Plumper Lips and four other Autumn Beauty Trends to look for

Tis the season to pull out the fuzzy jumpers and wrap your favourite scarf around your neck. With Autumn approaching, you may want to start considering what beauty routines you want to indulge to distract yourself from the colder months. Finding appropriately coloured clothing is one thing, but why not also begin looking into some additional treatments. This list will show you how to get ready for when September rolls in.

autumn beauty trends

Plumping up that Lippy

Throughout ages past, from the classical Greek and Japanese Edo period, the lips have always been an important part of the body which represents your beauty and passion. As Autumn is a time to pull out your warm reds and dark lipsticks, it is the perfect time to consider whether your lip size is enough to express yourself. Lip Fillers can either be Botox or Dermal Filler Based and are perfect to maintain your pout. If your lips are thin then expect for fillers to give them a blast of volume. Be sure to speak with your practitioner before you undergo the treatment as you want your lips looking as natural as possible.

If you want a different way of plumping up your lips without undergoing treatment, then why not highlight a little outside your lip line with a dark shade before filling in with your lipstick. You can even use concealer to cover your natural lip line so you can draw a new one.

Charcoal Based Products

Whilst you may think that charcoal should really be kept to the winter season, there is no harm in using it in your beauty regimes during the chilly autumn months. Charcoal is the ultimate “detoxer” and practically magnetizes the dirt from out of your pores. You can even use it on your skin, teeth or even your hair. Give yourself the hydrated look without being caught in the autumn rain.

Hair Trends: The Cherry Red Bang

What is the colour for autumn? It is definitely red. Whether you want to match the autumn leaves or just create a bold new look, why not consider dyeing your hair a crimson that is dramatic as you feel. British colourist Josh wood dyed his model Ez’s hair a bright scarlet to match Alexander Wang’s garment on the autumn/winter 2018 catwalks, so why not give it a go yourself? It’s time for a big change.

The Glam Punk Return

Autumn is a time where the sky grows darker and chillier, so why not have it match your make up? With the “Glam-Punk” look you can either continue with your smoky eye or combine it with strong tones that match the autumn season.  Some like to use light yellows combined with blacks, whilst others continue with greys. The choice is yours.

Yellow Blush

Missing the sun already? Why not revive with a surprising yellow blush to apply to your high cheekbones or top of your eyelid for a bold look. It is sure to brighten up your day.


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