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    How to keep romance alive with alternative Valentine’s gestures

    How to keep romance alive with alternative Valentine’s gestures

    With Valentine’s day just around the corner, you might be thinking about trying something new to liven up your love life. A lot of people get stuck in their old ways when it comes to Valentine’s thinking a box of chocolates and a card is deemed as romantic. With 52% of consumers thinking Valentine’s is a waste of money and 81% think it is too commercial it might be time to try something new, something more sentimental.

    Even though consumers are getting tired of Valentine’s Day, we all seem to be engaging with the day to some degree. In fact, Valentine’s gift spending is actively increasing year on year, with 2018’s Valentine’s gift sales hitting £650 million in the UK, up from £620 million in 2017 and £470 million in 2016.

    Of course, this could be down to a sense of obligation; without prior agreement, couples aren’t likely willing to risk not buying their other half a gift! But it does seem rather glum that the day to celebrate love has become one of routine rather than the very essence of romance itself — excitement and spontaneity!

    Well, recent years have seen a running theme of reboots. In 2019, it’s definitely time to reboot Valentine’s Day! Read more

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    Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Man in Your Life

    Valentine's day gifts

    Men can be incredibly difficult to buy for, especially where Valentine’s Day is concerned. He may tell you that he doesn’t want anything and that the romantic occasion isn’t a big deal to him. However neglect buying him a gift at your peril Regardless of what he says, he is sure to feel a little hurt if you don’t buy anything whatsoever. Even something small and silly will be appreciated. It’s the thought that counts after all.

    Valentine’s Day gifts for your man don’t have to be the typical kinds. Forget the predictable colognes, the boxes of chocolates or the stuffed animals that will only be left to collect dust. There are plenty of unique and useful gifts he’ll always use that you can opt for instead. Read more

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    Make Valentine’s Day Special for Him + $500 My Gift Stop Gift Card Giveaway

    Disclosure Policy: This post may contain affiliate links at no additional cost to you but I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Only purchase if you think the product/service will be of benefit to you.

    Love is in the air. Valentine’s day is near.

    Give him a gift of love this Valentine’s day.

    A heartwarming gift to show your love and affection and something that he truly loves.

    valentine's day gift guide

    Shopping for guys can be tricky. Especially when it comes to a season of giving. Candies, chocolate and stuff teddy bears are basic why not just go all out and gift him something more guy friendly. At My Gift Stop they have a wide range of Valentine’s day gift for men. Make use of this Valentine’s day guide to help you find that special gift for the man in your life. Romance him with a thoughtful gift and let him know that he is the one you love. Read more

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    The Most Romantic Makeup to Wear on Valentines Day

    It’s true that every day is the day to put your best face forward. However, there is something exceptionally magical about Valentines Day that not only makes you excited about raiding your closet in pursuit of a dress that will send the right message, (the message being that you are over the moon in love 💘), but also about the makeup that will reflect the sentiment.
    To that end, here are some of the most romantic suggestions for makeup looks that are bound to ensure your sweet Valentine is left with nothing but amazement and a desire to lavish you with never-ending kisses.

    The Classic Red Lip

    If you’re a traditionalist and a firm believer in red being the color of love, a clean and classy red lip 👄look is the way to go. By this point, it’s most likely that you own your perfect shade of red lipstick, and it is time to fish it out of your makeup case. For this occasion, it’s highly recommended you opt for a matte lipstick, preferably powered by a lip-liner in the same shade. This will not only ensure durability and stain-free wine glasses, but it will also allow you the lengthy lip-locks with your significant other without having to run to the ladies room for a touch up every ten minutes.
    The Classic Red Lip

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    As for the rest of your face, given the boldness of the red lip, keep things clean and simple. Be sure to have the right makeup brushes as they make all the difference in the world. When it comes to foundation, a flawless finish is best achieved by using a brush. Depending on your skin type, go for either a flat brush or if you’re not a fan of your pores a flat top foundation brush; it is the best tool for making them disappear.

    Finally, the eyes. Apply a neutral eyeshadow across the lid as it will prevent your perfect eyeliner from smudging and make sure your wing is on fleek. 

    The No-Makeup Look

    For all the ladies out there who swear by the ‘less is more’ approach to makeup, a variety of nudes is what should be on your makeup table in preparation for this evening.

    image source: 1, 2, 3, 4

    Apply your base shadow all over the lid. After that, pick up your crease brush in order to add a pop of color; preferably a light bronze or peach eyeshadow. After that, blend to smooth out the rough edges and achieve a seamless finish. Your lips should be covered with nothing but a gentle peach lip gloss designed to make you look fresh and effortless.

    Of course, no no-makeup look is ever complete without a touch of shimmer, and that is where a good light honey highlighter comes to play. Grace the top of your cheekbones with the right amount of highlighter for that J.Lo glow, and by no means should you forget the tip of your nose and cupid’s bow for a full a kissable pout. If you are a visual learner and need help achieving this look, turn to Lisa Eldridge.

    Pretty in Pink

    In case you wish to take a page from Emma Watson’s beauty book and exude that subtle romance, make pink your color. The eyeshadow palette that comes to mind for this look is one infused with different shades of pink.

    image source: 1, 2, 3, 4

    Apply a neutral pale beige shade across your eyelid, and add just a touch of the satin-textured medium pink shade on the crease. Moderate amount of mascara is recommended for this look. The cheeks should be kept light. Use a translucent light pink blush gently applied with a blush brush.

    As the rest of your makeup is dreamily fresh and light, the lips could stand for a pop of color. Don’t be afraid to use a more bold shade of pink, perhaps dab into the lightplum family. This look is bound to make you look like a fairy, evoking that A Midsummer Night’s Dream feel.

    All of these looks celebrate femininity, romance and love. Each of these, in their own way; sends the same message, so there is no way you could go wrong with any of them. On Valentine’s day, wear your heart on your sleeve and let your face reflect the romantic goddess that you are.
    Valentine's Day makeup, Red Lips
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