How Often Should You Blow Your Hair Out

Every woman wants to walk into their office or place of business or social function with fresh, flowing hair that will make them stand out from the rest. So many of them can achieve this by blowing out their hair using the best blow dryer they can find. Blow drying your hair to straighten it can work for some time but you should note that doing it too often may damage your locks in the long run.

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Hair Damages Caused by Frequent Blow Drying

When you blow dry your hair frequently, you risk making its cuticles brittle and dry. Additionally, it can split or break your hair shaft, which can make your hair hurt when you try to manage it in different ways. Some people realize that their hair gets dull and loses the natural shine as well. According to hair experts, you should not blow your hair more than once in every fourteen days. Once you have blown out your hair, you can look for other remedies to manage your hair and make it softer.

Tips to Reduce Damage When Blowing Out Your Hair

Apart from using the best hair dryer that won’t damage your hair a lot, other tips can help you reduce the damages that result from frequently blow drying the hair. Since much heat is what damages the hair, you can use low heat to prevent heat from damaging your hair. Using a heat-protecting serum before you blow dry your hair can help in minimizing the harm as well. A good hair spray can work in the same way as the serum. After blow drying your hair, you should also use the best moisturizing hair mask once every week to ensure it is well nourished. Instead of using too much heat, another alternative may be blowing out your hair using cold air, which does not have as many damages. If you want protection from excessive heat, you can use moisturizing shampoo for washing your hair as well. Apart from cushioning your hair from the effects of a blow dryer that will make your hair hurt, the shampoo will also protect it from heat used for curling and straightening hair, while moisturizing it at the same time. You should take your time shopping for the shampoo as there are different kinds, sold at various prices. 

How to Blow Dry Various Types of Hair

It is evident that there are different types of hair, what is, however, not obvious is how to take care of it.

Type 1 Hair

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This kind of hair is straight with no curl pattern, making for oil and shiny hair. Since the hair is straight, the natural oils can reach the shaft. It is not very difficult to blow dry type 1 hair, and this means that you will not need to use much heat. 

Type 2 Hair

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Type 2 hair, on the other hand, is naturally wavy and forms and S shape. Unlike type 1 hair, this kind of hair is not as oily because the individual hair strands have a different pattern. Before you start to blow drying wavy hair, always ensure that it is completely dry, and then add a product to help make the hair smooth. A good heat protector will help deal with excessive heat from the blow dry, thereby helping to prevent it from getting any damages. Ensure that your blow drier entails a diffuser that will contribute to dry your hair quickly while maintaining its natural shape and preventing any frizz. 

Type 3 Hair

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This is naturally curly hair, shaped like the letter S and forms naturally defined ringlets. Because of its texture, the hair is always dry as the oils in the scalp are not heavy enough to reach all the bends and the curves. This also means that the oils do not reach the ends of the strands. When blow drying curly hair, you will need to leave some moisture in it as well. More moisture in the hair means that when you use heat, there will be steam. The more heat there will be when you blow dry to polish and make the hair smooth effectively.

Type 4 Hair

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Type 4 hair is tightly curled and coiled but does not have definite ringlets. It is also very dry due to textured nature of the hair but maintains the same shape when dry or wet. The curls are springy in nature. When blow drying you should not distort your curls with too much heat, the recommended heat is 1,400 watts. As far as air and temperature are concerned, you should use medium and low.

Final Words

Blow drying your hair on a daily basis makes your hair more susceptible to damage. You can use some heat protectant or pre-styling oils/creams before you dry to protect your hair against being damaged. Also keep in mind that the less heat you use the better!

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