Proper Cleaning to Extend the Life of Beauty Gadgets

The outside beauty starts with the cleanliness. Look around and consider how much beauty gadgets and tools we use every day. From the simple tweezers or razors to the expensive hair straighteners, you need to take care of everything to keep it functioning properly. Nobody likes a skin rash, caused by the bacteria, which are stuffing your facial brushes. Sanitize your beauty gadgets and extend their life by using very simple and efficient methods. No matter if you are a “Barbie-girl”, who spends hours in front of the mirror, or you are a housewife, everybody uses these instruments. The purpose of this article is to provide you with information about how to deal with some of the most widely-spread tools.

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Hair Tools

Let me start first with the hair tools. The most used are the brushes. There are different types of hair brushes- some are with plastic bristles, others are made out of natural, soft hairs. The plastic ones are easily sanitized. You just need to remove all the stuck hairs among the bristles and wash the hairbrush with a normal liquid soap and warm water.

But if your hairbrush is out of natural bristles, you need to be more attentive, not to ruin the fragile bristles. Remove carefully all the hairs and start with the washing. Gently put the brusher under the warm water and apply 2-3 drops of shampoo. Start to scrub the shampoo with careful movements, so that the shampoo will make foam. Rinse carefully and use a towel to absorb the water. Then leave it to dry perfectly before you use it again. By sanitizing your hair brushes, you will get rid of all the built-up scalp oils.

Your expensive straightener should be sanitized as well. Even though it is an electrical instrument, you need to clean the remains of hair styling products. You need to be careful with the fragile plates, and remember that you should never expose the straightener under the leaking water! Use wet wipes to remove all the dried hair products. Never sanitize, while still hot. Wait to cool down and then start to wipe the plates.

Facial Products

When it comes to facial products, we always use brushes to apply them. No matter if you need foundation, powder or rouge, there is the right brush for everything. But most of the times, these are expensive and get worn-out very fast. Sometimes, all the facial brushes may appear to be a real threat of skin rashes. That’s why dermatologists and specialists recommend the regular changing or sanitation of these instruments. All the brushes are similar and so is their cleaning. Remember, never dip the whole brush in water, since the glue will dissolve and you will ruin it. Just use baby shampoo, apply it gently only on the hairs, scrub and then carefully rinse. Don’t forget to absorb as much of the moist as possible and leave the brushes to dry. Don’t use them before that, since they will smash all the powder on the bristles and it will destroy their delicate hairs.

Tweezers and razors are also very used beauty gadgets and Dream Clean London guarantees their sanitation is really easy. Just dip them in isopropyl alcohol and leave them to soak for 20 minutes. This will eliminate all the bacteria. Then rinse them, in order to get rid of the smell and dry them. The drying part here is of major importance since the water will corrode the blades.


To sanitize your beauty gadgets doesn’t take much time, but definitely, saves a lot of money. We all know how expensive are all those tools and we have the chance to extend their life easily. You don’t need any expensive detergents, just a patience and some information of how to do it. And remember that every effort you put, you do it for your sake and for your appearance. And we all know that people shape their first impression on us by the way we look.

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