out of compulsion but because you wish to live your best life possible.

A Balance Always Wins

Just like anything, a balance matters. You might want to lose weight, but wish to accept your stretch marks. The reality is that nuance is often the most important thing possible. Dedicating yourself to enjoying your self-image no matter what is the first step, because if you’re not enough without the change, you won’t feel like enough with it. But if you know you’re making a wise decision, and are supported by those around you, this balance could help you in more ways than one.

With these tips, you’re sure to make healthier decisions when it comes to feeling comfortable in your skin.

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