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    How To Keep Children Happy On Your Big Day


    To children, weddings seem like a lot of fun at first. They view them as a day of dressing up, hanging out with family, and eating cake. The reality, however, can be much different, with long, dull waits and boring wedding receptions. The decision to invite children to your wedding can be a complicated one, but with the right planning and preparation, the occasion can be made more joyous by the little additions. Here are six things you can do to keep kids happy on your big day. Read more

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    Take Responsibility For Your Relationship Failures

    How many relationships can you look back on that you had throughout your life and deem the reason for the ending to be your fault? It could rip open old wounds by doing so but you when you’re not having success in the dating world; you need to look inside yourself. Maybe it isn’t everyone else, maybe there is something about you that you have to work on or change. It takes guts and so much humility to do this but it could be the one thing stopping you from holding back. Being able to be responsible for a relationship being destroyed because of your insecurities is a major step to becoming a more centered and confident person. Handing your doubts; the things you’re more afraid of and trying to be someone you want to take a lot of personal growth. This will allow you to grow with your next partner and stop self-sabotage from occurring. Read more

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    How Zodiac Signs Affect Love And Relationships

    Life is not complete without having someone you can love and care about. Even though relationships can be the most amazing aspect of one’s life, it is tough to build and sustain them. The reason is that they bring together two different people, who sometimes come from two different worlds. Yet, relationships can be built effortlessly between them because of one simple thing…..compatibility. While compatibility may come from having similar temperaments, mindsets and lifestyles, it can also be attributed to the stars. Your zodiac sign can have a significant influence on how you bond with your partner and how well you are able to nurture and maintain your relationship.

    Let’s see how different zodiac signs visualize love and relationships:

    zodiac sign

    Read more

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    When to Say Thank You with Cards

    Basic Invite Thank You Cards

    Have you ever been in the position where you want to say thank you but don’t know how to say or go about it? If yes, then try to put it into words by using these special custom thank you cards for a more personal touch. Saying thank you is more than a statement, it is a way of showing appreciation and love for a thoughtful act, expression or gift. Read more

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    Bring Out The Spice in You this Valentine with a Lingerie


    Looking for that perfect gift to spice up your love life? Whether for Valentine’s or your everyday life, lingerie will indeed put the spice in your life. You just need to find the perfect fit and lingerie that you are comfortable wearing. I have selected 6 of the most divine sexy confections available at Twisted Lingerie, along with some suggested styles for wearing lingerie.

    After planning a romantic night with your bae, you want to end the night with a bang… You picked out your most alluring outfit to drive him wild. But later have something special planned in the bedroom which includes wearing the perfect lingerie to top off Valentine’s date night. Perhaps this is your first time and you just want to get it right. Here are some tips that will bring out the spice in you this Valentine.

    How to Wear a Lingerie

    1. Underneath your clothes on the date night while giving him a slight peak when you’re out to get him ready and sweating in anticipation.
    2. If you choose to celebrate the night at home; get dolled up and put on the lingerie while he is out. Be home waiting for him in bed, your favorite spot or while cooking etc.
    3. Didn’t get a chance to put it on before? Excuse yourself, have him sit on the bed while you slip on the lingerie in the bathroom then do a little show for him while you walk back into the room.
    4. And if he decides to watch TV just sneak off to pop into your lingerie, come back with your lingerie and robe on and just take it off slowly, teasing him in front the TV screen he is watching. He will love you for that.

    You might feel a bit awkward doing it, especially if you are shy and/or it is your first time; just remember you won’t be wearing that lingerie for long. Enjoy the moment with your loved one and rock that lingerie. Be sexy ladies and let your lingerie speak for itself.

    Check out this seductive after-hours attire and get ready to set the tone for the night:

    Xenia Classic Set – a sexy strappy sheer mesh combo ready to turn up the heat in the bedroom

    Xenia Temptress Set – adjustable suspender make this a sizzling twist on the classic sheer and sexy bra and panty set

    Xenia Goddess Set – draw some attention to your boobs with this hot set

    Xenia Pin Up Set – if your sexy and you know it, now you get to show it; with this hot pin-up set

    Xenia Boudier – this see-through baby doll will rock his world while leaving nothing to his imagination, get sexified

    Xenia Playsuit – are you the attention seeker? Get this hot set for fun and play. This set will put the S in the Spice for your love life.

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    Make this Valentine’s date night hot by stepping into some sizzling lingerie and see where the night takes you.

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    Disclaimer: This is a Sponsored Post written on behalf of Twisted Lingerie.