Take Responsibility For Your Relationship Failures

How many relationships can you look back on that you had throughout your life and deem the reason for the ending to be your fault? It could rip open old wounds by doing so but you when you’re not having success in the dating world; you need to look inside yourself. Maybe it isn’t everyone else, maybe there is something about you that you have to work on or change. It takes guts and so much humility to do this but it could be the one thing stopping you from holding back. Being able to be responsible for a relationship being destroyed because of your insecurities is a major step to becoming a more centered and confident person. Handing your doubts; the things you’re more afraid of and trying to be someone you want to take a lot of personal growth. This will allow you to grow with your next partner and stop self-sabotage from occurring.

Like your mother

When you were growing up, did you see your mother doing things to your father that you questioned a little? It could be subtle manipulation and using shame or guilt to get what she wanted. Maybe she emasculated him in front of his friends because she didn’t want him spending time with them. Was she a little self-absorbed and wanted too much attention? These things will hurt to look over, but just like her; you could be exhibiting some of these things that make men run the other way. Nobody really wants to be just like their parents, and the relationship between daughter and mother is often fraught with bitter moments. Take a good hard look in the mirror and try to identify if you do have habits that are detrimental to your happiness that could have been passed down from your mother.

Picking the wrong guy

Hey, we all love someone is a little bit bad for us and we know that it won’t last. However, when you don’t get out of this phase of the ‘bad boy’; you’ll never want to be with someone who treats you right. It’s a strange complex but many women just need to have such a personality in their lives and they often pick the ‘nice guy’ later on in life. However, these nice guys will have already moved on and then it leaves those who constantly wanted someone bad for them, by themselves wondering why they wasted so much time. Picking someone right from the off that is like you will be better for you. Maybe this is why sites that cater to specifics like Muslim Dating exist. Either way, you have to stop going for the quick thrill and appreciate a man who really cares for you no matter how square he might be.

Ask for help

If you have a hard time separating from your bad habits when it comes to relationships, don’t ever be afraid to ask for help. Do you get jealous easily and start an argument when your partner interacts with other girls? Insecurities can be helped by talking it out with someone close to you. Professional help and counseling for couples is also a great idea when you know you need to work on things to stop your love from fading.

Owning up to past mistakes take so much courage. It’s a form of self-love that you should yearn in order to be happy in life. It’s never all your fault, but realizing where you could improve; could finally net you someone who you trust sharing your insecurities with.


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