Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Man in Your Life

Valentine's day gifts

Men can be incredibly difficult to buy for, especially where Valentine’s Day is concerned. He may tell you that he doesn’t want anything and that the romantic occasion isn’t a big deal to him. However neglect buying him a gift at your peril Regardless of what he says, he is sure to feel a little hurt if you don’t buy anything whatsoever. Even something small and silly will be appreciated. It’s the thought that counts after all.

Valentine’s Day gifts for your man don’t have to be the typical kinds. Forget the predictable colognes, the boxes of chocolates or the stuffed animals that will only be left to collect dust. There are plenty of unique and useful gifts he’ll always use that you can opt for instead.

Gift a Box of Male Grooming Products

Perhaps your boyfriend is a super macho alpha type who laughs in the face of a skincare routine. He’s too manly for that. Instead, he swears by splashing his face with a handful of water in the morning. There are some items that certain men just can’t bring themselves to go and purchase on their own. Male skincare and grooming products fall into that category.

Your boyfriend may well secretly steal handfuls of your delightful almond face scrub every time he stays over, but he’s too terrified to go into the store and buy it for himself. Cleanser, toner, moisturizer, scrub – it’s all too confusing for him! More stressful than his college entrance exams even! Preparing your boyfriend with a little set of skincare products is a nice gift that he will use and appreciate. Besides, having a boyfriend who moisturizes works in your favor too – do you want a dude who looks 45 at 25? We didn’t think so either.

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Buy Him an Experience Day

Gifts are tricky because regardless of how much thought and consideration you put into buying something, there is always that risk that it just gets neglected and never used. If your boyfriend has a habit of storing gift items away into his closet and cupboards for all infinity then an experience day is a nice alternative. At least when you are gifting someone an experience day, you know they will use it.

There are a wide variety of experience day packages available to purchase depending on your boyfriend’s hobbies and interests. Is he a petrolhead? Consider treating him to a day spent zipping around a racetrack in a Ferrari or some other supercar. Alternatively, if your partner enjoys immersing himself in nature and the great outdoors, treat him to a hot air balloon ride over some beautiful scenery.

Buy Him a Membership

Memberships and subscriptions are great purchases because again, you know that this is something that your partner is going to get use out of. These types of gifts are also extremely thoughtful. It demonstrates to the man in your life that you have been listening to what he says with regards to his interests and hobbies. Good membership examples are gym memberships, swimming pool access passes or magazine subscriptions. A season pass to his favorite team is also a nice idea.

Treat Him to Something Stylish and Dapper

Does your boyfriend have a sophisticated style that would rival that of a Fashion Influencer? Does his dress sense remind you of an elegant gentleman from an old fashioned movie? There are plenty of chic and stylish gifts that you can buy for the well-dressed gent. Think of things like pocket watches, leather wallets or quirky neckties.

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Plan a Weekend Break or a Day Trip for the Two of You

If you and your partner are often mumbling and grumbling about how you would both like to get away from it all for a day or two then Valentine’s Day can provide the perfect opportunity to make that happen. Plan an awesome day trip or weekend break that reflects both of your interests. Travel doesn’t have to be expensive. You could do something cute and cozy such as renting a log cabin in a national park that is only a few hour’s drives away. Alternatively, you could bag a cheap domestic flight deal to go and explore a random city in the US. Travel is a great gift that the two of you can enjoy together.

Buy Him Something Useful

Nothing screams sexy like buying your boyfriend that high-speed blender that he has been raving about. Just kidding. While practical gifts such as kitchen appliances or home accessories may not sound all that exciting, they are once again an example of an item that your partner will definitely use.

Cook Something

Perhaps you are on a strict budget and as much as you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your beau, you don’t have the money to splurge on gifts or experiences. Most people don’t care about the value or lavishness of gifts, they like to just know that they have been remembered on special occasions.

Cooking a special meal is a nice Valentine’s Gift just like something bought and gift wrapped in a store. Try rustling up something from a completely new recipe – perhaps from another culture’s cuisine such as Thai, Moroccan or Korean. You could also consider baking edible treats such as personalized cookies or cupcakes.

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