Metabolism-Boosting Diet, Supplements, Exercises: Are they Safe?

The majority of metabolism-boosting supplements of a high quality are safe when used according to instructions. It’s the same for foods and exercises. However, you need to understand that the majority of methods used to speed up metabolism are inefficient. The reason is simple, it’s a complex biochemical process that isn’t affected by such factors much. But if you adjust your entire lifestyle, you might have a chance.

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Can You Really Boost Metabolism with Supplements, Foods, and Exercise?

It’s impossible to change your metabolic rate by much without resorting to some very drastic methods. When people speak of metabolism boosting, they usually mean the basal metabolic rate. It’s the rate of energy use by your body and it depends on many factors that have yet to be identified.

A study published in the Physiological and Biochemical Zoology determined that individuals with equal lean body mass can have different basal metabolic rates. Today researchers believe that the metabolism speed is determined by a combination of genes, lifestyle, diet, gender, age, body mass, fat layer, and environment.

This means that everything in your life, including your health, influences your metabolism. Therefore, adding a few foods or doing some special exercises won’t make much of a difference. It can speed up the energy-burning rate in very small amounts but only for a short time.

Supplements can be a bit different as there are substances that can influence the body in more profound ways. However, you should only use them for limited periods of time. That’s why these products work best with quick weight loss tips. They provide fast results which you can later maintain with a healthy diet and exercise routine. You can repeat the metabolism-boosting program occasionally to achieve even better results.

How to Keep Your Metabolism at a Maximum at All Times

One thing you definitely cannot do is speeding up metabolism beyond its natural limit. That limit is determined by the variety of factors described above. However, it’s very easy to slow it down. In fact, an unhealthy lifestyle, stress, and poor diet are all factors that bring down your metabolic rate if they influence your long term.

As your body actually wants to function at its natural metabolic rate, all you need to do is to provide the conditions for it. This means switching to a healthy lifestyle and diet as soon as possible. Sticking to this change is essential because any change in the basal metabolic rate will take a while.

If this is your goal, incorporating metabolism-boosting foods and exercises into your program will help. Despite their minimal effects, they can help enhance your healthy lifestyle plan. Starting the program with a short bout of taking specialized supplements can set you on the right track.

The best exercises for boosting metabolism are types of aerobics, cardio, and HIIT. Anything that gets your blood pumping much faster will achieve the result you want. You also need to have a resistance workout at least three times a week because muscles naturally burn more energy. Therefore, if you have more muscles than fat, you’ll have a higher basal metabolic rate by default.

Foods that help boost metabolism include chili peppers, coffee, green tea, grapes, mulberries, peanuts, and products rich in protein.


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