Her Anniversary Gift Calls for Style, Fashion and Affection


You know her heart rhythm better than anyone. Her ridiculous accusations, high pitch tones when she is atomic bomb angry and the naughtiness of her voice when she calls you to lose your mind in the bedroom. That’s why she is the love of your life and your anniversary is just around the corner. She deserves the best. To walk, talk and wear the fashion appealing to the true lady. This year, she gets something chic and stylish and you will be the one to amaze her.

Signs of Comfort and Love

Be honest what were you searching for already? Jewelry? Or the top leather gifts for her? Maybe her favorite perfume? Again? Well, not this year pal we are going to surprise her with something more fashionable. Something that you and I as a man would overlook is a sensation to her.

That softer than the babies skin solid cashmere scarf that will make her both warm and stylish is a proper gift according to all. Faux fur throw blanket or a pure silk pillowcase that she can enjoy every day. The perfect pair of earrings to complete any type of outfit.

Everyday Favorites

Do you know what is bound to become one of her everyday favorites? Crossover Wide Rings and classic gold hoops earrings. Another thing that can be very interesting and usual present is some durable carry-on suitcase that will be a perfect solution for any woman who’s due for occasional business trips.

A cozy bathrobe for all seasons is also a great idea or a decorative jewelry case perfect for the woman who’s always on the go.  Remember. That date is probably more important for your partner then it is to you. There is nothing bad about it, it’s just how we men tend to get sometimes. That is the day in when your princess said that faithful “Yes” and it will be forever in front of her mind, therefore, its best to keep her surprised annually in order to see her bloom into an even more beautiful lady.

Important events

How to commemorate such an important event? I might just have the idea that next to the ones that you already heard. To complement that moment and have something to remember I suggest that you two first go somewhere cozy enough for a romantic dinner where you can give her a gift that you bought. And just as she starts to think that that is all that you prepared for her (and don’t get me wrong it is probably already a nice present) you can surprise her with a trip to the place that she always wanted to visit…

There must be someplace! I am positive that she mentioned it on several occasions but we man just sometimes overhear these things (everyman can relate to this at some degree). So stop for a moment and think of that place, book the tickets and take her there.


That way not only that you will gift to her the pleasure of that trip but you will present to you something even more valuable… Affection. Something that every lady craves more than any channel piece and something that we rarely give as much as we should in these modern fast moving times.

That way the signs of love will surely win over her and there will be nothing more to show when she gets that satisfied and beautiful look on her face. Oh and for the end, when in doubt, you can always go for a pair of chic sunglasses. Every lady loves a pair of chic sunglasses!


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