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When most of us travel we like to indulge our passions. It is always interesting to explore a place using your interests and hobbies as the focus for your itinerary. Taking this approach greatly improves your chances of enjoying your holiday.

If you are a music lover, Vienna is a great destination. As you will see, when you read on, it has something to offer almost regardless of what type of music you enjoy.

Let’s start with the classics

Vienna is best known for opera and classical concerts. As you can see from this site you can enjoy a performance almost regardless of what time of the year you travel there. The quality of the performances is exceptionally high and the venues are spectacular.

Unsurprisingly, the residents of Vienna are big fans of Mozart, who was Austrian. The famous composer was born in Salzburg, but spent his final years living in Vienna. While there he composed most of his best-known symphonies, concertos and operas. So, it is not really surprising that the performances of these pieces take place on a regular basis in Vienna.

You will also notice that Johan Strauss’s music is also very popular in Vienna. This is not surprising because the composer was born and raised in the city.

However, the Viennese have eclectic tastes when it comes to classical music. While staying there, you can also enjoy the beautiful voices of the Vienna Boy’s Choir or one of  Classic Ensemble Vienna’s performances. These take place in all kinds of places across the city, including in churches and other important buildings.

Vienna’s alternative music scene

However, it is important to realize that there is more to Vienna than opera and classical music. The Viennese have always liked to do things differently. So, unsurprisingly there is a rich and vibrant alternative music scene.

The Pony Club at the Rote Bar in the Volkstheater

If you are into electronic or disco music find out what is happening at the Rote Bar, which is located inside the Volkstheater. It is not easy to get in, so go online and find out what is happening and get their contact details.

Vienna’s Interactive Museum of Sound

This is a really weird one. It is not a performance as such. This museum has an exhibition, which allows you to conduct a virtual orchestra. It is an interesting and unusual musical event which is well worth taking part in or witnessing.

Indie music at Flex

Flex has turned into something of a Vienna institution. Since the 1990s, this neo-chic venue has played host to numerous acts that cover every genre of music you can think of.

Lounge music in an outdoor setting

During the Christmas market period, the Museum Quarter (MQ) runs an event called Winter Sounds. During that time, the courtyard is lit up with beautiful atmospheric LED lights and light projections. DJs play all kinds of music to entertain the crowds, with the occasional live performance thrown in. The mix of music on offer varies from year to year, but it is always an interesting and memorable experience.


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